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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Gerald V. Todd
Bio: Gerald V. Todd
Date:  May 20, 2013
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Topic category:  International Criminal George Soros

Obama admits he is a Socialist? So what?
Given our level of government dependency, being a confessed socialist is great cover for what I believe Obama really is - a supreme caliph-in-waiting.

Haven't we blindly spent trillions in American treasure and technology and thousands of American lives and wounded to see every country we supposedly are freeing from despots end up with Sharia law in their constitutions?

The Muslim Brotherhood are persecuting, murdering and forcing out Christians wherever they gain control. They are harassing and killing Buddhists and Hindus. How dumb can we get? Don’t we have the most successful triune philosophy of government in history in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights? Why sacrifice it and ourselves to impose the most despotic theocracy in all history? Note to ACLU: You want separation of “church” and state? Hello!

The WH is crawling with Muslim Brotherhood types. One with access is Imam Mohamed Magid - Obama's Sharia Czar from the Islamic Society of North America.

The Ambassadorial post to the Vatican remains unfilled. Ronald Reagan knew the Vatican is the best international source of intelligence for freedom loving countries. He and Pope John Paul II proved it with the fall of the Soviet empire.

Obama sent two of the most heretical, lying, rebellious Catholics he could find to represent us at Pope Francis’ installation. Obama with his apparently deep longing for world rule has insulted and demeaned every traditional ally and friend America has had.

Let’s face it, the Catholic Church much appreciates the way our “one nation under God” is structured. She is so concerned for the direction we are going under Obama, Pope Benedict in an apolitical way nearly begged the American people to vote for Romney. The typical Catholic voted for Obama. Go figure.

The culture of death has two sides: Islam is a theocracy embracing imposed death or slavery for infidels and opposing Muslim sects where they suicide bomb each other... “Progressivism” completes the culture of death with its total disdain for the sanctity of human life at all stages, even to the sexuality on which human survival depends.

These two are ultimately incompatible with a predictable outcome of bloody conflict the “progressives” are being led into. The two 20th century socialisms – Communism and Nazism should have taught us something. Didn’t Hitler slaughter a large group of his major supporters to consolidate his power?

One side of the culture of death joins the other at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. No wonder Obama stopped White House tours!

Where is the hope? Mohammed held the Blessed Virgin Mary, the prophesied Virgo of the Stars, the Jewish mother of Jesus as “the most important woman in Islam.” While we spew hate back and forth, I believe God’s ultimate solution is based on his true nature – Love. Mary espoused it to all whether we want it or not. Can you spell “Fatima or Lourdes or Guadalupe or Zeitoun ?” Must we euthanize 80% of the world's population to prove the culture of death's point? Not if I can help it.

Gerald V. Todd

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Biography - Gerald V. Todd

Jerry is a retired engineer with strong experience in environmental innovation which he still applies today with 2 clean water and energy saving technologies. His life avocation in writing and study of philosophical and biblical themes as they apply to the body politic's spiritual warfare. He survived stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006; now in excellent health. A graduate of the University of Illinois (1958, Industrial Engineering), Jerry had post graduate studies at both the University of San Francisco and the University of Santa Clara in California between 1961 and 1963 (Logic, Marketing). As co Founder and seminar presenter he was awarded a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Valley Christian University operating under California private-post secondary statutes for mid career student, VCU was the pioneer external degree school for mid career students. Its course structures were picked up by several well known Christian colleges. Hosted local broadcast radio and TV shows, "Religion on the Line" and "The News Firm" (jointly with wife, Joanne), respectively. Jerry has published several books that are available at Amazon. Jerry is available to speak as a visiting lecturer at the high school, college or community organization level. Jerry is married 55 years to Joanne Dean Todd – 3 children, 8 grandchildren.

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