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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  January 7, 2012
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Tawana Brawley Goes to Colombia: Jakadrien Turner wasn’t “Mistakenly” Deported!

Runaway-thief-gang girl Jakadrien Turner, then 14, set in motion a whole chain of events when she was caught shoplifting, and gave police the name of an illegal Colombian alien she knew. Turner played this ruse to the hilt, repeatedly committing identity fraud and perjury, and getting herself deported to Colombia. Now, her mother is crying wolf, and has the support of the NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, and the MSM. But it is the Turners and their supporters who are the wolves, and who plan on feasting on the rest of us.

At 14, Jakadrien Turner was a gang-sign-flashing, compulsively lying, thief and runaway, and now, at 15, she is pregnant. Last April, her lies caused the American citizen’s deportation to Colombia, when the fake name she gave to authorities—Tika Lanay Cortez—was that of an illegal alien who was a fugitive from justice in Colombia, and who was doubtless an acquaintance of Turner’s.

Turner’s “flabbergasted” mother, Johnisa/Johnessa (different media outlets spell her name differently) Turner says, “Something definitely has to change,” but she is not referring to Jakadrien, of whom she says,

“She was a mature girl, but Jakadrien was a good girl. She was responsible, respectful, started going through regular teenage things.”

The media also quoted Jakadrien's maternal grandmother, and spoke of the grandmother and her daughter as a "family," but never mentioned Jakadrien's father or paternal grandfather. I wonder why?

A 14-year-old—Jakadrien’s age when her mother, who hadn’t seen her since, was referring to her—who is a gang-sign-flashing thief, compulsive liar, and runaway, and is screwing around, is many things, but she is definitely not “mature,” “responsible,” “respectful” or “good,” and any community where her conduct is “regular” has to be a hell on earth.

USA Today’s headline, “Runaway Dallas teen mistakenly deported to Colombia,” is deceptive, in implying that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which screws up enough for real that no lies are necessary, is at fault for the miscreant being deported. Based on the reported facts, the responsibility lies entirely with the young criminal. No mistake was made; rather, Turner was deported due solely to her own deception, fraud, and chicanery.

WFAA alleged reporter Rebecca Lopez, instead of asking Jakadrien’s mother to explain her daughter’s conduct, asked her if she was “angry,” to which the trashy mother, of course, answered in the affirmative.

Back in the late 1980s, and for many years thereafter, it was widely believed on the right that the media were “duped” by racist rape hoaxer Tawana Brawley. As I have been arguing for several years, the media were not duped by the Tawana Brawley Hoax; they were collaborators who had been trolling for hoaxes. And they have degenerated to the point where they are presenting Tawana Brawley-type black hoaxers as perfectly normal.

Jakadrien Turner ran away from home in November, 2010. Given her mother’s attitudes, it probably wasn’t much of a home, in the first place. When the daughter was caught shoplifting, she gave a false name, which turned out to be the name of a fugitive wanted by the Colombian police. So, she was turned over to ICE, and appointed a lawyer, at (overwhelmingly white) taxpayers’ expense.

I learned about this case from my colleague, Federale. “Federale” is the pen name of a federal immigration officer, and thus he was able to detail the layers of legal bureaucracy that Tawana, er, Jakadrien, would have gone through, at great taxpayer expense, at which time she would have had to repeat her lies again and again and again.

At some point, someone must have complimented her on her excellent English skills. Did she perhaps respond, “Thank you, I’ve lived here for many years”?

Delving into such questions is Journalism 101, in what should have been a juicy crime story. Instead, the MSM are presenting this as a civil rights story about a black female victim of federal governmental injustice, and are presenting the wayward mother and her racist, black political allies as demanding reform (read: money, power, and corruption), where the only thing wrong is the behavior of the hoaxer, the black leaders… and the media.

It makes you wonder: Is “civil rights story” a euphmemism for race hoax?

If this country were led by decent, sensible people, the feds would sue Johnisa/Johnessa Turner for every cent that her daughter has cost the taxpayers, and prosecute Jakadrien for identity theft and perjury, and incarcerate her in reform school. Instead, the taxpayers are in danger of being taken to the cleaners yet again by the Turners.

People expect the worst of people with names like Jakadrien, and they are rarely disappointed.

Likewise, people expect the worst of the MSM, and they are also rarely disappointed.

Postscript: Jakadrien Turner has been returned to America, which means that she and her “family” now pose a threat to the entire country.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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