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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  June 7, 2017
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Reality Sucks: Was the NSA Intel Report that Federal Contractor Reality Leigh Winner, 25, Feloniously Leaked, in Order to Help Destroy the Trump Presidency, Fraudulent, and Part of an Elaborate Sting?

The loser Winner, who has reportedly confessed to the leak, is in federal custody.

I suspect that the report she leaked was as fake as “Obama’s” Russia Game, and the “news” that has supported it. Here’s why.

The MSM and their intelligence agency co-conspirators initially spoke of the Russians “hacking the election.” When critics pointed out that because voting machines are not online, it is impossible to hack elections here, those peddling the “Russians hacked the election” fairy tale, switched to saying that the phrase meant that the Russians had hacked the emails of the DNC and Clinton henchman John Podesta, and sent the material to Wikileaks.

They re-branded their hoax, the way “global warming hoaxers,” once they got caught, re-branded their hoax as “climate change.”

No matter how many times Wikileaks founder Julian Assange insisted that “no state actor” had fed him the DNC/Podesta emails, the DPUSA media operatives stayed on message.

This NSA version revives the “Russians hacked the election” fairy tale, by switching the “hacking” to voter rolls, asserting that the Russians could have altered the rolls. But that assertion requires more false support, and brings us back to the re-branding issue.

The new “the Russians hacked the voter rolls” presupposes that the rolls are online. But that isn’t true. Thus, you can’t infect the voter rolls via “spear phishing” email sent to a voting official.

The new story also similarly presupposes that voter rolls and voting security are at a level of sophistication that doesn’t exist in this country.

According to the NSA report, the Russians did or could have removed names from voter rolls, thereby necessitating that a voter cast a provisional ballot that would have to be verified.

I vote every year. The voter book appears to simply have been photocopied from the cards on file for my election district—ancient, pre-PC technology.

As for some people having to cast provisional ballots, that happens all the time, and I’m not aware of it ever having affected the outcome of an election.

The new NSA story presupposes that there is such a thing as voter security in America, which the purported “cyber attack” would sabotage. But there is no voter security in America. Thus, I suspect that Reality Leigh Winner may have unwittingly been the dupe of a scheme that she took seriously.

The re-branding issue: If the “hacking the election” was about tampering with voter rolls, how come we never heard that earlier? If this story were legit, we would have heard it from the get-go. Instead, we got one fake news MSM story after another, but all using the phrase “hacking the election.” It sounds to me as if the seditious conspirators in the media and intel agencies settled on an advertising jingle, and then cast about after products to sell it with.

There are at least three possibilities regarding such a scheme:

• A false NSA report was cooked up, in order to save “Obama’s” Russia Game, which was designed to topple the Trump presidency;

• A false NSA report was cooked up, in order to save the Trump presidency, by luring lone wolf actors and/or conspirators into committing sedition by leaking it, in order to catch leakers, and deter others who might be tempted to leak classified, federal documents; or,

• I’m completely wrong, it is possible to access voter roll systems via “spear fishing” emails, and the Russians really were “hacking the election,” in which case Julian Assange was also completely wrong, or lying.

So, before you scoff at me, take a cool, hard look at how high the ante is.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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