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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  June 27, 2019
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Why Would a Jew Defend a Nazi?

The Leftwing and Rightwing MSM immediately crafted a Fake News narrative about the fatal Unite the Right rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017. That Fake News narrative was used to railroad James Alex Fields Jr. for other people's crimes. A free people must demand truth and justice.

You know the old lawyer’s saying? “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

Well, in the instance of James Alex Fields Jr., that old chestnut may just not hold. Considering the defense, or lack thereof Fields got from his court-appointed attorneys, he might as well have defended himself.

“Nazi!” “Hitler!” “Guilty!”

Those three words encapsulate the arrest, prosecution, and state and federal convictions of James Alex Fields Jr. for murder and other charges in the August 12, 2017 death of racist counter-demonstrator Heather Heyer, at the Unite the Right demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia.

There were two clean, proper, pseudo-legal lynchings.

On December 7, 2018, Fields was convicted of First-Degree Murder, “five counts of aggravated malicious wounding, three counts of malicious wounding and a count of leaving the scene of an accident,” and sentenced to life plus 419 years, and that was just for starters. [Neo-Nazi James Fields gets life in prison, plus 419 years, for killing protester at Charlottesville rally by Tamar Lapin, New York Post, December 11, 2018.]

On March 27, 2019, Fields pleaded guilty in federal court to 29 out of 30 unconstitutional hate crime charges. Sometime this summer, he will be sentenced, presumably to life again, since the point of the deal was to avoid the death penalty. [Avowed neo-Nazi pleads guilty to federal hate crime charges for deadly car attack in Charlottesville by Justin Jouvenal and Paul Duggan, Chicago Tribune-Washington Post, March 27, 2019.]

Bizarro “reporting from the New York Times.

“The jury, which heard testimony in a case in which hate and racism were as much on trial as Mr. Fields…” [The New York Times, in a version since sent down the memory hole. James Fields convicted of first-degree murder in the death of Heather Heyer by John Sexton, Twitchy, December 7, 2018.]

More bizarro “reporting” from the Times:

“Sixteen months after swastika-toting white supremacists swarmed the streets of Charlottesville, one of the demonstrators was convicted of first-degree murder… [The only marcher carrying a Nazi flag appears to have been a ringer, whom no white nationalists have been able to identify.]

“The attack, in which Mr. Fields sped down a narrow street teeming with counterprotesters…

“The defense called Dwayne Dixon, an anti-racism activist, to testify, and he acknowledged shouting at a gray car while he had an AR-15 rifle slung over his shoulder.

“But video footage from that day showed Mr. Fields’s car idling and then backing up before it plowed ahead into the crowd.

All of the leftwing media showed repeated photos of the same lone ringer with a Nazi flag at the Unite the Right rally. No white nationalists could ID this guy. By contrast, Confederate Battle Flags abounded.

Let there be no mistake: James Alex Fields Jr. is a Nazi.

As a Jew and an American, why should I even care about the fate of a neo-Nazi?

For the answer to my question, read the rest of my VDARE investigative report here.

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Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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