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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Lawrence Rosner
Bio: Lawrence Rosner
Date:  July 7, 2017
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Topic category:  Liberal/Progressive/Left

Useful Idiots take a shower with German Police
Water cannons and tear gas never get to the ones who fund this nonsense

People don't do these protests on their own. Stop the money that funds them and there will be no violence or expensive Police presence. Maybe then we will get to see real issues presented that matter to the people and not these attempts at destabilizing the West.

Over 170 Lefty organizations are paying for thousands of useful idiots to take a lovely trip to Germany for a fun time throwing bottles at Police, getting sprayed to cool down and crying for the "environment".

What is being protested? Whatever. Anti-everything money wasters proliferate among the these organizations who funnel money from Communist regimes, the George Soros octopus, Muslims nations and every other failed Political ideology that wants to be noticed.

Protests do nothing but waste money for the organizers, the poor schmucks who give their time to get beat on, the poor Police that have to keep the dumb a-holes, gangs, white supremacists, terrorist and Nazis in line and the huge expense to Germany for the security at the G20 summit.

The British newspaper Guardian sees Germany as a dystopian nightmare due to the 20,000 police officers, helicopters and weapons. How about seeing the Real culprit , the organizations and the protesters that require this "Dystopia".

People hate Religion and it's morality. But a code of morality is necessary for every human to make decisions.

Without the Judeo-Christian Religious one of 10 Realities (Don't murder people or reputations, Don't steal property or wives, respect your elders and history, manage Jealousy, Don't worship any earthly authorities or power etc.) a new morality containing the latest fads takes over.

The Pagan gods of mother Earth, Gaia - Climate Change - are bowed to once again. The gods of defecation and humiliation - making all people equal in their abandonment of reason and lowest animal common denominator - (Diversity , Communism, Socialism, No Borders) run wild to crush everyone into the same gob of chemicals. Odin - one world government - and it's sub gods - rear their heads. All supplant the principles, given through Moses, by the universal intelligence, which imbued all life and intelligence, that are necessary for society to survive.

Lawrence Rosner
The Society Project (Founder)

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Biography - Lawrence Rosner

Lawrence spent his career solving the problems of major businesses. He created software, business processes and systems that save millions of dollars a year and make people’s work life easier and more productive. He was a founding partner in a company which is instrumental in streamlining the practice of medicine and helping both patients and Doctors cope with the problems created by government health care.

During an assignment on the 98th floor of the WTC in 1993, he experienced first hand Islamic Terrorists' nearly successful attempt to take down the WTC. He and tens of thousands of others were trapped in the building in darkness and choking smoke.

After the government’s whitewashing denial of the root cause of the bombing - the evil built into Islam, the deepening confusion of American values, the negative end results of unnecessary and even immoral government intervention, the deterioration of the US economy and widespread systemic government corruption and unchecked power, he founded The Society Project to provide a blueprint for restoring our unique government Of the People, not Above the people, as it has become.

The Society project is dedicated to restoring the Constitutional Republic of the United States by educating, motivating and facilitating people to act to repair our society, through the Amendment process, before our society becomes another of the world’s failures.

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