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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  November 22, 2010
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Was Samuel Irick a Victim of Affirmative Action Justice?

Sam Irick has joined the hundreds, if not thousands of Americans who have been slaughtered in recent years, because law enforcement personnel, officers of the court, federal officials and jurors subverted justice.


“Samuel Irick, American Hero, RIP”; and

“Update: Suspect Arrested in Houston Murder of Good Samaritan Samuel Irick.”

The man charged with murdering Good Samaritan Sam Irick at a Chevron station in Houston on Sunday, November 7, was a fugitive who had escaped from a halfway house which he never should have been placed in, in the first place, because the convicted felon was already guilty of repeatedly violating his parole.

According to a story by “ staff”—I guess no one wanted to be tied to this story—the members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles refused to revoke 39-year-old, lifelong persistent felony offender Anthony Ferrell’s parole, and instead sent him to the no-security halfway house, from which he walked away.

HOUSTON—The man accused of fatally shooting a good Samaritan during an armed purse-snatching at a Chevron station was supposed to be in jail when the murder occurred.

Authorities issued an arrest warrant for Anthony Ferrell back in October, when he ran away from a Houston halfway house, violating his parole.

A month later, Ferrell, 39, was back in jail—this time accused in the capital murder of 24-year-old Sam Irick.

Police say Irick was fatally shot when he tried to stop Ferrell from stealing a woman’s purse in the 4600 block of Beechnut.

The entire crime was caught on surveillance cameras….

Ferrell, who has a lengthy criminal history dating back to the 1980s, was most recently arrested in February for a series of parole violations.

But in August, the Board of Pardons and Paroles refused to rebuke Ferrell’s parole, instead sending him to the halfway house, where he eventually escaped.

[“Man accused in good Samaritan's murder had escaped from halfway house,” by staff, KHOU, November 15, 2010.]

At 12:30 a.m. on November 7, Anthony Ferrell was allegedly standing by the service window at the Chevron. Although some of my readers have insisted that the area the station is in, on the 4600 block of Beechnut Street, in the West Loop/Meyerland area of Southwestern Houston, is not a bad one (i.e., by today’s corrupted standards), clearly, dangerous characters were infiltrating it late at night, which had led the station to shut its main entrance at midnight, at which point it required that all customers use a service window.

The killer had been waiting by the service window, when mother of three Amberley Wait’s turn came. He spoke to her, then suddenly stuck a gun in her gut. Irick, who had just gotten in line behind Wait, apparently hadn’t seen the gun, and tried to stop the robbery. The killer immediately shot Irick in the chest, and made off with Wait’s purse.

The entire crime was caught by the gas station’s video camera; the killer’s black face is clearly identifiable.

Samuel Irick was white, as is Jeb Wait (I haven’t seen Mrs. Wait’s face).

Jeb and Amberley Wait are the parents of a nine-month old girl, a three-year-old boy, and a six-year-old girl. The Waits added $5,000 to the Crime Stoppers reward for information leading to the killer’s arrest, bringing the total to $10,000, which may have loosened at least one tongue.

Some Web commenters showed schadenfreude, insisting that Sam Irick shouldn’t have intervened, arguing that otherwise no one would have gotten hurt, and clearly enjoying his fate. Aside from expressing a despicable embrace of evil, such sentiments are factually wrong. Jeb Wait knows better, and has expressed his gratitude for Sam Irick saving his wife’s life.

There is no guarantee that submission by Amberley Wait, and inaction by Sam Irick would have precluded anyone being physically harmed. I frequently cover crimes in which white victims submit to black criminals, including cases where the assailant tells the victim that he won’t hurt her, if only she’ll forego resistance, as Knoxville Horror ringleader Lemaricus Davidson deceived one of his victims, Channon Christian. All of those victims are dead; many of their captors inflicted unspeakable torture and gang-rapes on them, before murdering them.

Sam Irick attended college full-time, worked full-time, and maintained a straight-A average at Houston Community College. His mother, Randi Wood, said that her son had stood up to bullies and thugs on behalf of their victims all his life. She told KHOU reporter Rucks Russell,

Everyone that met Sam, from the time he was little, he made an impression on them. He really did. From his coaches to his teachers … People loved him. He was a giving, loving person. And it doesn’t surprise me that he tried to help this lady. I just can’t believe it ended like this….

I’d just like to say I loved my son and I really don’t want another mother to go through what I’m going through so anyone out there that knows anything about this murder it would … please come forward.

And someone did come forward.

Suspect Anthony Ferrell first appeared before a judge in this case on November 15, thus making him defendant Anthony Ferrell. On November 18, state District Judge Randy Roll imposed a gag order, “prohibit[ing] lawyers and law enforcement from publicly discussing the case.” Defense attorney Wayne Hill said that Judge Roll was acceding to his request.

Numerous media reports said that Wells Fargo Bank had set up a burial fund in Sam Irick’s name, but the only thing I could find was an 800 number for the Houston Central Wells Fargo Branch: 1-800-869-3557.

Criminal justice affirmative action refers to the various subterfuges that police, prosecutors, judges, jurors and, yes, the Department of Homeland Security’s Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement engage in, in order to ensure that black and Hispanic felons suffer either diminished punishment, or none at all for their crimes. The article “Do Jurors Lie to Get on a Death Penalty Trial?,” by my collaborator, David in TN, is an example of one type of affirmative action justice. Most types, whether they are committed by public officials or civilians, involve the deliberate, criminal obstruction of justice. The other types, such as "de-policing," involve dereliction of duty, and are officially firing offenses, though in practice those guilty of them are more likely to be promoted than dismissed.

I started a list of the forms of such “justice” and examples of them, but it quickly grew much too large for a modest article. My hunch is that hundreds of Americans are dead, because of criminal justice affirmative action.

Members and Commissioners of the Board of Pardons and Paroles


Rissie L. Owens
Charles Aycock
Conrith Davis
Jackie DeNoyelles
Juanita M. Gonzalez
David G. Gutierrez
Thomas A. Leeper


Freeman, Pamela D.
Garcia, Tony
Hensarling, James
Hightower, Elvis
Humphrey, Billy S.
Kiel, James Paul Jr.
Moberley, Marsha S.
Morales, Edgar
Ruzicka, Lynn
Shipman, Charles
Speier, Charles C.
Thrasher, Sr., Howard A.

Agency eddress:

Troy Fox Board Administrator Tel.: (512) 406-5452/5453; Fax: (512) 406-5482

Thanks to reader-researchers “RC and “W” for their help.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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