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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  January 12, 2021
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With the Steal Complete, the Asterisk Election Exposes America’s Status as a Failed State

[I sent this column in to N.A.E.B.C. shortly after midnight on December 12, 2020, but the site had already been shut down, following a successful hoax campaign led by fake news reporter Jack Stubbs at Reuters, aided by The Daily Beast, Google, and other powers.


“Funerals in America, Funerals for America?, and

“Trump: The Presidency that Never was.”]


Well, they didn’t leave anything to chance.

Democrats rolled out the biggest vote fraud operation in American history, in order to steal the election from Donald J. Trump.

Instead of Trump winning Michigan (16 electoral votes), Wisconsin (10), Georgia (16) and Pennsylvania (20), and taking the election with at least 276 electoral votes (of a total of 538), all of those states are now going to Joe Biden, in what the fake news and antiversity will forevermore assert was a rout for Biden. (Just after Election Day, when the vote differentials were much closer, MSNBC’s Ari Melber called it “an epic defeat for Donald Trump.” Since then, millions more votes, over 90% of them for Biden, have magically materialized.)

Colleagues maintain that Trump had not put enough energy into going after his working-class, white male base, which responded by ignoring Trump. My colleague Steve Sailer formulated the “Sailer Strategy” in 2000, showing that Republicans cannot win national elections without reaching in to whites, rather than out to blacks and Hispanics.

However, even if I’m right, Trump’s desertion of his own base was unforgivable.

The Democrats were playing from Mayor Richard Daley’s old Chicago playbook of waiting to see what the legitimate vote was, and then manufacturing enough fraudulent votes to “win” the election.

But these mopes had operations in multiple states—Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Georgia, etc.

“Count every vote!”  

That’s what Democrats said in 2000, after their candidate, Al Gore, lost the pivotal Florida vote by approximately 5,000 votes.

Gore then held the nation hostage for 37 days, while Democrat operatives “recounted” the votes, over and over again, until they had managed to cut George W. Bush’s lead to 537 votes. They planned on “recounting” until they fabricated yet another 538 votes, and then would declare Gore the victor.

A mathematician noted that the odds against all the changed votes going in the Gore column were 500 million-to-one.

Democrats got the Florida Supreme Court to violate state election law, in order to keep the recount going beyond the legal deadline.

They then tried to get the U.S. Supreme Court to keep the fraud going. After the high court ruled twice in Bush’s favor, Democrats shouted, “Bush wasn’t elected, he was selected!”

In 2004, the Democrats had an election-steal put together in Ohio, but Democrat candidate John Kerry threw in the towel. The election theft conspiracy was exposed by, of all people, New York Times reporter Jodi Wilgoren.

In 2008, Republican nominee John McCain, whom I then dubbed “(Media-AZ),” threw the election. Shortly before the 2016 election, a longtime Arizona Republican Party poobah explained McCain to me: He was never a Republican. The old Republican recalled that when McCain had told a Republican Arizona politician that he planned to go into politics, the pol told him, “Then you’re going to have change parties.” And so, John McCain, Democrat, officially became John McCain, Republican, though never in his heart.

In 2012, the Republican nominee was Mitt Romney, whom I dubbed “the Invertebrate,” who might as well have been McCain.

In 2016, Democrats failed to take Donald Trump seriously, and Hillary Clinton was too ill to campaign vigorously in key Rust-Belt states. And so, Donald Trump won in the biggest upset in American presidential history.

On Election Day 2018, 23 congressional seats (out of 435) switched from Republican to Democrat, giving the Democrats the majority. But in the days after the election, yet another 17 seats that were Republican at the end of Election Day magically also switched to Democrat.

There is no innocent explanation for such a post-Election Day change, yet Trump and the Republicans did nothing.

On Election Day 2020, Texas and Florida were each able to count over 11 million votes in a few hours, but Pennsylvania needs four days to count 6.6 million? And at least 13 days after Election Day, TV “reporters” were still telling us with a straight face that some states were still “counting votes.” Some House votes still had not been decided, 27 days after Election Day.

In 2012, the New York Times published an article emphasizing how prone to vote fraud mail-in voting is. Now, the Times has amnesia, and massive vote-by-mail is wonderful!

Third-world countries, like my wife’s native Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, have election security that puts America’s to shame. You have to show up on Election Day at a polling place, show a national photo ID and, when you vote, a poll worker inks your hand, so that you can’t vote twice.

Any time Republicans argue for improving voter security, Democrats and their media scream, “racism!” “voter suppression!,” and the Republicans run away with their tails between their legs.

· Suppression polls: Phony polls (as in 2016) showed battleground states going overwhelmingly for Biden, to discourage Trump supporters from voting—e.g., claiming that Biden had insurmountable leads (17 points in Wisconsin) in states Trump had to win; and

· Baseless claims that 74% of mail-in votes would be Democrat, priming Republican voters to accept it, when fraudulent Biden votes manufactured after Election Day overcame huge Trump leads from votes cast on Election Day.

Meanwhile, the Democrat media suppressed:

· News of deliveries in the dead of night of hundreds of thousands of Biden votes;

· Officially ceasing to count votes for hours in the dead of night;

· Keeping election observers out of vote-counting facilities, or forcing them so far away from vote-counters that there was nothing they could observe;

· The knowledge that tens of millions of votes were illegal, “spoiled” ballots, which have been counted in spite of their signatures not having been authenticated, and/or their lacking post stamps, and/or their not having arrived by Election Day, due to state election laws having been unconstitutionally thrown out by the courts, and/or state election officials. (As per the U.S. Constitution, only state legislatures or Congress may change election laws.);

· A U.S. Postal Service worker’s affidavit, in which he testified to being ordered to backdate late mail-in ballots, etc.

· Reverse “coattails”: Whenever the presidential candidate gets powerful support, weak candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives ride his “coattails” to victory, but this year the opposite happened. It was the “loser” Trump, whose coattails Republicans rode to victory.

There is no “lesson” to be gleaned from this year’s steal, so as to “do things right” the next time.

Brain-dead, cowardly Republicans have celebrated Trump’s success at increasing GOP support among blacks and Hispanics, as if that were more important than winning.

The Democrat-dominated media have responded to President Trump’s charges the same way they have responded to everything he has said since 2016, calling them “baseless,” “without evidence,” or ignoring them, and acting as if the President were merely throwing tantrums.

Lavishly funded, prestigious Democrat fake news site fivethirtyeight, has maintained that “Americans Were Primed To Believe The Current Onslaught Of Disinformation.”

fivethirtyeight fake news operative Kaleigh Rogers ignored all evidence of voter fraud, and relied on “experts,” such as Kent State University professor Mark Whitmore:

“Priming is where an external source, a sender of information, is trying to prime people to think a certain way.”

In “priming,” someone “tries to prime people”?!

What sort of an “expert” gives a circular definition of his central idea? What sort of reporter relies on such an “expert”?

Even if Whitmore hadn’t defined “priming” in circular terms, how could he imply that the media were controlled by Republicans?

fivethirtyeight also relied on another lavishly funded, Democrat fake news site, Buzzfeed News, the outfit which had foisted the phony Steele Dossier on the public in 2016, after even the New York Times had passed on it. Said dossier was the basis for the Russia Hoax, which Democrat Party media have desperately clung to ever since.

After four years of Democrat media asserting the conspiracy theory, whereby the Russians had stolen the 2016 election for Trump, and now with massive mail-in voting (tens of millions of votes), which guaranteed massive election fraud, they incredibly assert that this was a flawlessly conducted election.

The best source for push-back against Democrats and Never-Trumpers, is the conservative Webzine, The Epoch Times, which supported attorney Sidney Powell, whom President Trump foolishly cut loose from his legal team. Powell maintained that machines tabulating millions of votes electronically changed Trump votes to Biden votes, but the courts threw out all of her lawsuits.

Another bold, new outlet is the Dissident Right Webzine Revolver News, which proclaimed immediately after Election Day, “The Steal Is On. What Republicans Must Do Next To Guarantee Victory,” and in the following day’s sequel, “The Vote Has Been Hopelessly Contaminated. Republican State Legislatures Must Now Move to Appoint Pro-Trump Electors.”

(Republican state leaders proved insufficiently ruthless.)

The Democrats and Republican Never-Trumpers figured that they would force all Trump voters to unconditionally surrender within days, but it didn’t work out that way.

They went so far as to issue death threats to two Michigan election canvassers' families, so as to “persuade” them to certify the state for Biden. (And the threats worked!) And on December 9, Youtube, which is owned by Google, began deleting videos that challenge the official election results.

Texas sued to have the election results of battleground states Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin thrown out, with six more states—Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Utah joining, and 106 Republican House members supporting its suit. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), the conservative senator, whose libertarian Harvard Law School professor, Alan Dershowitz, said Cruz was his most brilliant student, and whose name has been suggested as Supreme Court timber, agreed to defend the suit before the “Supremes.”

All for naught, as on the night of December 11, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case with all of President Trump’s justices ruling against him.

Fake sports records, fake crime stats, fake elections. We’re a nation of asterisks.

Until now, America had been a beacon unto the nations, but some of us were aware that America is a failed state.

The question is, What, if anything, can be salvaged?


Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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