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Author:  Jim Wrenn
Bio: Jim Wrenn
Date:  December 21, 2007
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BillClinton takes break from Hillarys Campaign 2008 by giving best tour ever of Clinton Library not to be confused with Clinton Liebrary

BillClinton takes break from Hillarys Campaign 2008 by giving best tour ever of Clinton Library not tobe confused with Clinton Liebrary

ByJim Wrenn,
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.

December 21, 2007--

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           Bill Clinton's taking a break from helping HillarysCampaign 2008 by giving tours of the Clinton Library, not to be confused with the ClintonLiebrary.  Less slim than when he was last seen on the campaign trail yesterday, itappears he must have resumed his fondness for Big Macs.  Otherwise, he looks and sounds likethe same ole Bubba we saw several years ago.  Most whove taken the tour agree that its thebest tour ever.

           Some political experts claim the video is an old one, but watching it carefully makes it obviousthat it was just recently recorded.  Political insiders say its a test-video for a newfund-raising technique in which Bill will license display of the video tour in exchange forcontributions to Hillarys campaign for the 2008 nomination.  Either way, the video tour is inthe process of becoming a big hit among both his fans and his detractors.  One might ask,"How is that possible?"  However, the answer is immediately apparent from watchingthe video.; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: scroll; width: 320; height: 310; background-position: top 50%>

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           Some observers think this "Clinton Library Tour" video is related to another videorecently released by the Archivist at the Clinton Liebrary (to beconfused with the Clinton Library) without Hillarys permission, but the Archivist says the two areentirely unrelated.  Rumors abound that Hillary is extremely angry about the release, whichexposes the 2001 versions of her and Bills drafts of their memoirs, then to be titled "DuelingMemoirs."

 Meanwhile, Hillary and Barack are continuing to "knock" each other in the campaign. The shocking texts of their 2001 drafts for the "Dueling Memoirs" are here.

           Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama continue to "knock" each other "hammerand tong."  Thus, no one seems to know how they both ended up singing a duet in the videotitled "I Knock You Babe" in the style of "Sonny and Cher."   Somepeople doubt the authenticity of this video, but the Archivist at the Clinton Liebrary vouches forit.   PoliSat.Coms Washington Bureau Drawer Chief says highly reliable sources told himthat the authenticity of the video has been verified by the same experts at the CIA who validate ordiscredit videos claiming to be of Usama bin Laden, so the source seems virtually unimpeachable invouching for the authenticity of this video duet featuring Barack and Hillary.  Indeed, theyrethe same experts who vouched for the authenticity of the video of Bill Clintons Most Famous Speech.

           Even more shocking was the recent release of another video from the Clinton Liebrary Archivesrevealing why Bill Clinton pardoned Susan McDougal but not his life-long friend, WebsterHubbell.  As though all this were not confusing enough, rumors continue to about over theeffect of Oprah Winfreys recent entry into the 2008 race as an official campaigner for Barack Obama. It raise the question:  "By whom will "single moms" most beinfluenced?"  Will it be Hillary or Oprah?   Meanwhile, after hearing AndrewYoungs recent explanation of why he thinks Bill Clinton is "more black" than Barack Obama,Oprah denied that she had every been one of Bill Clintons "bimbos."   Indeed,shes currently battling tabloid gossip that Oprahs one and only has become quite"jealous" of her relationship with Barack Obama.  Said a seasoned political observer,"Stay tuned."

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Finally, other ClintonPhiles (including BubbaPhiles as well as HillaryPhiles) worry that Barack maybe on the verge of leaving Hillarys campaign in the dust.  So, some suggested that in light ofAndrew Youngs comments, Hillary should take steps to prove that she, like Bill, is"blacker" than Barack by "going out" with "more black women than BarackObama."

--JimWrenn, Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.

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Jim Wrenn
Political Satire/Commentary at PoliSat.Com (Editor)

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Jim is a proud descendant of 18th Century criminal exiles from England who swam to the Outer Banks when the British ship taking them to a Georgia penal colony sank in a storm near Cape Hatteras. Having the prescience to prevent their descendants from becoming "TarHeels," they immediately migrated to Virginia, where, within just a few generations they worked their way up into poverty. Jim's grandfather was the first in the family tree to see the distant horizons, but his career was cut short by severe injuries he sustained when a cousin cut down the tree.

After a brief stint in the Amry (ours) following graduation from law school, he began his legal career in the state bureaucracy but was never able to break into the federal bureaucracy. Several years later, he entered the private practice of law and co-founded a small law publishing company. Later, finding the publishing of small laws unstimulating and finding his private practice too private to be lucrative, he began writing political satire/commentary. His greatest vice is taking himself too seriously.

He wrote the definitive books on the Clinton Era Error: the Clinton Liebrary Book (pre-October, 2000), which he later updated as the Clinton Liebrary Book 2001 Edition to include Election 2000, the post-election shennanigans, and related events through August, 2001. The 2001 edition is the only known literary source that conclusively shows why Bill Clinton pardoned Susan McDougal but not Webster Hubbel. It also presciently contains the Billary/Hillary Dueling Memoirs. At every opportunity he shamelessly promotes his books for orders on-line or by fax at www.ClintonLiebraryBook.Com. He's also the Librarian at the Clinton Liebrary (www.ClintonLiebrary.Com), which owns exclusive rights to Bill Clinton's most famous speech as well as Bill Clinton's comments after revelation of the identity of Deep Throat in 2005.

As an amateur scientist as well as a scientific amateur, he de-bunks the man-is-causing-Global "Warming" theory, and predicts that by the middle of the 21st Century (when he will be safely dead) physicists will discover the obvious flaws in Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which will lead to vastly-faster-than-light travel through polarization of gravity. As a constitutional-law scholar, he's trying to teach those who hold a static, zero-sum-game view of economic and social theories to understand that "property" is not a "thing" but rather is a human right.

Although he regularly teaches Continuing Legal Education courses to lawyers, he's too-often available through he Rubber Chicken Speakers Bureau to speak on politics, satire, etc., at luncheons, dinners, root canals, funerals, etc. His speaking fees are so outrageously high they border on criminal price-gouging, but as a free-market advocate, he defends his fees on the higher moral ground of charging whatever the traffic will bear. For more information (surely more than one would want or need), go to www.PoliSat.Com.

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