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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Bernard Switalski
Bio: Bernard Switalski
Date:  June 4, 2008
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Uncle Sam’s Choice

After two-plus centuries of the republican experiment, this nation of three hundred million people has produced to run for its next President these two choices: McCain the Befuddled or Obama the Unreconstructed Black Panther.

In early 2008, sixth-graders at the Trail Ridge Middle School in Longmont, Colorado held a mock trial to decide, yes or no, if human beings have caused global warming. Pre-teen advocates for either side collected and analyzed data, then presented arguments to a jury of their peers who, after measuring the facts, voted, seven to four, that humans beings had not caused global warming.

In late May of 08, Dennis Miller recounted on his radio show how, during a visit to Senator McCain’s office in Washington, Miller asked the Senator via what reasoning McCain had arrived at his pro-anthropogenic global warming beliefs. As “proof” of anthropogenic global warming, the Senator produced a Gore-like “Snow-job of Kilimanjaro” photo that showed the volcano’s ice cap receding. Thereby, McCain revealed a lack of facility for the objective collection and analysis of factual data that even seven of eleven sixth-graders possess.

Add to that the fact that McCain has spent his entire political career urinating on the boots of the very people he now needs to win a national election.

All of which disposes your average neo-liberal to gag and consider opting for Emperor Claudius’, “Old King Log”, cynical approach toward events ... sit back, observe, and, “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out!”

The poisons that lurk in the mud ...

On the other hand we have Barack Hussein Obama, the revolutionary left’s wet dream.

Barack Hussein Obama, “al Mahdi“, “The Expected One“, “He who will fill the Earth with Justice and Truth that will last a thousand years“. He who rides the shoulders of the thirty-five percent of America’s people, who, pounded for generations by the America-is-evil agitprop that gushes out from our print media, our movie screens, our TV sets, and our schools, people like Obama’s wife, her entire life lived in shame of America, people who have hook-line-and-sinker swallowed a collectivist theology which has led them to the point where, if he ran today, they would vote for Stalin.

Barack Hussein Obama, your classic, coddled, scented, and manicured, lefty-darling, his resume nothing but a drab array of unremarkable sinecures, who never displayed the least gift for leadership or creativity or imagination or character, who did nothing except stand idle, sporting a smug grin, watching his path to glory cleared by a obsequious army of affirmative-action worker ants.

Nevertheless, if one peeks beneath that meticulously contrived, applied and maintained fancy-pants veneer of respectability, one finds the stark, grim, Hate Whitey, Hate the Jew, Hate America, straight-from-the-1960s, still-throbbing heart of Huey Newton.

So, Uncle Sam, there you have it. After two-plus centuries of the republican experiment, this nation of three hundred million people has produced to run for its next President these two choices: McCain the Befuddled or Obama the Unreconstructed Black Panther.

You pick em.

Bernard Switalski

Biography - Bernard Switalski

Graduated high school, 1953. U.S. Army lab technician, Bell Telephone Labs guided missile R&D, White Sands Proving Ground, NM, 1954-1957. Railroad freight conductor, Chicago, 1958-1963. Petroleum products quality/quantity surveyor, mostly in Venezuela, 1964-1965. Blast furnace foreman, Chicago,1966-1968. After that damn blast furnace put me in the ER, got into the heavy industrial construction industry, 1969. First job, laborer. Last job, general construction superintendent, contracted by a Spanish consortium to oversee the construction of a 4 billion dollar grassroots petroleum refinery in Sumatra. Retired, 1986. Somewhere in there, picked up a BA in philosophy. Traveled a lot. As old Cap'n Bill Jensen used to say back there on the Orinoco, "Been round the world two dozen times, first time in a baby buggy, twice in a submarine." Jigged for cod from a dory off Newfoundland; ran like a sissy from an irate cobra in Brunei. Met lots of good people along the way. Switalski died, April 13, 2009 in Riverdale, Illinois.

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