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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  February 1, 2021
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Topic category:  Other/General

Hit & Run Commentary #131

Thespian Elizabeth Banks pinned the blame for the failure of the latest Charlie’s Angels cinematic adaptation on male viewers possessing an aversion to films featuring female leads. But don’t most women today have their own source of disposable income? If a chick flick flopped, it means the gals must not have liked it much either. The main reason men cared for Charlie’s Angels in the first place was because of Farah Fawcett in the original and maybe Lucy Lu in the remake. If Banks wants to consider films that appeal to both men and women, perhaps she should reflect upon the Hunger Games in which she co-starred. Women might have gone to see the romance. But the men that went did so enthusiastically asking, as Homer Simpson, lampooned regarding the film, “When do we get to the killing of the children?”

The majority fidgety that the strategic elimination of Iranian terrorist mastermind Qasem Soleimani will trigger Islamist sleeper cells rank among those insistent that the borders should be flung open wide and it a moral outrage to scrutinize the swarms pouring over.

Legislation is being advocated in the Virginia General Assembly that would allow local governments in the Commonwealth to determine the fate of Confederate memorials in their jurisdictions rather than have such decisions determined at the state level. If enacted would those wanting to retain these monuments be allowed to do so without any other threats, pressure, or harassment?

“The Ape That Understood The Universe”. That title doesn’t sound as upbeat when one realizes that the book is not a story about a hyperintelligent orangutan but rather is referring to the humans gazing upon the tome.

If Hell does not exist as progressive religionists and secularists insist, why is Trump suggesting that Lyndon Johnson might be there anymore outrageous than saying Johnson might now be on the planet of Mustafar, the lava-covered world in Star Wars?

A pastor said there is nothing as embarrassing as a 60 year old wearing brightly colored Air Jordan's. It might be just me, but I’d be more ashamed if I had a wife and she showed up to church wearing what was just about a mini-skirt and 8 inch hooker heels.

It shows where the loyalty of certain radical activists lie when they are more jacked out of shape over Americans unable to distinguish the sorts originating from a particular part of the world than over those of that particular phenotype eating dogs and cats. Are you going to tell me that those worked up to impose humor codes upon the entertainment industry have never made a snide remark or chuckled about redneck or hillbilly peculiarities?

The Governor of Virginia has temporarily banned weapons from the grounds of the state capitol on the grounds of credible threats of violence at a Second Amendment rally scheduled there for Martin Luther King Day 2020. So will law enforcement and, more importantly, those providing security for the elected functionaries of that legislative body also be required to leave their firearms home for the day or are their lives more worthy of instantaneous protection than the average taxpaying slobs? Were these threats of violence by documented supporters of the Second Amendment or by Antifa subversives that actually advocate for the elimination of the God-given right to defend oneself?

In a sermon about celebrating the demographics in which one finds oneself, the pastor criticized the Jews of Biblical times for their mindset of their being the Jews and everybody else. But wasn’t that essentially what God wanted when He explicitly gave them a divine revelation warning of dire consequences if they became overly familiar with the heathen nations surrounding them?

In a sermon celebrating the demise of White America in favor of the nation becoming increasingly African and Latino, a pastor praised Karl Barth for selecting his actions on the basis of what he believed rather than what he knew. The pastor elaborated that making decisions in such a manner represented a level of maturity most us us don't have. Does that include the lengthy extramarital affair Barth had with a colleague? From such a standpoint on what grounds can the pastor's Evangelical Christianity be said to be any more correct that someone claiming that they are the breeding sow of a Pleiadian extraterrestrial with whom she produced hybrid offspring or the terrorist savages that flew jetliners into the World Trade Center?

In a sermon, a pastor insinuated by quoting from a scientific study (itself a form of systematization) that those that lack empathy compensate through systemization. The purpose of doing so is to decipher patterns and to predict outcomes on the basis of those patterns. In other words, one is a mental or emotional defective if one believes that those in positions of authority ought to abide by the same regulations being imposed upon their underlings and that these rules should be derived from the sources claimed to be foundational rather than the subjective preferences of those having convinced the group to bestow power upon them.

In criticism of the pretribulational interpretation of eschatology, it was remarked that there is “still work for the Church to do. Such a statement does not provide a single line of valid argumentation one way or the other as to the placement of the Rapture along the prophetic timeline. But if someone believes that Christ does not return until after the Tribulation, unless part of that important church work consists of the stockpiling of food and the firearms to protect the stash, doesn’t that prove that those holding to that particular understanding don’t really understand the implications of what they are advocating?

On the 11/8/19 episode of the McLaughlin Group, columnist Eleanor Clift remarked that we bear responsibility for the death of the Mormons murdered in Mexico. But isn’t that only true of those that actually use the drugs or advocate the morally promiscuous lifestyle that results in individuals turning to these substances in the pursuit of hedonism that temporarily numbs their existential misery?

If the move away from hymns is justified on the grounds of the depleting attention span of the digital era, why do these contemporary worship choruses seem to drone on forever?

If these contemporary worship choruses did not drone on forever, a number of congregations could go back to church at 11 instead of pushing things back to 10:30 if folks want to be dismissed around noon.

A worship chorus essentially consisted of repeating nearly the same phrase twenty times. When the congregation clapped at the conclusion, was it for the quality of the music or simply because it was finally over?

A pastor insinuated that, if you do not invite your neighbor over, you do not believe your neighbor is an image bearer of God. It is because I believe my neighbor is an image bearer of God that I do not flip him off every time I see him over an incident with animal control.

In a sermon, it was remarked that in this country we value security. And they don’t in other countries? If the desire for security is not a human aspiration transcending nations, why are swarms heading here in search of a better life or other nations' dictatorships in the attempt to protect at least those holding power in these sorts of regimes?

In a sermon, it was admonished that we are not supposed to be so attached to something as to call it “mine” because everything ultimately belongs to God. If so, does that mean if another congregation gets to a particular worship structure earlier in the morning, the congregation in which this banality was initially uttered is going to surrender the house of worship willingly? My things might not be mine in the sense that they ultimately belong to God, but neither do they belong to another mortal.

It was lamented in a sermon that one of the first words that a child learns is “no”. It was claimed that this is a manifestation of the sin nature. So when a child or woman screams “no” at the prospect of sexual assault, is that a manifestation of the sin nature also? Isn’t it more that the word “no” is not wrong in itself? Rather, the parent bears the responsibility in teaching the child when that word is an appropriate response.

A preacher said in a sermon that he can tell within three or four minutes whether or not a person is a Christian because a true believer is not self-interested or feel they have to prove themselves. So what are we to think of him constantly reminding how many times he’s been to the Holy Land or what Christian celebrities he claims to be close friends with? Isn’t the desire for approval or affirmation something that is merely human rather than a symptom of degeneracy?

It was said in a sermon, that if one is truly focused on worshiping God, one does not think about physical food during a worship service. But doesn't such denigration of the body border on gnosticism? For was it not the God being worshiped that created the biological response categorized as hunger?

It was said in a sermon that a good way to study the Bible is in community with others. Wouldn’t it be better described as in fellowship with others? Emphasizing community means that your value is derived as part of the group. Fellowship implies that you are valued by the group as an individual.

In a sermon, a pastor remarked that, if you are analytically picking apart what someone is saying, you are not listening to understand but only to respond. In other words, those that do not march in lockstep with the minister will be accused of not listening to him.

A pastor remarked when are we going to get past the Reformation? From there, he went on to lament what he categorized as the “30,000 divisions” to transpire after that. So does he intend to resign from his Bible church pulpit and take his place as a mere pewfiller in a Roman Catholic or at most a Lutheran congregation? Or would doing so result in too much of a pay cut? For nondenominational Bible churches in the scope of church history are more the johnny come latelys. To broadly summarize, quite a number of those formed when dissatisfied Methodists and Baptists coalesced together after withdrawing from the associations succumbing to Modernism.

In a sermon that from the commencement of the homily analytically argued against analytical arguments, it was remarked that the speaking ill of authority figures has been rampant for the past twelve years in America. So what the pastor is insinuating that no president prior to Obama was subject to such criticism. And is it really speaking evil of those in authority to point out the evil that they have done?

The cover story of the Fall 2019 issue of The International Economy: The Magazine of International Economic Policy is titled “Could the U.S. Economy Be Experiencing a Hidden Tech-Driven Productivity Revolution?” Accompanying the article is an illustration alluding to Washington crossing the Delaware. But instead of a traditional rendition of George Washington and the patriots that accompanied him that pivotal Christmas night robots are depicted. That is indeed amusing. However, one must ask would the magazine publish an issue with a cover evocative of the historic March On Washington where, instead of Martin Luther King delivering the oration, an android is depicted calling for humans and artificial intelligences to come together in a spirit of cooperation rather than hostility?

In an interview on the 9/18/18 edition of the James Altucker Show, historian Yuval Harari suggested that mankind’s hunter/gatherer ancestors were better off than the average denizen of the 21st century. It was his contention that the work way back when was more satisfying than now. The constant danger allowed for the development of an awareness that has since been lost as our lives have become considerably safer. But would most be willing to trade substantially longer, more comfortable lives for shorter ones of more intense sensory stimulation? As someone that has made the composing of tomes usually well over 400 pages each his life’s work, it seems Dr. Harari must think this obligation of living the fuller authentic human experience is yet another one those of his ilk insists are for those beneath them.

At the Obama Foundation Summit, Frau Obama proposed curtailing the number of reasons over which an allegedly free individual might be allowed to depart from a particular neighborhood. In her tirade against Whites exercising what ought to be a fundamental economic right, she lambasted, “There were no gang fights...Yet one by one they backed their bags and they ran from us. And they left communities in shambles.” So is it the former First Lady the one insinuating that the new occupants are less than fully developed human beings if they are not the ones responsible for the upkeep of something that they are the owner of?

On an episode of Standing For The Truth, minister Dave Wager of Silver Dollar Ranch discussed “The Seductive Siren Of Entitlement”. Hasn’t he himself fallen for a similar temptation in thinking that he should not have to pay those laboring on his ministry’s property but instead guilt tripping believers into rendering free service?

Romney voting guilty in the Trump impeachment trial is evidence why he should be held at arm’s length politically as a Republican. However, it is going a bit too far to oust him as a Republican. The proper way to handle this would be to field a primary challenger against him.

Doesn’t the fact that he is continuing to contend for victory in the Iowa caucus refute the underlying presuppositions of the socialism of Bernie Sanders that all things should be equal, that things should be redistributed from those that have to those that have not, and that disputes such as the one he finds himself in now should not be settled through competition?

In a Watters World interview responding to Mitt Romney’s justification on voting guilty in reference to President Trump, Jerry Falwell Jr admonished that the Senator should keep his faith to himself and not allow it to influence political decisions. An ironic response given nearly the exact same thing was said for decades against Falwell’s father’s involvement in American politics.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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