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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  J. Aaron Paciulli
Bio: J. Aaron Paciulli
Date:  August 15, 2008
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Topic category:  Other/General

Language for the Stupid, or Just Stupid Language: The Song of Smoke and Mirrors

Without preamble let me wonder this aloud: is it me, or am I the only one in this country who has never heard the word repudiate used so frequently in a presidential election? Further, how many people do most of us know who actually know what that word means? That, I believe is the point.

When his lunatic preacher Jeremiah Wright was exposed to the light of day, Barack Obama was asked to repudiate Wright’s statements. Some actually asked him to condemn his statements. But the point is that the word repudiate was used repeatedly when this happened, as would happen with most of Obama’s relationships. What is happening here is a phenomenon that is common in propaganda. You use a word that “less educated” people will not know, so you are seen as not really doing what the word means. In this example, Obama needs to appeal – and for the most part only does – to vastly under educated people. So, therefore, using the word repudiate repeatedly in the press, especially on the major news networks, means that the majority of those listening won’t really get it. Obama gets it both ways. The bulk of his supporters will say, “He didn’t condemn anyone! He repudiated them!”

But the linguistic stupidity doesn’t stop there. Conservative talk radio hosts – particularly Sean Hannity – love to say people like Obama are “flip-flopping”, or worse, “flip-flopping and failing.” This is blatant high school language and it does not deliver the bite that is necessary to expose people for what they are. You don’t use light-hearted language to indict someone. Ever. If you are a liar, you are a liar. Barack Obama is a compulsive liar who is just not bright enough to be able to speak off script. [And, I might add, I am convinced he did not write the books he claims to have written. No one that ridiculously illiterate in candid speech could have written those books. Any decent writer could detect that.]

Yet, Obama can say, looking you in the face, that he didn’t say something when there are hours of video showing that he did. And his supporters (followers) will believe it. This is cult manifestation.

John McCain, on the other hand, changes his positions. That’s only a little bit better than lying, but at least there is not the boldfaced deception that only the Clintons can get away with. Oh, and the bullets McCain dodged were real, Hillary.

Another language game is the word divisive, which someone apparently taught Obama early this year. Obama uses this anytime he is criticized. Yet, he is free to refer to his race – when no one else does – as an issue in the campaign. And he gets away with it.

And, unfortunately, because of word games and the stirring of false ethnic conflict will probably get the black equivalent to the stereotypical “dumb blonde” elected president.

Hitler’s propaganda machine would plant people in the audience of his speeches, who would pretend to be part of the crowd, saying things like “He’s right, you know.” These are the people who will give this nation over to a Marxist in November.

Is there still time?

J. Aaron Paciulli
The New Elsewhere

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Biography - J. Aaron Paciulli

J. Aaron Paciulli is a graduate of one of the most prestigious music colleges in the US, and he holds a Master's Degree in Linguistics and Political Science. An accomplished jazz musician for more than 30 years, he has been featured in numerous studio recording sessions and rock bands, particularly in NYC, Albany, NY and Boston, MA, performing as drummer, bassist or keyboardist. Currently, Paciulli is a professional development consultant working for non-profit organizations and private businesses.

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