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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  February 28, 2017
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Is President Trump Planning on Committing Political Suicide Tonight? His “Mainstream” Media Enemies Sure Hope so!

The leftwing MSM claim that President Trump plans on throwing his base under the bus,

On CNN this afternoon, “reporter” Jim Acosta spoke of a possible “reset” in Trump’s speech tonight, for an administration less than six weeks in office. In other words, Acosta and his comrades are hoping to get Trump to throw his base overboard, and renege on all of his major promises, like patriotic immigration reform and building a border wall.

At the same time, the racist Left MSM are lying, saying (pardon the redundancy) that even “most Trump supporters” want amnesty for illegal aliens, and they have the fake polls, to prove it!

Robert Lehrman, a former speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore, was interviewed by the DPUSA front group’s operative, Brianna Keilar, this afternoon. Lehrman argued that the President needs to “reach beyond his base” from the primaries, have a “reset,” and asserted that Trump was in the hands of advisor Steve Bannon, and that Trump’s speeches consisted of nothing but “ranting and raving.”

Lehrman claimed that Trump's tough stands on immigration and other policy positions were just for the sake of his base of "500,000 primary voters." That's the sort of thing you say about your opponent in the run-up to the general election. Lehrman's position had already been debunked on November 8, but he was rolling along, like the rest of the DPUSA, ignoring any and all inconvenient facts.

And CNN's Brianna Keilar was rolling right along with him.

Either Lehrman, or another CNN operative spoke of the need for Trump to be more bipartisan. There is also talk of a “compromise bill,” which would mean the same thing.

All that one got from the sit-down with the ancient Lehrman, who merely repeated the same phony talking points that the DPUSA have been repeating for over one year, was that nothing Trump does to be conciliatory will be embraced by the DPUSA. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone. During the Clinton and “Obama” years, “bipartisan” was a code for “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine.”

Eleven years ago, then-Cong. Mike Pence tried, via the “Pence Ploy,” to sneak a mass amnesty for illegal aliens through Congress, claiming it was a “compromise.”

Pence is now Vice President, and has the President’s ear, as does former RNC chairman Reince Priebus, who is currently Trump’s chief of staff. They could show the Chief Executive just how to place a samurai sword, in order to commit hara-kiri.

Meanwhile, Lehrman has been doing the rounds of the media.

“Robert Lehrman, a former speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore and author of ‘The Political Speechwriter’s Companion,’ said Trump needs to reach beyond his base after an extremely narrow electoral victory.

“‘I'd suggest -- I know he would cringe at the idea -- admitting he's made some mistakes,’ he said. ‘People don't think that's a sign of weakness. They would think he's being reasonable -- especially if he did it in a self-deprecating way, which isn't beyond him.’

“According to Lehrman, an adjunct professor at American University, Trump is in ‘deep water’ already, with some in his own party rebelling over his Russia ties and buyer’s remorse from voters who are already unsatisfied with his presidency.” [At WJLA.]

Wait, what “Russia ties”? The “Russia tie” was a DPUSA hoax designed to steal the election from Trump. It was never proven.

When Robert Lehrman speaks now of “Russia ties,” he’s leveraging lies. The DPUSA put that hoax into circulation before the election, and has been squeezing dividends out of it since November 9.

Robert Lehrman may be old as Methuselah, but he still knows how the DPUSA game is played!

The DPUSA tried this gambit at least once during the presidential campaign, seeking to bully Trump into surrendering on immigration, so that his base would desert him, and Hillary Clinton could win a landslide victory. Instead, candidate Trump shocked his media enemies by doubling down on patriotic immigration reform. If he wants to be a two-term success, and not a one-term failure, he’d better give a repeat performance.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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