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Author:  Kamala Sarup
Bio: Kamala Sarup
Date:  May 9, 2020
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Topic category:  Other/General

Bhagirathi Shrestha: Her stories are psycological and subjective

Bhagirathi Shrestha and Her Stories

Bhagirathi Shrestha is a well known short story writer from Nepal. Some of her stories are translated into English as well. As a writer, she talks about life, and it's association with pain and rage. She expresses about our reality through her writing. She is best known for her tragic short stories. Her popular stories are 'Kramasha', 'Mohadangs', and 'Bhumigat'.

She has been writing ever since she was in her high school. Her writing career has stretched over five decades. She is one of the most talented and very powerful short story writer of Nepal. She writes in Nepali language. Her characters are from the society she lives in. Most of her narratives are presented through an emotional point of view. Some of her stories are autobiographical. Some of them are psychological and subjective.

Story Writer Bhagirathi Shrestha

The popular subject of her stories is the effect of love on relationships. In my opinion, her stories are real. Her stories also reflect her beliefs.The another subject she talks about is women, which is quite relevant to this time. In one of her stories, she has advocated for a basic right of women and that I think brings power to her stories. She talks from her heart when writing, and one of the the situations that she dealt in her story reflected the present situation of the society.

While writing her stories, she focuses on the strengths of her character. She goes into the depth of her chosen characters, and present them lively in her stories. While reading her stories, I felt that I was living in the society as a witness of her characters. Women's issues were her favourite. She tries to change the perception of society towards women. Bhagirathi Shrestha also writes for children.

Her stories are powerful and beautiful. I completely enjoyed reading her stories.

Kamala Sarup

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Biography - Kamala Sarup

Journalist, poet and editor Ms. Kamu Sarup specializes in reporting news and writing stories covering Freedom, Peace, Public health, Democracy, Women/Children, development, justice and advocacy from her location inside the United States. Human rights, anti-terrorism, and economic development are also part of the work.Ms. Kamala Sarup has also written numerous reports which includes "Women's Empowerment", Prevention of Trafficking in Women Through Media," and "Efforts to Prevent Trafficking for Media Activism." Kamala is a regular contributor to Cape May County Herald newspaper. She also published two Stories collections and several poems. Her interests include philosophy, feminism, political, socio-economic and literature. She also is experienced in organizational and community development.

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