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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  October 19, 2023
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The associated press may just have engineered the worst news hoax since ktla sent a doctored, anonymous version of the Rodney King video around the country to tv news outlets: the ap has posted a doctored video of a traffic stop, in which a black criminal unsuccessfully tried to murder a sheriff’s deputy, with an outrageous headline, and with a dishonest narration entirely by the perp’s family and lawyer

“Georgia sheriff releases video showing a violent struggle before deputy shoots exonerated man”

This is a classic fake news incident from the associated press. They released a doctored video, just like ktla did in the Rodney King case, with a narration by the perp’s family and lawyer, in order to try and instigate riots and a massive shakedown payout.

The headline alone is outrageous: “Georgia sheriff releases video showing a violent struggle before deputy shoots exonerated man”

First of all, we don’t know for a fact that the perp had been exonerated of any crimes. (The msm lie all the time, in calling criminals “exonerated,” as in the case of the five racist Central Park rapists. The rapists were never exonerated.) Second of all, it is irrelevant whether he had previously been exonerated of anything. He was killed while attempting to murder a law enforcement officer.

The perp’s family and its lawyer keep emphasizing that the deputy didn’t “de-escalate” the situation. But if he had done so, he’d be dead, instead of the perp. Indeed, the whole point of the demand, by black supremacists and their non-black “allies” that White policemen “de-escalate” situations in which they are confronted with violent, colored criminals, is to get more White cops killed.

I have no doubt, based on the way the perp carried himself, in refusing to cooperate in any way with the deputy, that he was a career criminal.

The White cop immediately asserted his authority, the opposite of “de-escalation.” He didn’t need to check the perp’s priors to know he was trouble. The doctrine of “de-escalation” demands that a White cop act passively in such a situation, and submit to the authority of a perp “of color,” who in turn murders him.

The associated press activist who posted this video implied with her headline that any black man who has been “exonerated” of a crime gets a free murder of a White leo. Or is it unlimited murders of White leos?

Note that the second perp, the associated press activist who posted the doctored video, did so as a Jane Doe.

Note, too, that Jane Doe supplied no background or identifying information with her video.

“Georgia sheriff releases video showing a violent struggle before deputy shoots exonerated man”

“1,754 views oct 19, 2023

“(19 Oct 2023) A Georgia deputy fatally shot a Black man at point-blank range during a traffic stop after the man, who had been wrongfully imprisoned years ago, grabbed the officer by the neck and was forcing his head backward. Relatives of the man believe the shooting was unnecessary. (Oct 19)”

@darvoid66 “That cop is a criminal. He murdered that man. Send him to prison.”

N.S.: You’re a racist liar, and a member of the confederacy in support of colored cut-throats.

Postscript 4:58 p.m.: The ap perp who wrote the "thing" was Russ Bynum. I still don't know who of the ap doctored the video.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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