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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Bob Webster
Bio: Bob Webster
Date:  September 3, 2008
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End of the Road for Palin?

Can Palin withstand the onslaught from the Left?

The question in the title to this piece is music to the ears of the Leftists doing every thing they can to get Sarah Palin off the McCain ticket.

Desperately trying to derail the Palin selection, the Left is busy in their dark little rooms, sneering while working at their computers to scrounge up whatever they can, real or imaginary, to sling at Palin and any member of her family.

What next? "Palin once had a hang nail! --- off to the gallows!" or "Palin was late for a meeting! --- clearly incompetent!" or how about "Palin's oldest son received a parking ticket! Lawbreaking family!"

It is getting a bit ridiculous, isn't it?

These despicable attacks on Palin, her husband, and their children, are unprecedented and show just how utterly desperate the Left has become. They must win in November. Already assuming he will win in November Obama is now referring to himself as having once "been a Senator."

What the left lacks in civility, it makes up for with hubris.

Earlier today, I received an email message from an occasional writer to, Bernard Switalski (a brilliant political analyst - read his archive articles if you want to learn just how infiltrated the "environmental" movement is with the hard-core Left). His message reads:

That about sums it us as well as any statement that could be written.

There is no question that the hard-core Left is apoplectic over Palin's selection. She is their worst nightmare -- and that is what makes her an outstanding selection. It is because she is perceived as such a threat to their agenda that they are swarming with with their smarmy attacks.

Bad news, Lefties. It won't work. But keep trying. It only helps the McCain-Palin ticket.

Not only will Palin survive the ranting from the Left, in the process, the Left will continue to marginalize itself and McCain-Palin will simply grow stronger.

Something to keep in mind while all this assault goes on: Ronald Reagan had no more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin and he was arguably the best foreign policy president of the past 100 years, perhaps of all time!

Whatever foreign policy experience Palin has had as Governor of a state that borders Russia and Canada, it dwarfs whatever Barack Hussein Obama can put in his resumé.

Sarah Palin. What a brilliant selection!

Bob Webster
WEBCommentary (Editor, Publisher)

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Biography - Bob Webster

Author of "Looking Out the Window", an evidence-based examination of the "climate change" issue, Bob Webster, is a 12th-generation descendent of both the Darte family (Connecticut, 1630s) and the Webster family (Massachusetts, 1630s). He is a descendant of Daniel Webster's father, Revolutionary War patriot Ebenezer Webster, who served with General Washington. Bob has always had a strong interest in early American history, our Constitution, U.S. politics, and law. Politically he is a constitutional republican with objectivist and libertarian roots. He has faith in the ultimate triumph of truth and reason over deception and emotion. He is a strong believer in our Constitution as written and views the abandonment of constitutional restraint by the regressive Progressive movement as a great danger to our Republic. His favorite novel is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and believes it should be required reading for all high school students so they can appreciate the cost of tolerating the growth of unconstitutional crushingly powerful central government. He strongly believes, as our Constitution enshrines, that the interests of the individual should be held superior to the interests of the state.

A lifelong interest in meteorology and climatology spurred his strong interest in science. Bob earned his degree in Mathematics at Virginia Tech, graduating in 1964.

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