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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  February 27, 2016
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Suspicions of Anti-Trump GOP Conspiracy so Strong that Even CNN Operative Poppy Harlow Repeatedly Has Suggested It

The GOP Mafiosi keep writing Donald Trump off, and pulling their dirty tricks on him, but he keeps outlasting them. Guy’s got legs.

At Thursday’s debate, Donald Trump’s opponents managed to rattle him. Yesterday, on CNN operative Poppy Harlow’s one of her panel of “expert,” Sandra Rye, claimed this was due to hammering Trump on his finances and claims that “Trump University” was fraudulent.

Nonsense. Trump got rattled, if he was, because he had two rivals flanking him, both attacking him. If you’re in a group setting, and people start tag-teaming you, you’re going to get rattled, or will be accused of being rattled, because you raised your voice in your own defense. The tag team was Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

But repeatedly during the same episode, host Poppy Harlow replayed a moment from the middle of the debate, in which Rubio and Cruz stepped towards each other behind Trump, who looked straight ahead, ignoring them, and shook hands, with one touching the other’s shoulder. Harlow emphasized that this moment did not come at the end of the debate.

Somebody on CNN, I don’t recall who, also pointed out that while Rubio was pounding away at Trump that morning, mocking misspellings in Trump’s tweets against Rubio, and saying “the Republican Party cannot have a con man as its candidate,” Cruz had disappeared. He was saying nothing about the debate.

Meanwhile, if you think a man who as part of the Gang of 8 two years ago called for an amnesty of up to 50 million illegal aliens (which, following the immigration “rule of four,” would have resulted in our being blessed by 200 million low-IQ, high crime, third-world welfare spongers), and now says he’s for border security and denies he ever supported amnesty isn’t a con man, I’ve got a great deal for you on a slightly used bridge.

Anti-Trump forces had been calling for a united face against Trump, saying that people had to drop out, so (open-borders donor candidate) Rubio could beat him. GOP leaders had even had a little conspiratorial meeting in an expensive, D.C. restaurant a few weeks ago, plotting how they could stop Trump, and National Review has called for assassinating him.

Three days ago, the heroic Mitt Romney courageously stood up to Donald Trump, and threatened to wreak havoc with 2016 nomination process and the election. Romney asserted, without any evidence, that there was a "bombshell" in Trump's taxes that would destroy his candidacy. But in 2012, when showing just a little bit of courage against the racist Left, especially against the genocidal racist in the White House, would have won Romney the election, he was a complete and utter coward. That’s why I dubbed Romney “the invertebrate.” But Romney’s not afraid to “stand up” to a man who is willing to fight for the presidency. Is Mitt obituary-shopping with the racist MSM?

Well, it looked like the GOP had its united face. What did Rubio and his donors offer Ted Cruz to pull that tag-team stunt at the debate, and to then go silent the next day? Inquiring minds want to know.

Just a minute there, folks. I said “looked.” Donald Trump likes to brag that he’s a “counter-puncher,” and while many things he says about himself may be empty hyperbole, so far this has held true. Trump counter-punched against Rubio and Cruz, by getting into the gutter with them, both during and since Thursday’s debate, and he counter-punched against the Invertebrate, by securing the endorsement of his old enemy, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

They keep writing Trump off, and pulling their dirty tricks, but he keeps outlasting them. Guy’s got legs.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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