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Author:  Bernard Switalski
Bio: Bernard Switalski
Date:  December 13, 2007
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Topic category:  Other/General

Hugo Chavez and Venezuelan Democracy

A couple of weeks ago down in Venezuela they held a referendum in which, by a slim margin, the Venezuelan people said that they didn't want Hugo Chavez in there as President for Life ... that, per the Venezuelan constitution, Chavez would have to leave office after his current term expires in 2012. Some people in the United States, for example the editors of the Chicago Sun-Times, have called the rebuff of Chavez, ".. a significant victory for democracy in Venezuela". Tis no such thing. To wit ....

We ain't got no democracy!
We don't need no democracy!!
I don't have to show you any stinkin democracy!!!"

Referendum or no referendum, Chavez ain't goin' anywhere.

He has stated repeatedly that no vote will ever get him out.

As early as November, 2002, on his weekly television program, "Hello, President", Chavez vowed categorically: "Even if 90% votes me out, I will not go".

Since 2002, Chavez has made himself immensely stronger, and nothing short of war - civil or otherwise - will oust him.

Think not?

Well, check this...

So there you have it -- Hugo Chavez, self-proclaimed Maoist, darling of the hate-America left, beloved of hate-America-Islam, hero to Hollywood and Jesse Jackson, acolyte to Fidel, attacker of free enterprise, socialist tyrant, and proud Jew-hater who like Hitler plans to run the Jews out -- now rules Venezuela with an iron fist.

And no 'stinkin democracy' will change that.

Bernard Switalski

Biography - Bernard Switalski

Graduated high school, 1953. U.S. Army lab technician, Bell Telephone Labs guided missile R&D, White Sands Proving Ground, NM, 1954-1957. Railroad freight conductor, Chicago, 1958-1963. Petroleum products quality/quantity surveyor, mostly in Venezuela, 1964-1965. Blast furnace foreman, Chicago,1966-1968. After that damn blast furnace put me in the ER, got into the heavy industrial construction industry, 1969. First job, laborer. Last job, general construction superintendent, contracted by a Spanish consortium to oversee the construction of a 4 billion dollar grassroots petroleum refinery in Sumatra. Retired, 1986. Somewhere in there, picked up a BA in philosophy. Traveled a lot. As old Cap'n Bill Jensen used to say back there on the Orinoco, "Been round the world two dozen times, first time in a baby buggy, twice in a submarine." Jigged for cod from a dory off Newfoundland; ran like a sissy from an irate cobra in Brunei. Met lots of good people along the way. Switalski died, April 13, 2009 in Riverdale, Illinois.

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