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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  February 19, 2017
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The Glibertarian vs. the Hero: Law Professor Richard Epstein Supports Putsch Against the President, and Calls on President Trump to Resign; I Call on Epstein to Resign!

[Re: “Glibertarian Law Professor Richard Epstein Calls on President Trump to Resign!”]

On February 13, law professor Richard Epstein called on President Trump to resign. Epstein asserts that,

The nearly four weeks since President Donald Trump’s inauguration have been the most divisive period of American politics since the end of the Second World War. The sharp lines that everyone is drawing in the sand pose a serious threat to the United States. On the one side stand many conservatives and populists who are rejoicing in the Trump victory as the salvation of a nation in decline. On other side sit the committed progressives who are still smarting from an election in which they were trounced in the electoral college, even as Hillary Clinton garnered a clear majority of the popular vote.

[Epstein neglected to mention the Republican Never-Trumpers, to whom he seems to belong.] As a classical liberal who did not vote for either candidate, I stand in opposition to both groups. And after assessing Trump’s performance during the first month of his presidency, I think it is clear that he ought to resign.

Richard Epstein identifies himself as a “classical liberal.” If only.

Epstein is what I call a glibertarian. He adopts some libertarian (aka classical liberal) positions, while opposing others, based on political correctness.

Race is central to what is wrong, cowardly, and vicious about Epstein.

A true classical liberal/libertarian (CL/L) would be adamantly opposed to all civil rights laws. CL/Ls demand a minimalist state; civil rights laws create a totalitarian state. Epstein supports civil rights laws. I believe that he does this out of the same sort of cowardice that has Ron and Rand Paul claim to be libertarians, while sucking up to black supremacists, even though Epstein has enjoyed lifetime tenure for most of his adult life!

In a similar vein, unconstitutional and illegal affirmative action costs productive citizens (almost all of whom are white) between $700 billion and $1 trillion per year, but you won’t hear Epstein or the Pauls call for its abolition.

The same political correctness has Epstein call on President Trump to resign, while never, to my knowledge having called on his predecessor, the most racist, criminal, and vicious president in American history, to resign. The reason: Again, racial cowardice.

While Richard Epstein, now 76, spent much of his career as a law professor at the University of Chicago Law School, and presently has a sinecure at NYU Law School, he has never taught at the University of Mars Law School. Thus, like everyone else on Earth, he knows that the chaos of the first weeks of the Trump Administration is not of the President’s doing, but of those forces who are undertaking a putsch in progress: The DPUSA, including the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,” the leftwing MSM, and seditious moneybags like communist George Soros; some members of the rightwing MSM, e.g., Bill Kristol; the judiciary; the intelligence services (FBI, NSA, etc.); some Never-Trump GOP pols like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and President George W. Bush; and to the degree that they do not belong to the groups cited above, members of the “deep state.”)

The putsch is an extended version of the conspiracies that sought to deny the President the Republican nomination, and then the White House.

That Epstein refuses to mention the putsch, even though has not just arrived from years of teaching at Mars U., is to me a clear indication that he supports it.

Epstein’s attacks on Trump’s economic positions are classic glibism. He is very loyal to the needs of billionaires to get richer through importing cheap labor, to the point of lying about the benefits of said practice.

“… allowing the United States to create new industries and new jobs.”

Epstein’s economics professor friends have for years lied about this, asserting that open borders policies would create new jobs. The new jobs, unfortunately, have almost all gone to foreigners. (My VDARE colleague, economist Edwin S. Rubenstein, has developed the VDAWDI, the VDARE American Worker Displacement Index, which shows that during the Obama years, American workers were rapidly being displaced, on behalf of foreign workers.)

How does that help America? Epstein’s answer is the same lie that the Open Borders Lobby has pushed for years: The foreigners are superior to Americans!

There are two main types of foreign workers that globalism has given us: unskilled and skilled. Both have displaced American workers.

Almost all unskilled workers have come from south of the border. Most of these are illegals. They steal jobs from American workers, depress wages, and steal billions each year in welfare and EBT payments, Earned Income Tax Credit fraud, health, schooling, and infrastructure costs. Their economic contributions go to themselves, their families abroad via wire transfers, and the rich crooks they work for, who pay them much less than they would have had to pay Americans. The foreigners’ economic “contribution” to America is completely negative.

And they are all criminals! They enter the country illegally. They engage in identity theft. They join murderous gangs. They terrorize huge swaths of the country, and illegal-friendly politicians handcuff the police. And they drive without licenses or insurance.

Meanwhile, unlike the white and Asian immigrants of yore, each generation of these low-IQ, violent people gets worse.

Skilled workers come largely from India, via H-1B abuse by the tech industry. Such companies bring in third-rate Indians, whose education is often unverifiable, to cheat brilliant (overwhelmingly white) Americans, who spent a fortune attending top university STEM programs, out of their education and their jobs. Meanwhile these “brilliant” foreign workers are guilty of saddling most computer systems—Macs and Window-based alike—with buggy software!

Because of the criminality and corruption of the plutocratic globalists whom Richard Epstein champions, most of America’s most brilliant young people, who would have studied and entered STEM fields, must waste their talents and money studying fields like business. Some, who have studied engineering and worked for a time in the field, before being forced to train their Indian replacements, are so desperate to earn a living, that they apply for jobs like installing garage door openers!

Meanwhile, the plutocrats pay the incompetent South Asians 50 cents on the dollar of what they’d have to pay competent, qualified Americans.

By the way, rather than immigration somehow creating new jobs for Americans—already ten years ago, I came across an economist who granted that that talking point was unrealistic, computerization and robotics will be eliminating millions of jobs over the next 5-10 years.

Why would Richard Epstein promote policies that would lead America to a catastrophe of overpopulation, constant terrorism, and economic collapse for most people, while seeking to destroy the only leader America has had since Reagan, who cares about rescuing the country? That’s because Richard Epstein doesn’t give a damn about America. He hates the forgotten men and women whom Trump champions, which is why he hates Trump. Epstein is a class warrior.

Epstein’s criticism of Trump’s Executive Order regarding so-called refugees, which Epstein misrepresented as being about “immigrants,” was nonsense on stilts, as matters of politics and of the law.
Richard Epstein also hates Trump for attacking the corrupt, black-robed caste. In my view, Trump’s attacks on corrupt judges is one of the best things about him. But these are Richard Epstein’s friends and cronies. He went to school with them. And when Epstein goes to a dinner party at his cronies’ homes, the food is cooked, the house cleaned, and the grass cut, by illegal aliens.

“It seems clear that if President Trump went about his job in a statesmanlike manner, the progressive counterattack would surely fail, and a sane Republican party could gain the support of a dominant share of the electorate for at least the next two election cycles, if not more.”

Been there, done that. John McCain and Mitt Romney ran exactly the sort of presidential campaign that Richard Epstein surely approved of, and got trounced. Were all GOP candidates to follow Epstein’s advice, there would never have been another Republican president. Trump won, precisely because he ignored the concern-trolling Epsteins.

As for the notion that if Trump merely refrained from counter-punching, his enemies would give up, such a claim is either the product of complete ignorance, or complete dishonesty. The President’s enemies are leading a putsch against him. Richard Epstein’s response is to jump on the putsch bandwagon, and demand that the President surrender. Clearly Epstein supports the putsch. He’s completely dishonest.

“The personal moral failings of the President include…”

We just got through eight years of the most evil, racist, criminal president in American history, yet I don’t recall Richard Epstein ever calling for Barack Obama’s resignation. But Obama is “black,” and Epstein is a complete coward, when it comes to race.

Donald Trump is a very flawed man, but he is also the most heroic figure to occupy the Oval Office since perhaps Andrew Jackson.

As I told my son, great heroes have great flaws. But men who have nothing of the hero in them, also have great flaws. Given a choice, I’ll take the hero.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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