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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Lawrence Rosner
Bio: Lawrence Rosner
Date:  December 7, 2017
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Topic category:  Invasion of Radical Muslim Extremism

There is no such thing as Palestinians and they have no claim on Jerusalem.
The so called Palestinians are brainwashed Muslims oppressed by Islamic Extremist rule

There is no Palestinian state and there will never be one. Palestine was actually Israel all along. Israel was renamed by Romans to Philistinia to humiliate the israelites. The Philistines never conquered Israel or ruled there. Suddenly these Arabs who are children of Arabs made refugees by Jordan are Philistines? East Jerusalem is merely one of the quarters of the old city of Jerusalem that was set up by the UN as an enclave for Arabs. Just as there is a Christian, Jewish and Armenian Quarter. The city of Jerusalem is the official and Historic Capital of Israel and the embassy of the US belongs there. The quarter called East Jerusalem is not a capital of anything. Where are their embassies? Where are the government buildings? Where are taxes to support this non existing Capital? What is the state that they are supposedly Capital of? It is all highly funded Islamist propaganda that has been fed to the world for the last 60 years. Here is some truth...

The falsely named "occupied" territories of Judea, Samaria and Gaza legally and historically belong to Israel and Israelites. Jordan stole the land in a war on Israel in the mid 20th Century and then ceded them back to Israel after the 1967 attack on Israel that Israel won.

Peace talks will never lead to Peace. It is a religious conflict created solely by Islamists. The talks were based on false assumptions about peace for land when started by President Carter and are now just a head fake to maintain the status quo and earn "Aid" money from the duped world for the Islamists. There is no Peace with Islamic Extremism. They believe that all land that Muslims conquered at one time or planted their Mosques on, belong to Muslims forever.

Muslims planted Mosques on top of Churches to show the "Superiority" of Islam. The Muslims were eventually beaten back. Can Muslims now come back to Spain and other countries and claim the land by renaming themselves Moorish-tinians or Roman-stinians. Renaming gives them no legitimate claim. Neither does their mosque and Dome of the Rock that they perched on top of the factual and real Israelite Temple. The Rock is part of the Israelite Temple that was buried long before Mohammed. His ascending from the Rock is Islamic fantasy that they accept as fact just like their fantasy that Moses, Abraham and Jesus were Muslims.

Israel was renamed Phlistinia by the Romans to humiliate the Israelites by naming their country after an ancient defeated enemy in retaliation for the Israelites rebellion against Rome. Anti-Semitic libel by the Roman Empire in the Form of the Catholic Church kept the name Palestine in world maps instead of it's real name of Israel. Even now some maps still falsely call all of Israel, Palestinian Territories. Get real.

The fake Palestinians are just another pawn in the Muslim Brotherhood plan to make Islam supreme. It is funded by the trillions of dollars in bribes and media purchases by Oil rich Islamic regimes and the gullibility and support of leftist, Socialist philosophy. Over-immigration by Muslims to Socialist countries is another prong in the fork they are sticking into the soft underbelly of Europe. So is their terrorism that is causing massive amount of "infidel" Capital to be wasted on security only needed against Islamic suicide bombers.

Lawrence Rosner
The Society Project (Founder)

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Biography - Lawrence Rosner

Lawrence spent his career solving the problems of major businesses. He created software, business processes and systems that save millions of dollars a year and make people’s work life easier and more productive. He was a founding partner in a company which is instrumental in streamlining the practice of medicine and helping both patients and Doctors cope with the problems created by government health care.

During an assignment on the 98th floor of the WTC in 1993, he experienced first hand Islamic Terrorists' nearly successful attempt to take down the WTC. He and tens of thousands of others were trapped in the building in darkness and choking smoke.

After the government’s whitewashing denial of the root cause of the bombing - the evil built into Islam, the deepening confusion of American values, the negative end results of unnecessary and even immoral government intervention, the deterioration of the US economy and widespread systemic government corruption and unchecked power, he founded The Society Project to provide a blueprint for restoring our unique government Of the People, not Above the people, as it has become.

The Society project is dedicated to restoring the Constitutional Republic of the United States by educating, motivating and facilitating people to act to repair our society, through the Amendment process, before our society becomes another of the world’s failures.

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