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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Bob Webster
Bio: Bob Webster
Date:  December 27, 2012
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Topic category:  Constitution/Constitutional Crises

John Boehner Must Go!
Our nation cannot tolerate the continued tenure of a spineless Speaker of the House.

With the recent fraudulent "re-election" of Barack Obama as President and corrupt Senate elections that fly in the face of polling, the job of Speaker of the House is all the more critical. It is the House's obligation to control a maverick President and reel in the excesses of the Executive Department (EPA, Labor, Energy, etc.). Consequently, it is imperative that John Boehner be given the boot and replaced with a strong, articulate leader who will hold this administration's feet to the fire.

John Boehner talks the talk, but he has demonstrated repeatedly that he cannot - or will not - walk the walk.

Boehner is becoming famous for drawing a line in the sand, only to be the first to jump back from that line in full retreat. This is not the characteristics of a leader.

Through their impeachment power, the House has responsibility for guaranteeing that our Executive Department lives within the bounds of our Constitution (no, that is NOT a judicial power). For far too long, the House has abrogated its power through benign neglect. Our nation can no longer tolerate feckless leadership that is unwilling to stand up for our Constitution and assure the American people that our government will govern within the very limited scope of authority it has under our Constitution.

In short, the House must jettison Boehner and replace him with a strong, dynamic, constitutionally-schooled adherent to House members' oath of office to uphold our Constitution by enforcing the very limited governing power of our federal government as enumerated in Article I, Section 8 of our Constitution.

Should the Republican Party fail to jettison Boehner, or worse, replace him with a carbon copy, then the days of the GOP as a national party are numbered and the only option the people will have to prevent our country from tumbling into the socialist abyss will be the formation of a new party around which disenchanted Republicans, Democrats, and Independents can rally to recapture our country from the grasp of the gangster-politics of the Left ("the end justifies the means").

What will it be, Republicans? Boehner and the certain death of your party and your country? Or election of new vibrant leadership who will be aggressive in their pursuit of their oath of office to defend our Constitution against all enemies, domestic or foreign?

The "silent coup" of the radical Left that has taken control of our country must be stopped in its tracks and reversed. Does anyone seriously believe that can happen with the continued "leadership" of the house by a spineless John Boehner?

Bob Webster
WEBCommentary (Editor, Publisher)

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Biography - Bob Webster

Author of "Looking Out the Window", an evidence-based examination of the "climate change" issue, Bob Webster, is a 12th-generation descendent of both the Darte family (Connecticut, 1630s) and the Webster family (Massachusetts, 1630s). He is a descendant of Daniel Webster's father, Revolutionary War patriot Ebenezer Webster, who served with General Washington. Bob has always had a strong interest in early American history, our Constitution, U.S. politics, and law. Politically he is a constitutional republican with objectivist and libertarian roots. He has faith in the ultimate triumph of truth and reason over deception and emotion. He is a strong believer in our Constitution as written and views the abandonment of constitutional restraint by the regressive Progressive movement as a great danger to our Republic. His favorite novel is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and believes it should be required reading for all high school students so they can appreciate the cost of tolerating the growth of unconstitutional crushingly powerful central government. He strongly believes, as our Constitution enshrines, that the interests of the individual should be held superior to the interests of the state.

A lifelong interest in meteorology and climatology spurred his strong interest in science. Bob earned his degree in Mathematics at Virginia Tech, graduating in 1964.

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