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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Lawrence Rosner
Bio: Lawrence Rosner
Date:  May 20, 2014
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Topic category:  Crime/Gun Control

Islamic Terrorist Abu Hamza Al=Masri will be sentenced to 3 meals, lodging, tv, free medical and an Islamic terrorist recruiting platform.
You will be sentenced to pay for his trial, welfare for life, the new terrorists he will recruit and train in prison, all the people they will murder and/or all their free ride for life, if captured.

Convicted of 11 counts of conspiracy and aiding terrorist groups, Abu Hamza faces up to life in prison. Sentencing was set for Sept. 9.

Punishment of criminals by incarceration in Jails, and treating them as property, is mere revenge and harmful to society. It is not society’s responsibility to house and feed criminals. Jail becomes a career path, to more crime, for those who can “Do the Time”.

In Jail, criminals are subjected to atrocities by other inmates, are broken in solitary confinement, learn to be sociopathic and are recruited as Islamic Terrorists. They become a far worse danger to society and the criminal cycle perpetuates.

A criminal’s meals, housing, medical care, entertainment and other support are provided for by theft from taxpayers who fund the prisons and theft from the crime victims who remain uncompensated.

Instead the criminal should be working to pay damages to their victims. For example:

Thieves should be able to continue their jobs and pay back the victim (with interest) or learn a trade under forced labor so they don’t have to steal. More violent offenders should work under supervision. The 13 Amendment permits slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for crime. If a person is in good health, something akin to corporal punishment may even be given in certain cases.

If someone uses a weapon in the commission of a crime, they are automatically subject to death. It becomes a duty to kill them before they kill again. Self defense is saving a life. This applies to those who enter the country illegally with a weapon or have used a weapon. They are enemy combatants. Murderers are put to death, if proven guilty, but under stricter rules of evidence. Incarceration should only be used to hold a person until trial, if they are a flight risk. For reference on implementation look to Talmudic Case Law and their system of compensating victims from the proceeds of selling the criminal into involuntary servitude until such time as they worked off the purchase fee. Food, shelter, clothing, humane treatment etc. are required.

The cure for crime is personal responsibility, shame, adopting/teaching/enforcing Foundational American Values, returning charity and other responsibilities to the people and eliminating criminal breeding grounds such as broken families, racial hucksters, uncaring bureaucrats, housing projects, generational government “welfare” dependency and all other moral hazards resulting from our corrupted societal values and corrupt government system.

The proposed amendments:

After due process and conviction, the perpetrator(s) of a crime, or those financially responsible for the perpetrator(s) such as, but not limited to, their guardians, family, insurance, business, assets or trust and excluding public funds, shall pay just compensation for damages directly to the victim(s) and a reasonable compensation to the respective agencies for the people’s costs in apprehension, trial and incarceration – as determined ASAP by a panel of experienced Judges,

Should there not be sufficient funds from the above sources to compensate the above recipients, the prosecuting authority (e.g. Local, State or Federal) shall pay the difference to the recipients from public funds and recoup the amount from the perpetrator(s) work in or out of incarceration and if necessary private or public indentured servitude (see Amendment XIII) and those financially responsible until such time as the full amount is paid back.

Murderers shall be put to death after compensation is paid and legal appeals are exhausted. If the perpetrator(s) die(s), before compensation is paid, their debt shall fall on the perpetrator(s) assets and those financially responsible for the perpetrator(s).

In lieu of incarceration, perpetrator(s), who have caused no damage may be punished by public shaming and/or with Lashes, not to exceed 39 or as limited by medical authority.

Lawrence Rosner
The Society Project (Founder)

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Biography - Lawrence Rosner

Lawrence spent his career solving the problems of major businesses. He created software, business processes and systems that save millions of dollars a year and make people’s work life easier and more productive. He was a founding partner in a company which is instrumental in streamlining the practice of medicine and helping both patients and Doctors cope with the problems created by government health care.

During an assignment on the 98th floor of the WTC in 1993, he experienced first hand Islamic Terrorists' nearly successful attempt to take down the WTC. He and tens of thousands of others were trapped in the building in darkness and choking smoke.

After the government’s whitewashing denial of the root cause of the bombing - the evil built into Islam, the deepening confusion of American values, the negative end results of unnecessary and even immoral government intervention, the deterioration of the US economy and widespread systemic government corruption and unchecked power, he founded The Society Project to provide a blueprint for restoring our unique government Of the People, not Above the people, as it has become.

The Society project is dedicated to restoring the Constitutional Republic of the United States by educating, motivating and facilitating people to act to repair our society, through the Amendment process, before our society becomes another of the world’s failures.

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