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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  September 11, 2011
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Was Mohamed Dawod, “of Glendale, AZ,” Celebrating the Anniversary of 9/11, When He “Allegedly” Murdered Ohioan Justin M. Hall by Shooting Him in the Back in a Springfield, MO Bus Depot? Springfield PD, FBI Order Public Not to Connect the Dots, or State the Obvious

Will someone please tell me what happened 10 years ago today, and why we commemorate it? And will someone please tell me, 10 years after 9/11, why we are paying for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies whose primary mission appears to be to run interference for people who seek to murder us, and who make it their business to disarm, confuse, harass, sexually fondle, and even arrest patriotic Americans who demonstrate sound instincts and judgment?

Springfield PD spokesman: “We’ve run into a language barrier,” and “This is going to be an isolated incident.”

How do we know that “This is going to be an isolated incident”? That sounds like a pretty reckless assumption to me.

Springfield, Missouri, police expect the public to believe that the “suspect” insisted to police that he didn’t know any English, and that “because of his limited English, he did not understand his rights,” yet that he knew to immediately demand that he be taken to the hospital, and then to lawyer up, to explain to police that he would not speak to them without a lawyer present, and that he had no problem communicating with a lawyer. “Crazy” people don’t show such sophistication, nor do people suffering from a “language barrier”—heck, not even millions of native-born Americans do!—but terrorists are trained to conduct themselves that way. Heck, the guy sounds like a Philadelphia lawyer.

That would be the same “suspect” who 10 people say they saw saying some words to himself aloud (“Allahu Akbar”?) that they couldn’t hear, as he drew a gun and shot bus passenger Justin M. Hall, 32, in the back, at the Springfield bus depot on Thursday at 6 p.m. Local police also expect the public to believe that “the language barrier” is the only reason they brought the FBI in on the case. The FBI further expects us to forget everything we know about Moslems murdering “infidels.”

FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patton said,

“At this point, we have been called in by the local police department, the Springfield Police Department, to assist them in trying to determine the motivation behind the suspect’s actions.”

More like, to assist them in trying to come up with a cover story distracting the public from the suspect’s real motivations.

In the mortal words of spokeswoman Bridget Patton, the Bureau does not want us to make “any snap type of judgment.”

I said “mortal,” rather than “immortal” words, because if the folks who watched Mohamed H. Dawod calmly, coolly slaughter Justin M. Hall had followed Bridget Patton’s advice (which we’ve heard a million times from lying “experts” in the past 10 years), we’d now be talking about the Springfield Massacre. We—not the media, and not law enforcement authorities, who would be busy covering it up or, failing that, rationalizing it away.

Bridget Patton doesn’t, perchance, have a history as a diversity trainer?

Fortunately, a bunch of witnesses did everything that law enforcement “experts” and diversity trainers always say not to do:

  • They correctly made a “snap type of judgment” that Dawod was a Moslem terrorist;
  • They made a “snap type of judgment” that they wanted to live, and therefore correctly jumped on Dawod, rather than defer to police chalk artists, after he had slaughtered them;
  • They correctly disarmed their would-be killer, in spite of LEO “experts’” orders never to try and do that; and
  • They correctly beat the hell out of him, in spite of advocacy on behalf of American and foreign-born cut-throats of color by law enforcement, the ACLU, NAACP, SPLC, Center for Constitutional Rights, Justice Department, White House and the U.N.

There are only two reasons for involving the FBI in this case: 1. Because the local PD is convinced this was a terrorist attack, whether due to Sudden Jihad Syndrome or something involving more planning; and 2. In order for the Bureau to engage in sharia-compliant damage control, by peeing on our pants, and telling us that it’s raining. You know the drill: It was a “random” attack by a “deranged” person who, just coincidentally, happened to be a Moslem, you know, the religion that orders its followers to “randomly” murder anyone who fails to submit to it?

And let us not neglect Greyhound’s contribution. Their spokesman, Timothy Stokes, said the bus line does not search but does do “random wanding and random bag checks” of passengers at certain locations. Translated out of the newspeak, that means they look for the least threatening, white, non-Moslem-looking passengers—e.g., eighty-year-old, Baptist grandmothers—and search them, while ignoring Moslems. Spokesman Stokes proudly emphasized that “The most important measure we have taken is to aggressively enforce our zero tolerance policy, with respect to unruly or aggressive passengers.”

By that standard, the unruly and aggressive heroes who tackled, disarmed, and beat up the murderous Moslem terrorist would have been ejected, and can look forward to a lifetime ban from Greyhound’s buses.

Timothy Stokes’ pride was surreal in a story about a quietly murderous, Moslem terrorist. Spokesman Stokes was practically inviting Moslems to ride Greyhound, where they will be left in peace to murder as many “infidels” as possible, as long as no unruly or aggressive passengers spoil things.

Meanwhile, the local media—in this case, “reporter” Emily Rittman, of Springfield ABC affiliate KSPR33—are doing their sacred duty, in order to inflate civilians’ dry cleaning bill, by uncritically repeating sharia enforcement officers’ (SEOs) talking points, and referring to the “suspect” as being “of Glendale, Arizona.”

That’s funny. I don’t know of any “Glendale, Arizona” men who don’t—or who claim not to—speak a word of English.

Fortunately, we’re not forced to subsidize the dhimmi/anti-American MSM—yet. But will someone please tell me, 10 years after 9/11, why we are paying for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies whose primary mission appears to be to run interference for people who seek to murder us, and who make it their business to disarm, confuse, harass, sexually fondle, and even arrest patriotic Americans of sound instincts and judgment?

And why was this man even in the country, in the first place?

Don’t expect to get any honest answers to these questions.

Meanwhile, on the 10 o’clock news tonight (Saturday) at Rupert Murdoch’s New York affiliate, Fox5, “reporter” Dick Brennan narrated a story about “unity” 10 years after 9/11, regarding a group of dhimm-witted local teenagers, with one exception, who had lost family members on 9/11. He spoke of a Jewish kid being friends with a “Palestinian” girl (wearing a scarf covering her hair), who had also lost someone on 9/11. That Jewish boy is as delusional as his great-grandfather would have been, had the latter thought that he was friends with Heinrich Himmler’s daughter.

I recall jubilant “Palestinians” celebrating on 9/11, both in New Jersey and in the territories in Israel, and handing out candy.

That the Arab Moslem girl lost someone on 9/11 was an accident; that the other kids lost someone was planned.

On 9/11 and immediately thereafter, Murdoch’s Fox network was the only patriotic, major MSM news outlet on TV. Murdoch has since gone pc in every way.

Fox5 talked tonight about us having lost 2,753 people on 9/11, and 6,135 fighting men since then (6,210, according to the New York Times), but to what end? Towards imposing the caliphate?

As Diana West has written, our fighting men in Afghanistan are ordered, as per the dictates of Mohammedanism, not only to “protect the Koran” (but not the Bible), but to “Never talk badly about the Qu’ran or its contents,” and to make American military and security practices submit to shariah.

But as West argues, for the past 10 years, all American public institutions have embraced Islamization. She writes, “As a result of this policy of appeasement – submission – we now stand poised on the brink of a golden age.” West is referring to a “golden age of Islam.”

Right after 9/11, people who considered themselves patriots criticized others for having a “9/10” mentality. But after ten years of sharia-compliant propaganda, starting with none other than George W. “Islam is Peace” Bush, “9/10” thinking would represent great progress.

(An unruly and aggressive shout-out to my patriotic friends at 1389 Blog – Counterjihad!)

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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