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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Gerald V. Todd
Bio: Gerald V. Todd
Date:  September 7, 2013
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Topic category:  Religion & Philosophy in the News

The Cotton Candy Christianity of Joel Osteen Revisited

I’m not one to criticize or castigate other faiths or denominations, but this revealing article about one of “America’s 10 Most Fascinating People” needs airing at this crucial moment in history. It’s like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush who will present the National Constitution Center’s (NCC) 2013 Liberty Medal to Hillary Clinton during a Sept. 10 ceremony in Philadelphia, We obviously haven’t reached the point where; “No longer will the fool be called noble, or the rogue be spoken of as generous.” Isaiah 32:5 – Read the whole chapter for a real revelation! Two thoughts come to mind IN MY OPINION -

1. Osteen represents the ultimate "industrial church" of which there are many in the US. Industrial because they start out in industrial parks where there is plenty of parking on Wednesday evenings and Sundays. Their common fodder is poorly catechized Catholics - aside from sheep stealing from Evangelicals, main stream other industrial churches.
How many second generation preachers have matched their fathers? As a Roman Catholic my still longstanding most inspiring sermon was preached by Oral Roberts to the Full Gospel Businessmen in Anaheim, CA - "The Fourth Man". It can be found on line, but none with the fire he preached in Anaheim. Richard and Patty Roberts tried, but didn't cut it. Is there something said here about priestly celibacy - to discourage the family business? The Borgia's were enough for the Catholic Church!

2. As I write this Pope Francis has been holding a day of prayer and fasting for Syria and the suffering around the world, showing the beauty and depth of a childlike faith so needed today (airing worldwide on EWTN). Sadly, most members of these "industrial churches" are Catholics who have strayed from the once strong calls for faith and love that got swallowed by a strange form of social justice that infected the Church.

Pope Francis is putting an end to that nonsense in the most beautiful, simple and profound ways! Calls for peace, love and unity are held out for all nations, all faiths for the sake of humanity made in God's image and likeness.

We are facing the most insidious "Change" our President and his handlers promised - a swing from a representative constitutional republic to a world wide caliphate under Sharia and Islamic rule - all created by our loss of moral fiber coupled with the expenditure of American blood and treasure to overwhelm one nation after another, Obama is frying the USA, the coveted "100th Egg" Muslims had hoped for so they can "lay waste to the world and all that is in it." It is being done with what recent polls show - against the wishes of 97% of the American people. Even radical leftists - polled 77% against an incursion into Syria.

Time for Osteen to release his back-slidden Catholics to go home and bring vitality back to the Church Jesus founded. BTW - My eternal gratitude goes to my Pentecostal and Evangelical friends who helped me rediscover my faith through a deeper incursion into the Bible - you know - the same one the Catholic Church assembled for you?

Like the Bible, the Declaration of Independence extols our endowment by our Creator and our inalienable rights. It also contains a longer litany of the evils foisted on the colonists that serve as a warning about what is being done to us today. Don't ignore the Declaration!

You too, Joel!

Gerald V. Todd

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Biography - Gerald V. Todd

Jerry is a retired engineer with strong experience in environmental innovation which he still applies today with 2 clean water and energy saving technologies. His life avocation in writing and study of philosophical and biblical themes as they apply to the body politic's spiritual warfare. He survived stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006; now in excellent health. A graduate of the University of Illinois (1958, Industrial Engineering), Jerry had post graduate studies at both the University of San Francisco and the University of Santa Clara in California between 1961 and 1963 (Logic, Marketing). As co Founder and seminar presenter he was awarded a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Valley Christian University operating under California private-post secondary statutes for mid career student, VCU was the pioneer external degree school for mid career students. Its course structures were picked up by several well known Christian colleges. Hosted local broadcast radio and TV shows, "Religion on the Line" and "The News Firm" (jointly with wife, Joanne), respectively. Jerry has published several books that are available at Amazon. Jerry is available to speak as a visiting lecturer at the high school, college or community organization level. Jerry is married 55 years to Joanne Dean Todd – 3 children, 8 grandchildren.

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