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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  November 15, 2019
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How Elizabeth Warren Can Still Win It All!

The MSM has been engaging in some furious pollaganda of late. Their goal has apparently been to eliminate the normal white guys left, first Joe Biden and then Bernie Sanders.

But it hasn’t been as easy as Communist, er, Democrat officials had expected.

“Pollsters” periodically puff up the numbers of Pete Buttigieg, the openly gay South Bend mayor with negligible support among Democrats, and virtually none among blacks, who (Al Sharpton notwithstanding) rabidly hate homosexuals, and constitute app. 25% of black Democrat voters.

The MSM will periodically cite a poll in which Butt allegedly gets the support of 15% of likely Democrat voters, but then he drops down to 6%, before rebounding to 15% or higher.

This man has no wellspring of supporters. His entire campaign is, ‘Vote for me, I’m gay!’ At present, the numbers of voters who will do that are negligible.

My hunch is that “pollsters” keep bringing him up in conversations with Democrat voters.

The “pollsters” want to get rid of those old, normal, white men, but apparently, the Democrat base isn’t ready to do so.

My hunch is that Democrats feel like they must have a black on the ticket. In 2016, when there was no black candidate, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine lost an election whom Communist pollsters had all but guaranteed they'd win.

Blacks simply will not flock to the polls to vote even once for an all-white ticket, let alone vote early and often, the way they will for a ticket that is at least partially black.

If Elizabeth Warren wins the Party’s presidential nomination, that would leave her wit the option of picking part-black Sen. Kamala Harris as her running mate. Granted, Harris is not only a vicious racist (notwithstanding her marriage to a white man), but dumb as my big toe, as The Boss would say.

But an all-female ticket is a suicide mission.

Can’t be all-female, must have a black. By the process of elimination, that leaves homosexual, part-black, New Jersey Sen. Corey Booker.

That Booker is gay is no big deal. Although he was never romantically associated with any females, actress Rosario Dawson was either recruited, or volunteered to be his “beard.”

We’ve already had no fewer than two homosexual presidents, James Buchanan and the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama.”

Booker, like Harris, is dumber than a box of rocks. A few weeks ago, he launched a three-to-five-minute tirade against the President on MSNBC that made no sense whatsoever.

Yes, I know that he was a Rhodes Scholar. So much the worse for the Rhodes Scholar program. Booker must have gotten the scholarship because he’s part black.

Another imbecile that had been a Rhodes Scholar was white retired NBA star and later New Jersey senator Bill Bradley (ZANU-PF). When Bradley ran for president in 2000, he said “We need[ed] new ideas,” but he didn’t have any.

Bradley was even less articulate than Booker, but was a much more talented athlete. (Booker played wideout for Stanford.)

Booker’s stupidity will not affect his viability as vice-presidential timber. DNC staffers will script his every public utterance.

However, all of these considerations could be mooted. If the Communists, er, Democrats stuff the ballot box all over the country the way they did in 2018, it won’t matter who’s on the ticket, and they can sweep all 50 states.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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