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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Gerald V. Todd
Bio: Gerald V. Todd
Date:  December 6, 2013
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Topic category:  Religion & Philosophy in the News

The Communion Host - Eucharist - turns to flesh 3 key times in History
Was Jesus white? No, he was a Semite - essentially a mix of all races. But there's more... and it's time we recognized we are in an all out spiritual war. This one's for our side!

Holy Eucharist in the Catholic Church – Memorial or Reality? What does this have to do with the world today, especially the rise of Islam? For millions of non-Catholic Christians, Jesus was using pure symbolism in John 6:53 when he declared to his followers, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.” Many left him that day, even as he offered no clarification or excuse. Many still leave him – even Catholics who refuse his food of eternal life. There are other spiritual forces at work that the simple act of God’s love will ultimately overcome.

EUCHARISTIC MIRACLE--------- (Author of the documentation is unknown to me at this time. My opinion starts with the sentence about mockers.)

A Photo made by Bishop Jorge Bergoglio (Now Pope Francis) is available on my blog on Patriot Action Network In 1996 in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, Argentina, when the present Pope Francis was Auxiliary Bishop under Cardinal Quarracino, an amazing Eucharistic miracle took place. He himself had it photographed and investigated and the results are astonishing.

At seven o’clock in the evening on August 18, 1996, Fr. Alejandro Pezet was saying Holy Mass at a Catholic church in the commercial center of Buenos Aires. As he was finishing distributing Holy Communion, a woman came up to tell him that she had found a discarded host on a candleholder at the back of the church. On going to the spot indicated, Fr. Alejandro saw the defiled Host. Since he was unable to consume it, he placed it in a container of water and put it away in the tabernacle of the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament.

On Monday, August 26, upon opening the tabernacle, he saw to his amazement that the Host had turned into a bloody substance. He informed Bishop Jorge Bergoglio (Now Pope Francis, Auxiliary Bishop that time), who gave instructions that the Host be professionally photographed. The photos were taken on September 6. They clearly show that the Host, which had become a fragment of bloodied flesh, had grown significantly in size. For several years the Host remained in the tabernacle, the whole affair being kept a strict secret. Since the Host suffered no visible decomposition, Cardinal Bergoglio (Who became Archbishop by that time) decided to have it scientifically analyzed.

On October 5, 1999, in the presence of the Cardinal’s representatives, Dr. Castanon took a sample of the bloody fragment and sent it to New York for analysis. Since he did not wish to prejudice the study, he purposely did not inform the team of scientists of its provenance (the source of sample was kept secret to the scientists).

One of these scientists was Dr. Frederic Zugiba, the well-known cardiologist and forensic pathologist. He determined that the analyzed substance was real flesh and blood containing human DNA. Zugiba testified that, “the analyzed material is a fragment of the heart muscle found in the wall of the left ventricle close to the valves. This muscle is responsible for the contraction of the heart. It should be borne in mind that the left cardiac ventricle pumps blood to all parts of the body. The heart muscle is in an inflammatory condition and contains a large number of white blood cells.” “This indicates that the heart was alive at the time the sample was taken. It is my contention that the heart was alive, since white blood cells die outside a living organism. They require a living organism to sustain them. Thus, their presence indicates that the heart was alive when the sample was taken. What is more, these white blood cells had penetrated the tissue, which further indicates that the heart had been under severe stress, as if the owner had been beaten severely about the chest!”

Two Australians, journalist Mike Willesee and lawyer Ron Tesoriero, witnessed these tests. Knowing where sample had come from, they were dumbfounded by Dr. Zugiba’s testimony. Mike Willesee asked the scientist how long the white blood cells would have remained alive if they had come from a piece of human tissue, which had been kept in water. They would have ceased to exist in a matter of minutes, Dr. Zugiba replied. The journalist then told the doctor that the source of the sample had first been kept in ordinary water for a month and then for another three years in a container of distilled water; only then had the sample been taken for analysis. Dr. Zugibaâ’s was at a loss to account for this fact. There was no way of explaining it scientifically, he stated.

Also, Dr. Zugiba passionately asked, ”You have to explain one thing to me, if this sample came from a person who was dead, then how could it be that as I was examining it the cells of the sample were moving and beating? If this heart comes from someone who died in 1996, how can it still be alive?”

Then did Mike Willesee inform Dr. Zugiba that the analyzed sample came from a consecrated Host (white, unleavened bread) that had mysteriously turned into bloody human flesh. Amazed by this information, Dr. Zugiba replied, “How and why a consecrated Host would change its character and become living human flesh and blood will remain an inexplicable mystery to science, a mystery totally beyond her competence.”

Then Doctor Ricardo Castanon Gomez arranged to have the lab reports from the Buenos Aires miracle compared to the lab reports from the Eucharistic Miracle that happened in Lanciano, Italy in the 8th Century A.D., again without revealing the origin of the test samples. The experts making the comparison concluded that the two lab reports must have originated from test samples obtained from the same person. They further reported that both samples revealed an AB positive blood type. They are all characteristic of a man who was born and lived in the Middle East region.

Only faith in the extraordinary action of a God provides the reasonable answer, faith in a God, who wants to make us aware that He is truly present in the mystery of the Eucharist.

The Eucharistic miracle in Buenos Aires is an extraordinary sign attested to by science. Through it Jesus desires to arouse in us a lively faith in His real presence in the Eucharist. He reminds us that His presence is real, and not symbolic. Only with the eyes of faith do we see Him under appearance of the consecrated bread and wine. We do not see Him with our bodily eyes, since He is present in His glorified humanity. In the Eucharist Jesus sees and loves us and desires to save us.

(Archbishop Bergoglio became a Cardinal in 2001, this miracle was published after many researches, by that time he became a Cardinal, that's why he is addressed as cardinal in this post) Also watch where Dr.Castanon, Atheist turned Catholic explains this miracle!

The mockers will always be there. Share the beauty of what Christ has done for us to assure his peace beyond understanding and his ever constant love, even in the midst of chaos until he comes again.

Something Happens Every Time Islam Rises as a Temporal Power - In times of great peril, Jesus seems in my opinion to re-assert the solemn meaning in his command to his disciples he ordered at the Last Supper. The first was in the 8th century in Lanciano, Italy during the rise of Islam, another in the 13th Century during the Crusades at the death of St. Claire, and the latest in 1996 in Argentina as discussed in here at length. Islam’s temporal power is rising again.

In 1950 Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote in a paper on Islam: “At the present time, the hatred of the Islamic countries toward the West has become hatred against Christianity itself. Statesmen apparently have not taken into account that there is a grave danger that the temporal power of Islam may return on a broad scale, and with it, the menace that it may shake off a West which has ceased to be Christian, and affirm itself as a great anti-Christian world power. Muslim writers say, "When the locust swarms darken vast countries, they bear on their wings these Arabic words, "We are God's host, each of us has 99 eggs, and if we had 100, we should lay waste to the world and all that is in it." Serving as “the 100th egg,” the United States has sponsored with blood and treasure the removal of “inconvenient” Muslim dictators in favor of rule by the Muslim Brotherhood as it seeks to build a world wide caliphate. In every nation where they have gained power, Christians are being persecuted, slaughtered and run out. Even Egypt’s MB President stated on June 11 (since deposed under vehement objections by the United States) an unintended live mike that the United States and Israel are the enemy. (Cheers from the audience.) This comes after Obama sent high tech weapons and billions of dollars in cash to support their war against us. I never thought I’d see the day when Syrian ruler Assad looked like the good guy in the current warfare to overthrow him!

The Bishop who noted and shepherded the current Eucharistic miracle became Pope Francis in 2013. Sadly, it is with the help of “progressives” who have abandoned their own spiritual moorings and for Americans, their Constitutional protections that the world is in peril yet again. All the world is suffering – including most Muslims at the hands of those who embrace the Culture of Death… Jihadist or Progressive.

This revelation of a fundamental truth taught by Jesus is particularly powerful in the light of broad rejection and persecution of Christians and all other religions by Muslim extremists who believe they are the only true servants of God. With Islamic attacks supported by ”progressive” persecutions and denials, we may be on the verge of another great holocaust far worse than humanity suffered in WW II. Eugenicists in the White House see this as a convenient way to drastically reduce world population to a “manageable level.”

It is not unlike the merging of the Culture of Death among Nazis and Communists in the 1939;s and 1940’s. Today we are seeing the merging of radical Islam and its Sharia laws coupled with “progressive” disdain for the sanctity of human life and the continuation of the species at all stages. The two are grossly incompatible. The only barrier to their evil intent is a renewal of faith. Perhaps this is why the Miracle of the Eucharist is so needed.

Gerald V. Todd

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Biography - Gerald V. Todd

Jerry is a retired engineer with strong experience in environmental innovation which he still applies today with 2 clean water and energy saving technologies. His life avocation in writing and study of philosophical and biblical themes as they apply to the body politic's spiritual warfare. He survived stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006; now in excellent health. A graduate of the University of Illinois (1958, Industrial Engineering), Jerry had post graduate studies at both the University of San Francisco and the University of Santa Clara in California between 1961 and 1963 (Logic, Marketing). As co Founder and seminar presenter he was awarded a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Valley Christian University operating under California private-post secondary statutes for mid career student, VCU was the pioneer external degree school for mid career students. Its course structures were picked up by several well known Christian colleges. Hosted local broadcast radio and TV shows, "Religion on the Line" and "The News Firm" (jointly with wife, Joanne), respectively. Jerry has published several books that are available at Amazon. Jerry is available to speak as a visiting lecturer at the high school, college or community organization level. Jerry is married 55 years to Joanne Dean Todd – 3 children, 8 grandchildren.

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