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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Gerald V. Todd
Bio: Gerald V. Todd
Date:  February 28, 2015
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Topic category:  Decline and Fall of the USA

American Exceptionalism upsets some folks

The President doesn’t seem to know what American exceptionalism is. Rudy Giuliani is attacked for calling him out. Our patent system is under attack by others who want to exploit that exceptionalism at the cost of the exceptional.

Folks who have a difficult time accepting American exceptionalism often do so out of a true sense of humility. Others hate us because we as a people have accomplished what others can only dream of.

What is exceptional about America is opportunity. Phony definitions of diversity aside, human beings are blessed with a myriad of gifts and talents that long to be developed and put to use. These know no racial or ethnic boundaries.

Because of the nature of our Founding documents and reasonable adherence thereto, more people have discovered their own exceptionalism by discovering, developing and sharing their unique gifts and talents. ​Here they could rise above their "station" in life, try, fail, fail again, succeed or at least not be among those "cold and timid souls who have tasted neither victory nor defeat" (T Roosevelt).

This also explains why "progressives" have had such a difficult time transforming this beautiful concept into a two-class society where the privileged can rule over a rotting corpse in a one-world government by Fascism or Sharia..

If a nation's people are exceptional, it is because they are able to capitalize on the "endowment by our Creator" (DOI), the nation itself cannot help but be exceptional.

I trust the typical "progressive" would be grossly incapable of understanding this. Liberals and conservatives have more than an even chance, but "progressives" are like a metastasizing cancer on the body politic. Time for a little radiation and chemo while we save our patent system for future innovators

Gerald V. Todd

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Biography - Gerald V. Todd

Jerry is a retired engineer with strong experience in environmental innovation which he still applies today with 2 clean water and energy saving technologies. His life avocation in writing and study of philosophical and biblical themes as they apply to the body politic's spiritual warfare. He survived stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006; now in excellent health. A graduate of the University of Illinois (1958, Industrial Engineering), Jerry had post graduate studies at both the University of San Francisco and the University of Santa Clara in California between 1961 and 1963 (Logic, Marketing). As co Founder and seminar presenter he was awarded a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Valley Christian University operating under California private-post secondary statutes for mid career student, VCU was the pioneer external degree school for mid career students. Its course structures were picked up by several well known Christian colleges. Hosted local broadcast radio and TV shows, "Religion on the Line" and "The News Firm" (jointly with wife, Joanne), respectively. Jerry has published several books that are available at Amazon. Jerry is available to speak as a visiting lecturer at the high school, college or community organization level. Jerry is married 55 years to Joanne Dean Todd – 3 children, 8 grandchildren.

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