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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Lawrence Rosner
Bio: Lawrence Rosner
Date:  February 4, 2020
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Topic category:  Looney Left

Mitt the Sh** votes for the left, his own hatred and com-MITTs political suicide
He claims it's his oath to God and repeats Democrat distortions bearing false witness

I thought his god of Mormon also goes by the ten Commandments. Guess not.

In a script that could have been written by CNN he repeats all the evil distorted bull put out by the false Democrat Narrative and makes excuses for the distortions in his own head.

How about the immorality of what the Dems did? What does your God tell you about that? You say it is to do what's right? So why do what's sinister (latin for left)?

He makes the same mistake that the Dems rely on to fool people --- taking a possible correlation and seeing a causality. There is no connection between a phone call and holding back funds. There is no connection from the beginning of a phone call to it's end when the subject has changed. But maybe, possibly, idk , I presume, could be is all the Dems need to falsely claim connection and fools to believe.

Please change your status from Republican to Democrat.

Mitty will be ostracized and he deserves it. Not because he didn't vote with the rest of the party. It's that he was not impartial. He bought into the deceptive information that the Dems repeated over and over because he was biased to believe it.

Lawrence Rosner
The Society Project (Founder)

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Biography - Lawrence Rosner

Lawrence spent his career solving the problems of major businesses. He created software, business processes and systems that save millions of dollars a year and make people’s work life easier and more productive. He was a founding partner in a company which is instrumental in streamlining the practice of medicine and helping both patients and Doctors cope with the problems created by government health care.

During an assignment on the 98th floor of the WTC in 1993, he experienced first hand Islamic Terrorists' nearly successful attempt to take down the WTC. He and tens of thousands of others were trapped in the building in darkness and choking smoke.

After the government’s whitewashing denial of the root cause of the bombing - the evil built into Islam, the deepening confusion of American values, the negative end results of unnecessary and even immoral government intervention, the deterioration of the US economy and widespread systemic government corruption and unchecked power, he founded The Society Project to provide a blueprint for restoring our unique government Of the People, not Above the people, as it has become.

The Society project is dedicated to restoring the Constitutional Republic of the United States by educating, motivating and facilitating people to act to repair our society, through the Amendment process, before our society becomes another of the world’s failures.

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