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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  September 6, 2010
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The Bethany Storro Case: “Hey Pretty Girl, Do You Want to Drink This?” In Vancouver, Washington, Another Raceless Attacker Strikes

The Journolist crowd had better hurry up and either get together with my good friend Mark Potok of the SPLC, and concoct a hoax in which, say, a white supremacist army is planning to descend on Washington, D.C., or else find an obliging white starlet to die of a drug overdose. Otherwise, folks might start pointing out that they can’t even go to the state fair anymore, without encountering racist black mobs, that our cities are divided up into black free-fire zones and illegal alien free-fire zones, and that every few days, there’s news of yet another black serial or mass murderer. And now, “random” acid attacks.

At 7:15 p.m. last Monday evening, 28-year-old Bethany Storro was just getting something out of her car, near a Starbuck’s, where she was going to have some coffee. Last fall, she’d gotten a divorce, and had recently returned to Vancouver from Idaho, to start a new life… not to end one.

A raceless “young woman” came along and said, “Hey, pretty girl. How are you? Would you like a drink of this?”

Storro sensed that something wasn’t right, and said, “No, thanks,” but the stranger threw a Styrofoam cup full of “an extremely strong acid”—sulfuric or hydrochloric, according to her doctor—in her face. Storro closed her eyes tightly, as the acid burned her face, and made holes in her blouse.

Storro told reporters, “Once it hit me, I could hear it actually bubbling and sizzling in my skin. It was the most painful thing ever….

“My heart stopped. It ripped through my clothing the instant it touched my shirt; I could feel it burning through my second layer of skin.”

Had Storro not donned sunglasses 20 minutes earlier for the first time, she would likely have lost her sight. She suffered severe burns and excruciating pain, and was just released on Sunday from North Portland’s Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, where last Wednesday she had the first of what will surely be many operations, as doctors try to save her face.

The MSNBC story that my reader-researchers W and David in TN sent me, was cut off after the sentence fragment, “‘I am so disgusted with society right now!’ Storro’s brother, Abraham Neuwelt of Seattle, said on his,” with no description of Bethany Storro’s attacker. Thus wrote David, “Another Raceless Attacker.”

A dangerous, racist monster is on the loose, but God forbid the House of Olbermann should contribute to her being stopped, or offend The Society for the Protection of Raceless Acid Throwers.

Only if one hits a tab saying, “Show more text,” does one learn, in the last of 17 paragraphs,

Police said the assailant was described as a black woman between 25 and 35, who wore a green shirt and khaki shorts, The Columbian reported. She had medium-length black hair that was pulled back.

Storro added that “the woman was about 5 feet 8 inches with black hair pulled into a tight pony tail. She was African American, wearing a green top and khaki shorts. Also, Storro recalled Thursday that her attacker had three piercings on the top part of one ear and wore no makeup.”

In the local newspaper, The Columbian, John Branton reported,

A Vancouver woman suffered severe burns Monday night when someone threw a caustic liquid in her face in an attack so unusual that a veteran police detective said he hadn’t heard of such a thing in 30 years working in Vancouver.

“I’m a nice girl and I don’t know why this happened,” Bethany Storro, 28, said Tuesday in her hospital room in the Oregon Burn Center at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland.

Unfortunately, in recent years, hundreds of thousands of nice white girls have endured horrible ordeals that they should never have had to experience, and which in a saner, more just America, their forbears did not have to endure. And more and more 30-year-men, like Detective Cpl. Wally Stefan of the Vancouver Police Department, are seeing things like this for the first time… and then for the second … and the third…

The deeply religious Storro is going to need every bit of her Christian faith. (Storro has variously been described as working at a local church as worship leader and administrative assistant, and at a Safeway. It’s not clear if she had just quit one job for another, was working simultaneously at both places, or working at Safeway for pay, while volunteering at the church.)

At least, John Branton did not seek to hide the perpetrator’s description.

Bethany Storro’s mother, Nancy Neuwelt, said, “I mean, who wakes up in the morning and says, ‘I’m going to go burn somebody’s face’?”

Unfortunately, more and more racist black women are doing just that. If it isn’t burning a white’s face, it’s slashing it, or committing some other sort of atrocity. And unless a black woman uses a gun in the commission of a crime, or sells drugs (for the moment—black leaders are working on that one), she can be pretty sure that she will likely serve little or no time for her crimes.

Integral to black racism is not just hating whites, or merely robbing them, or even simply murdering them, but torturing and disfiguring them. And those blacks who do not carry out such heinous acts, increasingly support them.

I encountered this evil first-hand in June, 1993, when a racist, 18-year-black girl on a Manhattan subway platform called me “n----r,” as a prelude to attempting to shred my face with a scissors. I blocked her shot, and got a superficial defensive wound. (Thank goodness, for modern, snub-nosed scissors!) In spite of the photograph that police had taken of my bloody hand, and a corroborating police report by a witness unknown to me, racist DA Robert Morgenthau’s office treated me as if I were the criminal. (My attacker claimed that I had called her a “n----r,” but the ADAs had to know better. Already then, racist blacks routinely used line, after committing crimes against whites.)

As one of my readers argued, Bethany Storro’s attacker is surely being protected by her fellow blacks. When a black racist goes out of his way to harm a white, he invariably brags about it to other blacks. Rarely, however, do other blacks turn him in. That would be “snitchin.’” Thus, as I wrote last year, when black, 28-year-old Keith David Brown murdered white, 60-year-old James Paroline in a racially motivated attack in Seattle on July 9, 2008, Brown was at large in town for a week, in which he was never even close to being captured by police. Ultimately, he turned himself on his own terms, with the help of an activist black preacher. (That murder was provoked by black females who were harassing Paroline, who called Brown on a cell phone, to come do something to him, and who initially lied to police, claiming that they didn’t know the killer. None of the black females was prosecuted.)

White, self-styled conservatives also lie about, and suppress the truth about black racial attacks.

In the case of the acid attack, a “conservative” blogger named JoAnne Thomas, writing at served up a steaming hot bowl of euphemism soup. Some of her nonsense, with my responses, which Thomas completely censored, follow:

Bethany Storro, 28, became a victim of random, perhaps gang related violence...

Gimme a break. It wasn’t random, it was racial. And in black-on-white attacks, “gang related” and “gang initiation” have become euphemisms for racially motivated attacks. Sure it was a gang initiation: The initiate had to maim a white.

Once again, we’re treated to man’s inhumanity to man.

Try, blacks’ inhumanity to whites.

Such euphemisms are about 50 years late. I serve up fresh journalism, without the euphemisms. Too many whites of both sexes are being raped, maimed, and murdered, to offer less than the truth. And the attacks are increasingly being carried out by black females. Time is running out.

* * *

On Friday, the Vancouver Police Department released a suspect sketch, but it’s worthless. Not only is it racially ambiguous, but the eyes are the identical bizarre, computer-generated eyes as in a sketch released by the Charlotte, North Carolina police in a June 4 gang-rape-robbery case I wrote about in my recent article, “The Rise of Raceless Police Suspect Sketches.” The Charlotte sketch has not led to any reported arrests, and I don’t expect this one to help, either.

The only positive development in the case is that Storro’s Safeway colleagues have set up a Bethany Joy Storro Fund at the Riverview Community Bank, and a second such account has been opened at Umpqua Bank, to help defray Storro’s medical expenses, which promise to be massive. (Storro’s gym, Vancouver’s Anytime Fitness, is also raising money to help pay for her treatment.)

The telephone number for Riverview Community Bank’s main branch in Vancouver, Washington is (360) 693-7086.

Umpqua Bank’s number is (866) 486-7782.

That we’ve got the Left and the Right both doing the Devil’s handiwork does not make the prospects for arresting violent black racism very promising.

Thanks to my reader-researchers W and David in TN.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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