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Author:  Jim Wrenn
Bio: Jim Wrenn
Date:  May 3, 2006
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Topic category:  Other/General

Illegal Immigration must be stopped to counter 21st Century's emerging "Hitler-Stalin" Pacts-- an alliance between Islamo-Fascists And Paleo-Stalinists.

Given the pre-World-War-II Hitler-Stalin pact in the 20th Century, it requires little, if any, imagination to "connect the dots" revealing our porous borders as an evolving tool for the 21st Century's emerging "Hitler-Stalin" pact between Hitler-and-Stalin-Wannabes (i.e., Islamo-Fascists And Paleo-Stalinists, which I call "IFAPS") founded on the time-tested principle of warfare, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Here's a partial roster:

Islamo-Fascists And Paleo-Stalinists (IFAPS)

Hitler-Wannabes: Al Qaeda's Usama bin Laden, Abu Musab al Zarqawi, and Ayman Zawahiri; Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mohammad Khatami; Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh; Islamic Jihadists; and Hezbollahs.

Stalin-Wannabes: North Korea's Kim Jong Il; Venezuela's Hugo Chavez; Cuba's Fidel Castro; Bolivia's Evo Morales; Nicaragua's 2006-Election-Wannabe, Daniel Ortega��; and back-channel supporters in the Kremlin and in Beijing.

Here's the Scenario for the IFAPS Pact:

During (or in the wake of) the gradual collapse of Islamo-Fascism and Baathist-Stalinism in Iraq, the "Hitler-Wannabes" (minus Zarqawi) and "Stalin-Wannabes" will act upon their mutual acceptance of "The enemy of my enemy (the United States) is my friend" as a guiding principle for asymmetrical warfare against the United States (and its Western allies). While China and the Kremlin veto Western proposals for sanctions against Iran, the CACASAPS (Central American, Caribbean, And South American Paleo-Stalinists��) and the Islamo-Fascists in Iran will strike an oil-for-forbearance and Caribbean-oil-drilling-rights bargain with China for China's toleration (if not covert support) of CACASAPS covert support of an "indigenous liberation" of Panama and the Panama Canal (while preserving de-facto Chinese�� control of the ports on both ends of the Canal).

Then (or even in the absence of the Panama scenario described supra) the CACASAPS will seek to spread "indigenous" rebellions throughout South America, Central America, and Mexico. Then the IFAPS Axis will infiltrate Paleo-Stalinists and/or Islamo-Fascists into the United States in an effort to destabilize and/or terrorize the "evil, capitalistic, imperialistic" (and/or the "Great Satan") United States.

In the interim, Canada will continue its self-Frenchification. Europe will become increasingly cowed by the increasingly Fundamentalist-Muslim character of its population. (This is what Libyan leader Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi Muamar Ghadaffi -- "may his spellings be many"-- predicts in a video.) (Hat-tip: England will begin fearing isolation from Europe more than disengagement from its historic alliance with the United States. South Korea (and North Korea) will become increasingly doubtful that the United States would militarily respond if North Korea were to invade South Korea (or were to blackmail South Korea with its real or feigned possession-of/willingness-to-use nuclear weapons).

The United Nations will not do anything to cause Iran to abandon its nuclear-armament strategy. Iran will intensify its asymmetrical warfare against Israel while continuing to threaten its extermination, continuing its alliance-of-convenience with CACASAPS against the United States, and continuing its development of nuclear weapons to match the Holocaustic Rhetoric of its leaders.

The United States' most dependable allies in the war against the IFAPS Axis will become India, Israel and Japan. Australia will continue to vacillate between (a) being cowed by the growing power of the new anti-Western IFAPS Axis (including the Pacific-Asian Islamo-Fascists and Paleo-Stalinists such as North Korea and its silent partner, China) and (b) continuing its alliance with the United States. (Nevertheless, I think Australia will ultimately embrace the latter rather than the former.)

When China becomes reasonably confident that the United States would not respond to China's invasion of Taiwan with any military measure, China will invade Taiwan, unless it were to first procure Taiwan's capitulation by threat of overwhelming force without any prospect of rescue by the United States. Given the grief inflicted on Bush by his political opposition in the United States for his actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, China probably already believes the United States would not make any effective response to China's envelopment of Taiwan.

All this will leave the United States an isolated island in a multi-polar 21st Century struggle between Western Civilization (i.e., human-rights-respecting democracies) on the one hand and the IFAPS Axis on the other, with the latter having overt or covert access to nuclear weapons coupled with the expectation of being able to use them anonymously against the United States and its allies. It will be the Cold War to the Third Exponential Power without the "saving grace" of a MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) theory to prevent it from becoming a Super-Hot War (as was the case in the bi-polar Cold War).

The hot flash igniting a Super-Hot War will be a nuclear bomb detonated within the United States without there being a clearly-identified culprit. The Fascist/Stalinist regimes controlling each nation-state within the IFAPS Axis will have plausible deniability while the United States decides whether to wait for the next nuclear shoe to drop.

Is this Nightmare Scenario Preventable?

Can the United States prevent this nightmare scenario? If so, how? It would be possible, but not easy. There are at least Twelve Commandments for the success of such strategy:

First, we must recognize that effective control of our borders is a matter of national survival, not merely a matter of economic/social/political choice. Too many Americans' soft-hearted sympathy for Mexicans entering the United States illegally for a better life lead them to condemn the "Minute Men" as "vigilantes," but for most of such Americans, if they were to discover strange people routinely trespassing on their property in their own neighborhoods and were to find the police either unable or unwilling to do anything about it, they'd take action to protect their property and safety and they'd call it "Neighborhood Watch" rather than "vigilantism." See [] and []

Second, we must give the approximately 12-million illegal aliens already here a set of disincentives and incentives calculated to increase the chances they would ultimately choose to become loyal Americans rather than collaborators with the CACASAPS:

(a) We must immediately begin, and continue, aggressively enforcing existing federal laws making it a criminal offense for anyone (including a citizen) to falsify a government document generally (or a Social Security document in particular) for fraudulent-identification purposes. (See, for example, 18 USC �1028; see also 42 USC �405, 42 USC �408, 42 USC �1307 & 8 USC �1360 -- these are some, but not all, federal laws criminalizing identity fraud.) These enforcement actions must include computerized cross-checking of Social Security numbers in employment documents and tax forms against Social Security Administration information, birth records, death records and immigration records. Such actions (and prosecutions) must be highly publicized.

(b) We must establish a guest-worker program (which concept Bush first proposed in 2000) to enable those preferring not to play "Russian Roulette" as to whether they will become ensnared in enforcement procedures in "(a)" to obtain guest-worker permits to serve as a "defense" against criminal enforcement by converting such offenses into a civil penalties (in a specified monthly amount) to be automatically deducted incrementally from lawful guest-worker wages for the one year longer than the time period during which such person worked illegally in the United States. However, the terms of such "guest worker" program should abrogate such "defense" against criminal prosecution for any "guest worker" who falsely understates the period of time(s) during which such worker worked illegally in the United States. This program also should provide an alternative under which the monthly incremental payments would be tripled with the duration of such payment period to equal half the aggregate number of years during which such guest worker previously worked illegally in the United States. (Other fine-tuning would, of course, be necessary.)

(c) Recognizing how much we admired the risks and dangers endured by the "Vietnamese Boat People" and by Cubans escaping from the clutches of Castro, and recognizing also that although conditions in Mexico would not justify "political asylum" grounds obviously available to those fleeing Vietnam and Cuba, the pervasive corruption in the Mexican governmental system motivates honorable, hard-working people to flee into the United States to seek a life of freedom in a non-corrupt society, we should afford people honorable enough to follow option "(b)" above an opportunity to commence the ordinary, citizenship-application process with the procedures to begin one year after full satisfaction of option "(b)" and to follow the same procedures as would be applicable to anyone else lawfully seeking citizenship.

(d) We should recognize that Mexicans willing to seek citizenship after satisfying option "(b)" would have thereby demonstrated that they would be assets to our country and ultimately deserving of citizenship under option "(c)."

Third, we must expend resources to enable liberal-democratic forces in Nicaragua to prevail over the Sandinistas in their November 5, 2006, election.

Fourth, we must succeed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Fifth, we must successfully support liberal-democratic forces in Iran to restrain (if not topple) the Islamo-Fascists now controlling that country.

Sixth, we must maintain our alliance with Israel.

Seventh, we must at least double the size of our military resources.

Eighth, we must strengthen our relations with all remaining liberal-democratic countries in Central and South America and must find ways to help Mexico into a human-rights-respecting, prosperous future.

Ninth, we must continue developing nuclear-tipped bunker-busters, anti-missile systems, and warplane-mounted chemical-lasers (now close to deployment).

Tenth, we must develop the means to detect nuclear "signatures" of whatever kinds of nuclear bomb-making that may become within the respective capabilities of North Korea, Iran, Pakistan (home of A. Q. Kahn), and any (every) other nation-state possessing such technology, and once we've developed such means, we must

(a) reveal/explain such means to the world,

(b) make clear that in the event of any nuclear attack on the United States (other than by a missile with a trajectory trackable to its point of origin), we will retaliate in-kind-to-the-third-exponential power against the nation-state whose nuclear weaponry were to match such "signature,"

(c) convey to the world that in such scenario, we would consider such nation-state's failure to keep such weapons out of the hands of terrorists to be sufficient justification for such retaliation (remember, "You're wither with us or with the terrorists"?), and

(d) make it clear that as a matter of national survival, we're prepared to ignore demands for more fastidious, law-enforcement-type proof in identifying such "signature."

Eleventh, throughout the coming decades we must remain determined and resolute that Western Civilization (i.e., human-rights-respecting democracies) will ultimately prevail over medieval Islamo-Fascism and Paleo-Stalinism.

Twelfth, we must never forget that ultimate success or failure in this struggle will depend primarily upon the United States-- preferably in an alliance with other human-rights-respecting democracies, but alone if necessary.

Too many of our natural allies (i.e., human-rights-respecting democracies) are too easily cowed by the ruthlessness of the IFAPS Axis. It's time for the IFAPS Axis to learn that our instinct for survival (not "conquest") makes us ruthless in our pursuit of them so our (and the world's) posterity inherits human-rights-respecting, democratic forms of government rather than medieval Islamic Fascism and/or Stalinism Redux.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at WrennCom.Com; Editor at PoliSat.Com.

Note: If any link fails to work (or if you want to view the material in its original html format), go to the permanent link at [http://WrennCom.Com/CommentaryArchives/2006/20y06m05d03-01.asp].

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Editor's Note: To facilitate understanding of the geographic components of the world-wide struggle between freedom and the IFAPS Axis, I've added below the links to a series of maps.

Africa (map)[]

Asia (map)[]

Australia (map) []

Caribbean Countries: Cuba, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, etc. (map) []

Central American Countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, & Panama. (map) []

Europe (map) []

Middle East (map) []

North American Countries: Canada, USA & Mexico. (map) []

Pacific-Asian Nations (map) []

South American Countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. (map) []

��� Many observers think Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas have a better than even chance of regaining control in Nicaragua's elections scheduled for November 5, 2006. This includes Latin American news outlets, British news outlet (Reuters), American pundits, Leftist Media Organs, and Paleo-Stalinist Media Organs.

��� The CACASAPS are: Cuba's Fidel Castro; Nicauraga's Dictator-Wannabe, Daniel Ortega; Bolivia's Evo Morales; and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

��� Ports at each end of the Panama Canal are currently owned and operated by a Chinese (HongKong) company, Hutchison-Whampoa Ltd., which is now at the mercy of Beijing.

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