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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Gerald V. Todd
Bio: Gerald V. Todd
Date:  June 24, 2015
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Topic category:  Environmental Extremism

I Had a Dream of my Own

I started reading Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Climate and got depressed over all the misuse of God’s Creation and helpless people in regions where natural resources are exploited… as if God’s command in Genesis to “subdue the earth – be fruitful and multiply…” has no possible way to be fulfilled without destroying the place or returning to horse manure and flies.

Over the last two years I wrote several “Theories of Relativity” – Political, Science and Equal Justice. They were all developed around a common theme of causes and effects when ordered from two different directions. One shows Money as the master and Beauty in the sewer. The other starts with Beauty and its Author as primary. Money is the servant of all as it was intended to be before wild speculations and the love of it changed things – even a free enterprise capitalist economy – needed in a global economy. Impossible in a one-world government.

Last night, I dreamed one of my Theory illustrations was spinning over a section of the Pope’s Encyclical and suddenly it made sense. The Pope has been writing from the viewpoint that Money and its inherent evils is destroying the planet. If he were writing from the viewpoint of Beauty, he would be able to propose viable solutions that allows all people to develop their unique gifts and talents. The combination of our Founding Documents and the Catholic principles of Subsidiarity and Solidarity lead to harmony out of chaos. Broad prosperity will follow – even for investors.

I saw the Pope complaining about the mess in Michelangelo’s studio while missing the beauty of his Pieta. Michelangelo said he could see the end product in a block of marble, like his remarkable David.

The Pope, Obama and the climate change aficionado’s only see the mess in the quarry and the studio. That can be dealt with by human imagination and entrepreneurship. Mike Rowe, now we’re ready for your “Dirty Jobs.” We aren’t all Michelangelo’s

Gerald V. Todd

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Biography - Gerald V. Todd

Jerry is a retired engineer with strong experience in environmental innovation which he still applies today with 2 clean water and energy saving technologies. His life avocation in writing and study of philosophical and biblical themes as they apply to the body politic's spiritual warfare. He survived stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006; now in excellent health. A graduate of the University of Illinois (1958, Industrial Engineering), Jerry had post graduate studies at both the University of San Francisco and the University of Santa Clara in California between 1961 and 1963 (Logic, Marketing). As co Founder and seminar presenter he was awarded a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Valley Christian University operating under California private-post secondary statutes for mid career student, VCU was the pioneer external degree school for mid career students. Its course structures were picked up by several well known Christian colleges. Hosted local broadcast radio and TV shows, "Religion on the Line" and "The News Firm" (jointly with wife, Joanne), respectively. Jerry has published several books that are available at Amazon. Jerry is available to speak as a visiting lecturer at the high school, college or community organization level. Jerry is married 55 years to Joanne Dean Todd – 3 children, 8 grandchildren.

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