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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  January 6, 2018
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Guardian Holocaust Denier/Supporter Les Carpenter Has Won the Duranty-Blair Award for Journalistic Infamy for Lying about, and Covering Up the Ongoing Genocide Against South African Whites, While with Yahoo

Perhaps the slogan, "Never Again!" should be replaced with, "Again, and Again, and Again!"

Racial socialist media operative Les Carpenter surely hates Holocaust deniers. And yet he is one himself.

In 2010, Carpenter went to South Africa for the World Cup, but he wasn’t interested in sports. He never is. Carpenter is one of those racial socialist media operatives who use “sports” in order to vilify whites, and support genocidal racists who wish to annihilate the white race.

Thus, instead of exposing the ongoing South African Holocaust, in which black South Africans had already slaughtered some 3,000 white farmers, and some 30,000 whites overall—often after gang-raping and torturing them, e.g., by pouring boiling water on them, including 80-year-old women—he lied, in denying that any such thing was happening.

“In more rural areas, a panic has risen about what locals call ‘farm killings’ in which young blacks have murdered a few Afrikaner farmers. The most notable was the killing of white supremacist Eugene TerreBlanche… So, you see, there had only been a “few” murders of white farmers, and they were white supremacists who had it coming, anyway.
A “few” means three, not three thousand.

Carpenter’s current hero is black supremacist supporter of black cop-killers, Colin Kaepernick.

I’m reprinting what I wrote about Carpenter in 2015, when he lied about the ongoing Holocaust of white South Africans, while at the same time vilifying those whites seeking to survive and even thrive, as if they were somehow obligated to invite their mortal enemies into their midst, and to pauperize themselves sharing what little wealth they’d been able to create for themselves with murderous, black deadbeats.

Another Walter Duranty? White, Western “Reporter” Goes to South Africa, Lies About the Black-on-White Slaughter, and Instead Vilifies the Victims!
June 25, 2015

Yahoo! Sports “reporter” Les Carpenter hates white South Africans with a genocidal passion. (Actually, it looks like he hates whites in general.)

This hatred spills out in this article, despite his attempts to hide it.

Five years ago, Carpenter went to South Africa to attend the World Cup, the soccer championship during which black stadium crowds made foreign players and fans alike miserable by blasting the ear-splitting, plastic noisemaker called the vuvuzela. None of the niceties were observed or enforced. Apologists for black supremacism claimed that the black South Africans were in their own home, and could act as they wished. Those same apologists routinely turn around and say that whites must submit to foreigners and other races in their own homes.

Carpenter had an opportunity to shine a light on the ongoing South African Holocaust, and contribute to saving lives. Instead, he acted as a latter-day Walter Duranty, lying about it, diminishing it to nothing, and vilifying its victims as racists who are holding back progress.

You come because there have been stories…. And you hear of a place that wants none of that [“peace and togetherness.”] A place where white and black can’t live side-by-side in the rainbow nation.

And you wonder why such a place should exist at all.

And yes, it is true. In a country 80 percent black, there is a town that has made itself 100 percent white….

Mostly Orania taps into white fear…. In more rural areas, a panic has risen about what locals call “farm killings” in which young blacks have murdered a few Afrikaner farmers. The most notable was the killing of white supremacist Eugene TerreBlanche…

So, you see, there had only been a “few” murders of white farmers, and they were white supremacists who had it coming, anyway.

At that point, blacks had murdered approximately 3,000 white farmers, often after gang-raping and torturing them for hours, e.g., by pouring boiling water on them, and more than ten times as many white non-farmers.

For Carpenter, the only good white is a dead white, or one who has given whatever he has to blacks.

Sometimes articles' texts and the titles editors give them conflict, but not in this case. "Orania, South Africa: Where apartheid lives on" means that Orania must be wiped out, just as white-run apartheid was. Carpenter understands full well that places like Orania are South African whites' last line of defense against genocide. Les Carpenter and his editor thus leave no doubt that they support the South African Holocaust.

“Orania, a village five hours from Johannesburg, is a one hundred percent white town in an eighty percent black nation.

“You come because there have been stories. Because around the World Cup the talk has been about peace and togetherness and the vanquishing of old racial wounds in the hope that the world’s arrival might stimulate new solutions. And you hear of a place that wants none of that. A place where white and black can’t live side-by-side in the rainbow nation. A place settled by the old South Africa who couldn’t cope with the new South Africa.

“And you wonder why such a place should exist at all.” [“Orania, South Africa: Where apartheid lives on, by Les Carpenter, Yahoo! Sports, June 15, 2010.]

[Les Carpenter clearly believes that the whites of Orania have no right to exist.]

Once the Afrikaners controlled South Africa, often brutally; this, despite the fact they were a white minority in a country that is predominantly black. [Carpenter’s implication was that the blacks ruling the world’s murder and rape capital since 1994 were gentle.] In the 1940s, they invented apartheid as an official form of segregation and ran the country almost as a dictatorship until black uprisings and the world’s scorn broke that rule. When Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990, it was only a matter of time before Afrikaner rule was over.

[Mandela was a terrorist, a murderous bomber who should have been executed. He devoted his twilight years of encouraging the genocide against South African whites, traveling the country, and leading young blacks in singing his favorite song, “Kill the Boer!”

How could Les Carpenter have neglected to mention that?]

Mostly Orania taps into white fear….

“Very few people coming here are not affected by crime,” Carel (IV) says. “They have been robbed or hijacked or something. It affects their mindsets.”

South Africa is quickly becoming a failed state, Carel (IV) says. Any thought the World Cup is going to bring unity and help people confront two decades of growing pains is ridiculous, he says. The country’s future, with what he calls “corruption” in the mostly black African National Congress, is bleak.

“There’s no reason a country as diverse as South Africa should be united and together,” he says.

The best plan, he adds, is to “stand out of the tension.”

And yet that is the misfortune of Orania, this fact it wants to step back from the fight to build South Africa. It is a beautiful town with imaginative people, like Carel (IV)’s nephew, also named Carel who is a student in Pretoria, who loves the idea of the World Cup and yet dreams of returning to Orania.

“We’re building something for ourselves here,” he says.

But why? Why not for the country? Why hide a spectacular hotel and a spa on the edge of the river and not share it with the rest of South Africa?...

On the drive back to Johannesburg and the World Cup that has come to be about unity, it was so easy to see….

The sadness as night fell and an autumn storm rumbled across the savannah was that Orania could not."

The Duranty-Blair Award recognizes those journalists whose work embodies the spirit of Walter Duranty and Jayson Blair, two of the most notorious “journalists” in the history of the Fourth Estate. It is no accident that both men worked for the New York Times.

Walter Duranty wrote a series of early 1930s dispatches from the Soviet Union, where he was Times Moscow bureau chief, in which he lied about the Ukrainian Holocaust, in which Stalin deliberately starved millions of Kulaks (farmers) to death, through a man-made famine. Instead of reporting the truth, Duranty reported that the peasants were happy and well-fed, and was rewarded for his lies with a Pulitzer Prize.

Jayson Blair (here, here, and here) was an early 2000s black affirmative action hire, who alternately plagiarized reporters at other newspapers, and fabricated articles out of whole cloth, all for stories set hundreds and even thousands of miles away, while he sat in New York City cafés.

New York Times operatives who are Duranty-Blair laureates are Farhad Manjoo and Francis X. Clines.

Previous Duranty-Blair winners are:

CBS News producer Mary Mapes in 2004;

Seven reporters and editors at the New Orleans Times-Picayune in 2006;

ABC News reporter Brian Ross in 2012;

Peter Berger (not the brilliant sociologist), of The American Interest, in 2013;

Associated Press operative Tom Hays, in 2014;

New York Times operative Farhad Manjoo in September, 2016;

CNN’s Symone Sanders (2), Don Lemon, and Kate Bolduan (2), in November 2016;

New York Times Propaganda Officer Francis X. Clines in March 2017;

CNN Activist Jim Sciutto, in May 2017;

Associated Press “Reporter” Duncan Mansfield (posthumous), in September 2017;

CBS Sports operative Jack Maloney, Chairman Sean McManus, and President David Berson, in October 2017;

Associated Press operative Julie Pace, in October 2017;

Associated Press Executive Editor Sally Buzbee and Managing Editor Brian Carovillano, in November 2017;

New York Times Operatives Richard Fausset (Alleged Reporter), Executive Editor Dean Baquet, and Managing Editor Joseph Kahn,” in December 2017; and

Foreign Policy’s Max Boot, Jonathan Tepperman, and Ben Pauker, in January 2018.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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