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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  January 6, 2008
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Support Your Local Hispanic Rapist!

It is now racist for the police to identify a Hispanic rapist as "Hispanic."

Since June 2006, the Chandler Rapist in Chandler, Arizona has raped at least five girls between 12 and 14 years of age, and will rape many more, if local Spanish radio station KMYL (1190 AM) has anything to say about it. Although according to descriptions by all five rape victims, the Chandler Rapist is Hispanic, the folks at KMYL don’t want anyone to know that crucial fact. Vice president for programming Mayra Nieves at New Radio Venture, KMYL’s parent company, has demanded that Chandler police stop informing the public that the rapist is Hispanic. Nieves ordered police to instead refer to the suspect as having “dark skin.” She said, “I think this is racial profiling,” and also accused police of “stereotyping.”

In “Calling rapist a Hispanic irks radio station,” East Valley Tribune staffer Nicole Beyer reports, “Nieves said Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race — and many Hispanics are white or black. She said ethnicity should not be used when describing an attacker.”

Aside from the issue of whether “Hispanic” is even an ethnicity (traditionally, “ethnicity” refers to one’s nationality, or that of one’s forebears, e.g., “Mexican”), when people hear “dark skin,” they tend to think, “black.” And so, had the Chandler Police Department acquiesced to Nieves’ demands, in the vicinity of Andersen Junior High School, where the five rapes and a sixth attack in November that stopped short of rape have all taken place, people would be on the lookout for a black rapist, and lower their guard in the face of a Hispanic.

Misleading the public in this case serves the interest of only one person: The rapist.

Fortunately, the police were insubordinate to Mayra Nieves.

But Chandler police spokesman Sgt. Rick Griner said his department will stand by its description, saying they release the details the victims give them. “It would be irresponsible on our part to change or alter that," he said.

The rapist is described as “Hispanic, 28 to 40 years old, short [5’6” in some reports] with a muscular build, dark hair and hazel or brown eyes,” and during [November’s] attack “was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.” He has also been described as having black hair and a mustache.

In “Spanish-Language Radio Station Slams Police for Describing Suspect as ‘Hispanic’,”, Fox News’ Melissa Underwood quotes the CPD’s Sgt. Griner as responding,

They are wanting a skin color. How do you classify a skin color? What might be dark to me might not be dark to you. We’re going off what [the victims] are telling us.

According to reporters Kevin Tripp and Sandra Haros of news radio station KTAR (92.3 FM), “Radio station 1190AM refused to use the word ‘Hispanic’ when it broadcast the description.”

Apropos of nothing, Mayra Nieves “said the man may look Hispanic, but may not be.”

In “Hispanics Protest Rapist’s Description,” Tripp and Haros reported that Nieves told KTAR that police should ignore victim reports (or is that just victim reports by non-Hispanics?) identifying assailants as Hispanic, even when the assailants speak fluent Spanish; Nieves also misleadingly spoke of mestizos as an exclusively non-Hispanic group.(The vast majority of Hispanic, Spanish-speaking Mexicans in this country are, in fact, mestizo.)

"It’s feeding more into the anti-Hispanic sentiment that everybody’s saying is not there, but is seen everywhere,” Nieves said “For me, saying he’s Hispanic because the victims are saying he’s Hispanic, is actually doing racial profiling.”

“By the fact that someone looks dark doesn’t mean that he’s Hispanic,” she said. “Even if he has an accent, as some people have said, it could be an Arab, it could be someone from mestizo descent. We don’t know. We don’t know if he’s Hispanic….”

“But," she said, 1190 AM listeners, are "confused and enraged because we are saying this person is Hispanic and immediately profiling this guy. And we don’t know, we don’t know if he is Hispanic or not. That is something people are very disgusted about.”

“We are saying”? Who is “we”? Nieves’ radio station, KMYL 1190, isn’t saying the rapist is Hispanic!

(Unfortunately, KTAR’s editor further muddled things with a misleading title: It wasn’t “Hispanics” who protested, but one radio station.)

Who are these “non-Hispanic” mestizos and Arabs who are running around the Chandler area, speaking fluent Spanish? Inquiring minds want to know, especially given that non-Hispanic Mexican Indians – whom Nieves misleadingly referred to as “mestizos” – do not speak Spanish.

And who are these KMYL 1190 listeners who, instead of being outraged because a violent pervert is running around raping and endangering the lives of little girls, are outraged at the thought of his being caught?

The local newspaper, The Chandler Republic named the Chandler Rapist story the year’s biggest story, and the victims were interviewed by America’s Most Wanted.

1. Chandler Rapist eludes police: During 2007, the Chandler Rapist put the city on edge and frustrated a task force of detectives working to catch him. His sexual assault spree has lasted more than 18 months. He has struck five times and raped girls ages 12 to 14. He also is likely linked to a sixth attempted attack. In all but one of the cases, police believe the rapist stalked his victims for weeks, targeting single-parent homes where the parent leaves early in the morning for work. The man studies their routine, develops a quick escape route and then strikes. Silent Witness posted a $50,000 reward and erected a billboard along the Santan Freeway with his sketch. The story has made national news and producers at America's Most Wanted have said they will likely feature the case.

KTAR’s Kevin Tripp and Sandra Haros also published the letter (reprinted below in its entirety, including spelling and grammatical errors) that Nieves claimed to have sent to the Chandler PD, but which the CPD denied having received.

Dear Public Information Officers,

I would like to call your attention to a misleading detail in the description of the suspect that you are providing regarding the case of the Chandler rapist. You describe him as a “Hispanic male, 28-40 years old, short and stocky with muscular build, dark hair, hazel or brown eyes. Base [sic] on your description the person [sic] skin color is not mentioned. It doesn’t tell me if the suspect is white, black or mestizo. The fact that the suspect may also speak English and Spanish fluently, by the accounts of witnesses [sic—those were victims], doesn’t make this person necessarily a Hispanic. There are people from other ethnic groups that also speak fluent Spanish.

By calling this suspect a “Hispanic male” we are stereotyping the suspect and hurting the search by limiting what people should be looking for. There are many other ethnic groups that could also fit the description that we see in the drawing. By your sketch, this suspect could also be a [sic] Phillipino [sic], Arab, African American, French, Italian, Morocan [sic], etc… [sic]

I hope you can make the correction. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

Mayra Nieves
VP Programming - New Radio Venture
“Colorado’s and Phoenix [sic] only Spanish News/Talk Radio”
La Buena Onda 1150 – Denver
La Buena Onda 1190 - Phoenix - (602) 433 1190

Not even the ACLU would back Nieves, saying “They are using concrete information to follow up leads.”

As laughable as Mayra Nieves is, she should not be laughed off. A few years ago, her ilk wouldn’t dare pull such a pathetic stunt; today, the Mayra Nieveses have no inhibitions regarding such theatrics. Remember the recent incident in Los Angeles, in which Hispanic school activists called black American parents “racist” for demanding that in America, school district advisory board meetings be held in English?

And no matter how idiotic the position of a Hispanic chauvinist, another Hispanic or non-Hispanic from the open borders lobby will come up with some shameless sophistry in support of her.

Thus did Ad Age’s affirmative action blogger and supporter of Hispanic rapists, Laura Martinez, come to Nieves’ defense by offering the existence of white, blonde-haired Spanish TV stars as “proof” that the term “Hispanic” has no descriptive power. As if the five rape victims might have been talking about some blonde-haired, white guy.

Illegal Hispanic immigrants and their Hispanic citizen and open borders lobby supporters have learned the lessons of black race hustlers all too well. And patriots must be ready to aggressively, unapologetically stand up to them, again and again and again.

There was, ultimately, a silver lining to the Chandler Rapist story. Although the fiend has yet to be caught, Mayra Nieves’ pathetic attempt to “disappear” the story resulted in turning a local story into a national one.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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