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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  October 13, 2011
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Under the Regime of Diversity, Qualifications May Play No Role in Hiring Decisions

Fresno Bee reporter Pablo Lopez has called whether qualifications should play any role in hiring decisions a “sticky question.” And he's probably considered a reactionary by his colleagues at the Bee.

The job in question was a supervisory position in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, tracking paroled pedophiles via a GPS system. State parole agent Philip Andrew Mounts, who is white, and was highly qualified for the job, sued when he was passed over, in favor of an unqualified black man, Ronnie Sims.

According to Pedro Lopez’ August 27 account, of three candidates who were interviewed for the job, the only one who was unqualified was Ronnie Sims, the black man who eventually got the job. According to someone Lopez spoke to, whose identity Lopez leaves unclear, the top candidate was John Hagler. Hagler is also white.

Sims shouldn’t even have gotten an interview. We know that he got the interview solely because he was black, because he was unqualified, and because the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s black second-in-command, Judy Harris, got caught lying, after having previously denied knowing Sims’ race in advance.

[Mounts] was assigned to the Fresno parole unit that supervised high-risk sex offenders in 2001. Four years later he was one of two parole officers in the state selected to learn how to use the GPS system on high-risk sex offenders, English said. He then trained other officers to use the system, she said.

Meantime, Sims was in units that supervised parolees such as gang members, drug offenders and other criminals. He didn't receive the training to track high-risk sex offenders until he was promoted to supervisor of the unit in 2008, English said.

The assertion by the lawyer representing the state agency, assistant attorney general Connie Broussard (Proctor), that plaintiff Philip Andrew Mounts was just sore because “a black man was promoted above him,” was an ad hominem attack, screamingly stupid, and racist to the bone, whatever her race may be. (But if she isn’t a racist-to-the-bone black woman, she’s doing a heck of an imitation of one.)

Note that before she was appointed an assistant attorney general, Connie Broussard Proctor’s glorious legal career consisted of representing drivers who’d received speeding tickets, or who had been arrested for drunk driving in traffic court.

How does one jump from hustling cases in traffic court, to an assistant attorney general’s gig? One would expect an attorney named to such a powerful position to have ample experience arguing before the California Supreme Court.

In any event, the rationale that Connie Broussard Proctor gave for the hiring of Ronnie Sims to a high-level position was based on his being “friendly” and his “community work.” Those sound like qualifications for being a Wal-Mart greeter, but hardly count toward a supervisory position tracking convicted pedophiles. Sims’ qualifications involved gangs and drug offenders, but this job had nothing to do with them.

According to Lopez, the best qualified candidate was Hagler. The only other qualified candidate was Mounts. Sims was only tendered an interview because Judy Harris is a racist black woman who was rigging the whole process.

Broussard Proctor gave away that Sims was hired based solely on the color of his skin, when she said, “Being race conscious is not racism.”

In the early years of affirmative action, from the mid-1960s-mid-1970s, its proponents claimed that it entailed taking cases in which black and white candidates for jobs or college admissions had equal qualifications, and giving the black candidate a tie-breaker.

The reality, as San Francisco State political scientist and former CSU San Jose president John Bunzel and others later reported, was that woefully unqualified black candidates were being advantaged, at the cost of highly qualified whites. (See also my report, “The Real World of Affirmative Action.”)

Unfortunately, Philip Andrew Mounts lost his court case.

The notion that “diversity” (race, ethnicity, sex, etc.) should “trump” qualifications is why the Third World is the way it is, and why America is fast becoming a Third World nation. “Diversity” is why South Africa and Zimbabwe have gone from wealthy countries and the bread baskets of Southern Africa to basket cases.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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