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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  June 21, 2011
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In Today’s Criminal Justice Zoo, You Can Commit First-Degree Murder but Escape All Punishment, If You’re from the Right “Herd”

Meet Mshairi Alkebular. Or better yet, don't.

African-American Family Values

Mshairi Alkebular, 16, has pleaded guilty to leading a gang beating of a 14-year-old boy, then personally stabbing the victim repeatedly in two separate attacks at the National Zoo on African-American Family Day. But Kevin Price, a “mentor” in the racially segregated, federally-funded [read: illegal] “Future Leaders” program believes that Alkebular just made a “mistake” and can learn from it, without paying any debt to society.

Alkebular “pleaded guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon and carrying a dangerous weapon.” I theory, he could do up to 20 years in prison, but he has been “ordered to undergo counseling” prior to sentencing, and if he refrains for that brief period from attempting to murder anyone, he will get sentenced to probation, i.e., he will get off scot-free. And as we have seen in countless previous cases of violent black felons of all ages, such as racist Jena, Louisiana attempted killer, Mychal Bell and Anthony Ferrell, who allegedly murdered Samuel Irick in Houston, if Alkebular violates his probation, he will again likely suffer no punishment.

The skirmish broke out inside the zoo, which filled with around 25,000 people for African-American family day. Authorities said a group led by Alkebular beat the victim, then the defendant stabbed him twice in the arm.

When the victim was leaving the zoo, he was again attacked by Alkebular, who stabbed the victim four times in the torso. The second attack made it tough for Alkebular to plead self-defense, his attorney said.

“There was a break in the fight and then a retaliation. It was the retaliation component that forced the plea,” said Rudasill.

The teens knew each other from their Southeast neighborhood, according to the attorney. Kevin Price, a mentor with the future leaders program, says the attacks are indicative of a broader problem. He argues that in the short term, better security is needed. Long term, he says children need to be steered away from violence while they’re young and everyone deserves a second chance.

“Everyone deserves a chance. That's just how life is. You mess up one time, you gotta learn from your mistakes,” Price said.

[“Teen charged in zoo stabbing pleads guilty,” by Ben Eisler, WJLA/ABC7, June 20, 2011.]

There are at least six things wrong with the above passage.

• There was no “skirmish”; there was a case of attempted murder.

• WJLA “reporter” Ben Eisler is either illiterate, or is trying to confuse the reader, by using different terms to describe the assailant, and create an illusion of moral equivalence, which he then underscores with an improper use of the term, “retaliation.” But since the report tells of Alkebular variously assaulting and attempting to murder the same victim three times at the Zoo, but no instance of the victim having attacked Alkebular, the term “retaliation” has no business in the article.

• This was no “mistake,” Part I; see #1. (A “mistake” is when you do something like put on mismatched socks.)

• This was no “mistake,” Part II: As a gang-banger, Mshairi Alkebular had likely already committed hundreds of crimes.

• “Better security” will entail intolerable expense and charges of “racial profiling”; and

• Segregated black mentoring programs, besides being illegal, are a huge part of the problem. The people living off of such programs, which exist as a form of ongoing exortion meant to forestall more black race riots, always claim that the programs steer black youth away from violence, but my experience as a token white in just such a program, before they succeeded at ethnically cleansing all whites from them, is that they steer black kids to violence, and that they teach genocidal racism, in the bargain. When I was in the federally-funded Youth Justice Program, part of a “Community Action Program,” in the summer 1975 program, for which we were all paid stipends, the counselors gave us all Sam Greenlee’s unreadable novel, The Spook Who Sat by the Door, in which the CIA’s first black agent, “Freeman” (get it?) organizes black street gangs nationwide, whom he ultimately leads in a genocidal, black revolution. The counselors considered the James-Bond-in-blackface story to be not only great literature but a blueprint for action. (The counselors and teachers in the 1974 summer program were black nationalists, but they did not seek to inculcate in my black classmates support for genocidal black supremacy. The 1975 program was taken over in a coup by a black supremacist named Leroy Weathers. Such coupes long ago ceased being necessary in programs that purport to be steering young blacks away from violence.) The program heads also once invited a role model to give a talk. Convicted racist killer James Graydon, who had founded the local Long Beach program, spoke about the need “to throw some more Molotov cocktails.”

Note that the psychologist or social worker who “counsels” Mshairi Alkebular will almost certainly be yet another black “role model” who, far from steering him away from crime, will be sympathetic to his criminal ways. (Most psychological counseling today is done by people with social work degrees.) The National Association of Black Social Workers’ favorite contemporary “thinker” is genocidal black supremacist Washington, D.C., psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, who maintains that blacks must annihilate all whites out of self-defense, because whites are trying to annihilate all blacks.

When violent black criminals commit vicious crimes against other blacks and suffer token punishment or, as is likely in Mshairi Alkebular’s case, none, leftist whites and black supremacists later rage that blacks get stiffer punishment for crimes against whites than for crimes against blacks. Well, yes. If you fight against blacks getting any punishment for crimes against other blacks, then that will be exactly the result you sought, and you should be happy, not angry. Then again, the activists know exactly what they are up to. They ultimately seek to eliminate all punishment for black criminals, whom they seek to transform into an army of racial genocide, just as did the counselors in the 1975 summer Youth Justice Program.

You’re probably wondering why my title referred not to Mshairi Alkebular’s crime of attempted murder, but to first-degree murder. Originally, my title did say “attempted murder,” but then I remembered the case of Barry Crawford, who was convicted of first-degree murder for killing Steven Hardin, yet who received only probation.

Crawford had the misfortune to be born black, while Hardin was a privileged white male.

(See my report, “In Harris County, Texas, Over 100 Killers Convicted of Murder Have Received Only Probation; ‘Tough,’ Proposed Texas Law Will Have No Effect.”)

Thanks to reader-researcher RC.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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