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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  September 29, 2017
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ABC’s WJLA and Washington, D.C. and American University Police Hate a White Man, and so They Have Conjured Up a Non-Existent “Crime,” in Order to Railroad Him

America is no longer a nation of laws, but rather a nation of men. Some men must obey both the actual laws, as well as non-existent ones, while others recognize no laws.

“New video has D.C. residents convinced AU flyer suspect also targeted them.”

The above-linked thing refers repeatedly to a “suspect,” who is “targeting” people, and quotes neighbors and a politician as speaking of “hate speech.” However, there is no legal category of “hate speech,” and the thing, by propaganda operative Mike Carter-Conneen, does not cite any crime that the white man whom WJLA and the Washington, D.C. and American University police are terrorizing and seeking to railroad, has committed. He is not a “suspect,” and he is not “targeting” anyone (that’s something rapists and robbers do); rather, he is a white man whom they hate and seek to destroy, the law be damned.

The “suspect’s” flyer informs people about the murder of Kate Steinle, allegedly by an illegal alien who had been deported five times, and says, “This is why you got Trump.” He also distributed a second flyer, but WJLA didn't even have the decency to tell us what it said, instead insinuating that the man is some kind of Nazi.

If the man’s flyer is a “crime,” then so is voting for Donald Trump.

My VDARE Editor-Publisher, Peter Brimelow, observed to me a few days ago, how the authorities and the media are seeking to smuggle the unconstitutional notion of criminal “hate speech” into the law, the First Amendment be damned. This is yet another instance of that.

Indeed, I wrote a VDARE exposé in 2010 of a criminal conspiracy carried out by the University of Missouri/Columbia, in which the university and local law enforcement persecuted and convicted two young white men students who had engaged in protected, symbolic speech, of non-existent crimes. I called the victims, “the Mizzou Two.”

In 2012, I wrote an exposé of a rogue NYPD official, Deputy Inspector Michael Osgood. Osgood also hunted after a white man whose “crime” was anonymously complaining about horrific, violent black student racists in a public school (P.S. 225, since re-branded P.S. 317, to hide the connection) in Queens, who had targeted him 20 years earlier, racist, black students who—aided and abetted by racist, black staffers—were brutalizing white children and their parents in the present. Michael Osgood’s “punishment” for his criminal misconduct? A promotion to deputy chief.

The same media who lie, in inventing non-existent, First Amendment rights for black supremacist NFL players to demonstrate in private, NFL workplaces in support of racist, black, would-be cop-killers, also lie, in seeking to criminalize the exercise, by white citizens, of their First Amendment rights.

That’s life under Jim Snow. 

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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Biography - Nicholas Stix

Award-winning, New York-based freelancer Nicholas Stix founded A Different Drummer magazine (1989-93). Stix has written for Die Suedwest Presse, New York Daily News, New York Post, Newsday, Middle American News, Toogood Reports, Insight, Chronicles, the American Enterprise, Campus Reports, VDARE, the Weekly Standard, Front Page Magazine, Ideas on Liberty, National Review Online and the Illinois Leader. His column also appears at Men's News Daily, MichNews, Intellectual Conservative, Enter Stage Right and OpinioNet. Stix has studied at colleges and universities on two continents, and earned a couple of sheepskins, but he asks that the reader not hold that against him. His day jobs have included washing pots, building Daimler-Benzes on the assembly-line, tackling shoplifters and teaching college, but his favorite job was changing his son's diapers.

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