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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Kamala Budhathoki Sarup
Bio: Kamala Budhathoki Sarup
Date:  April 19, 2019
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Topic category:  Other/General

When political leaders are busy doing financial crimes?

Kamu Budhathoki Sarup I pen this article based on financial crimes by politicians. It is a serious offense which is unsafe for the economic balance. My argument against relativism is simple. A Political crimes by politicians is dangerous to liberty and gain. My argument here financial crimes are difficult to impede off. Financial crimes are draining public funds and making difficult to ramp up a strong economic policy.

Then, I am straining to focus on this article that how politicians can do more to ensure transparency in public procurement?. Can they exercise by introducing no-bribery clauses in all major economic policies? Another statement about my article is. If the government expenditure on public contracting amounting is out of control than the aggregate of money lost to graft is at least half of it. There is a saying that I have found out. My statement here has to do with intention. Because of financial crimes, it will effect in major loss of public funds required for instruction. How then we can fight this miserable state of personal fear?

Corrupt leaders have become a major threat to an economic strategy. When political leaders fail to sound out the essentially finance part of government, the poor will always the one who will be hurts.

Yet, when a gang of corrupt, inefficient people is constantly representing the citizenry. Fermentation will take place at any time. Hence, I want to argue my opinion here. I want to contend for an effective system. Bad governance is an inevitable moment of criminal offending so I want to announce my war on rising prices. But the culprits are mostly brutal in their act.

I have questions through this clause immediately. Why it is very substantial for the political leaders should practice transparency. I canít stand those politicians who truly donít care about it. If they donít care about the infrastructure, hydro plants, bridges, hospitals and buildings. If there is financial instability, legal uncertainty or increasing financial crime. Then one thing is clear corruption prevents the efficient allocation of resources. I shouted them a variety of financial terrorism. Those corruptions are a reprehensible crime. And I sounded out those crimes is a terrible terrorism. It is also a menace to democratic values. For instance I am talking about a small nation like Nepal. Nepal has limited productive resources. Its tough and negative impact is now, Nepal has brought about more false and corrupted political leaders. To build a nation strong and rich. One has to create commodities. These calls for heavy capital investment and transit growth. Consequently, the other problem I am talking about. Without a visionary leaders we canít bring about knowledge workers. Since they do not shout out for heavy capital investments. Scheduling, Accounting, bond trading, are other examples. There are many more uses features and options. But I am again, analyzing here how bad leaders will make destruction of the nation. Object lesson is again Nepal.

When the whole country is disappointed. Workers canít be able to cultivate. They canít be competitive in the literal world. As these workers acquire income, which will generate income for other people.

Many nations are going through today are doing what I described above. And then, I canít conceive of a more proficient way. Without a right leadership we canít maintain a system to spend its revenues toward the objective of making a country rich. I believe, the power to influence issues comes with knowledge and wealth.

Iím on the other side of the continent. When corruption is so high, the risks of poverty are higher when people exist in poverty and where they are marginalized economically. These conditions also affect businessís operations. And also investment interests. Sometimes it appears that I feel I suffer no political voice. Financial crimes by politicians has made it all the more difficult to put an end to the excruciating problems created by the impoverishment. The evidence of our poverty is clear. It is a financial crime and it is equally unfit for comprehensive economic development. When politicians are only be fighting simply for money and power. When they are just fighting each other. Then people start dying and everything leads to hell. While a few politicians will enjoy their new wealthy life. I need to emphasize here even and still unemployment and market price have further complicated the life of people. Hence, as a journalist how can I defeat the financial crooks. My statement here has to do with intent. Because of the bad leadership there will always have financial instability, legal uncertainty or increasing crime.

I believe in transparency, but to fight against crooks and getting control over it is not thus easy.


Kamala Budhathoki Sarup (

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