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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  January 21, 2017
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #94

So how is it that ministries once outspoken against Domionism are now celebrating a Kabbalistic notion that Trump is in the messianic bloodline? A number of rabbis supposedly believe that Trump is in the messianic bloodline. If Christians are obligated to fawn all over such remarks because they were articulated by Jewish religious leaders, does that mean we also ought to lap up their denunciations of Jesus' claims of Messiah since they articulate such hooey as well? If Jewish occultists hint that Trump might be in the Messianic bloodline, doesn't that actually mean the discerning Christian should consider him a candidate for possibly being the Antichrist rather than something to celebrate?

On a non-disclosed social network in response to my column regarding opposition to Christmas in Europe on the part of radical multiculturalists and fanatic Islamists, it was posted, “Why should I care what happens in Sweden?” Firstly, it was my column. As such, MY column is a reflection of what I care about. You, dear reader, have been extended the privilege of the opportunity to ponder what has caught the attention of one of the foremost minds of the twenty-first century. But more importantly, those that categorize themselves as secularist European social democrats are idolized by progressivist American liberals. As such, what transpires there will eventually end up transpiring here. Just because Donald Trump was elected president that does not mean this sort of politically incorrect nonsense has ceased for evermore. At best, America was only granted a brief reprieve during which these threats to faith and freedom will grow even more dangerous as numerous patriotic Americans will obviously be lured into a false sense of quiescence.

Guess one could compose a parody version of the “Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego” with the words reworked referencing the reportedly missing Clinton Foundation executive Eric Braverman.

If alleged Russian interference somehow invalidates the legitimacy of the Trump election, does Soviet involvement invalidate the advances of the Civil Rights Movement?

Bill Clinton lamented that Donald Trump knows how to get angry White males to vote for him. As if Hillary doesn't know how to get WOMENNN that want to hack their babies to pieces to vote for her. And did not President Obama know how to get Black people to vote for him that believe the purpose of government is to give them the largest handout available with the least amount of work on their part?

To atone for holding slaves, Georgetown University plans to extend preferential admissions to the descendants of slaves connected to the institution. But isn't this also punishing other potential students having just as little control over whom their ancestors happened to be?

Leonardo DiCaprio in his propaganda piece broadcast by National Geographic admitted that he has learned what he has about the environment by traveling around the globe. One of his expeditions probably consumes more fossil fuels than the entire life time of commutes by the average American.

On Christmas Day, I saw a gaggle of buzzards eating a dead squirrel on a sidewalk along a suburban street.

So are Trump's judicial appointments going to be the equivalent of the Council on Foreign Relations or Trilateral Commission types he has appointed to the foreign and defense policy establishments?

Regarding the "Bombshells" restaurant chain, will those questioning the propriety of dressing skanky broads in skimpy camo be accused of being anti-military or unpatriotic?

Regarding the Rockette making a fuss about the group performing at the Trump inauguration. One does not turn to them for political analysis. One merely watches them to see shapely legs tossed into the air. The ones refusing to dance as ordered should face repercussions similar to the Christian bakers refusing to prepare cakes for gay weddings.

On the day of Kwanza celebrating cooperative economics, instead of receiving a gift, do observers of the sham holiday have something they treasure confiscated and redistributed to someone that did not labor to acquire the disputed item?

Provocatively instructive. Sikhs claim their version of God demands of them a warrior ethic requiring them to carry a ceremonial sidearm and to grow beards. Apparently New York City is now so smitten with them that entire regulations are to be rewritten to accommodate members of the sect as the ideal police officers. White Southerners espousing a very similar ethos from a Conservative Christian perspective even to the point of sporting beards would probably not only be denied a position in the New York City police department but are in fact the very component of the American cultural tapestry that the kinds of elites running NYC endeavor their entire careers to eliminate in part through nearly constant ridicule.

It was said in a sermon that you should not consider the individual that delivers a sermon but rather the content of the sermon. True to a certain extent. However, you ought to consider if a particular sermon topic is being delivered by a particular type of individual in order to manipulate those within earshot of these homiletical formulations. For example, sometimes those in positions of spiritual authority if they treat those under their care poorly often overemphasize submission and deference to leaders in their vocalized admonitions.

If one is going to hold to the position that it is sinful to cancel church Christmas morning so parishioners can instead celebrate with family, isn't it just as wrong to cancel evening services New Year's Day for the same reason?

Senator Chuck Schummer said America cannot afford a Twitter presidency. It has been said that the most dangerous thing to do in Washington is to get between Senator Schummer and a TV camera. That is a reference to the numerous interviews granted by this media junkie of a legislator. So how is government by sound bite appreciably better than government by status update?

A Sermon Audio pastor in a threatening tone warned that, if you don't pray, you won't know peace. The clergy then look dumb founded as to why the average Christian does not view prayer as the opportunity to share concerns with a loving parent but rather a frightening transaction with a mafia gangster or a revenue bureaucrat (these days there really isn't that much of a difference) to get done and over with in the hopes of avoiding overwhelming harm to life and limb.

In a Sermon Audio tirade, Pastor Jason Cooley intoned that those unwilling to drive two hours just to attend his church are “lazy”. Where does it say in Scripture that his is the only congregation that a believer can attend in a 100 miles or thereabouts radius? How do we not know that what the pastor described as laziness was not the preventative hand of the Holy Spirit keeping the person from ending up in a spiritually toxic environment?

Pastor Jason Cooley, in an upload to Sermon Audio, praised an impoverished single mother willing to end up her life to move to his area primarily for the purposes of going to his church. But of course there is no way that situation can possibly end poorly. I am sure Mrs. Cooley (the current one that is) is simply thrilled at this prospect.

At the Golden Globe Awards, Meryl Streep about had a breakdown warning that the kind of bullying that Donald Trump has a tendency to wallow in has a way of filtering down to influence nearly everyone in a bad way. Interesting, though, how media elites insist the violence and especially the promiscuous sex depicted by Hollywood doesn't seem to negatively impact the culture however.

Too bad most of Hollywood is not as interested in exposing the actual abuses of Scientology as these elites are the poor manners of Donald Trump.

At article posted at the Huffington Post is titled “Self-publishing: An Insult To The Written Word”. One could respond the the Huffington Post is pretty much the same thing when it comes to journalism and news analysis.

An article posted at the Gospel Coalition's website suggests it is unacceptable for Christian men to watch female ultimate fighters. If it is acceptable to watch men beat the excrement out of one another, why not allow women to do so? The article elaborates upon a number of the physical differences between men and women. The point is to emphasize that men are usually stronger than women. But if these contests remain between competitors of the same gender, such statistics don't have much bearing on the morality of the mater.

In discussion of female ultimate fighting, Pastor Sean Harris at SermonAudio suggested that Christian men should not watch such events because that would be an endorsement of the lesbian lifestyle pursued by a number of these competitors. Then why, as the pastor of a church, did he allow one of his assistant ministers to invite a male professional wrestler whose gimmick at one time was to portray his character as homosexual to address the student body of the church's day school and then upload the remarks to SermonAudio? If we are to be this vigilant regarding entertainment, aren't you endorsing the professional wrestler lifestyle where those in that particular line of work often experience dramatically reduced lifespans.

In condemnation of the debauchery afflicting professional sports, Pastor Sean Harris suggested that athletes engaged in domestic violence or adulterous relationships should not be mentioned in the Christian home. The question needs to be asked should a similar principle be applied to ministers accused of or abetting similarly egregious shortcomings of character? If so, shouldn't Pastor Harris have not only avoided praise of C.J. Mahaney but also avoided attending in the name of Christian sanctification and separation a conference sponsored by this minister mired in controversy regarding a child sex abuse scandal and the overall mistreatment of believers under Mahaney's pastoral care?

In the attempt to frighten Christian men into not watching female cage fighting, the pastoral staff of Berean Baptist Church in a podcast uploaded to SermonAudio said a father cannot watch such competitions and then discourage his daughter from pursuing that profession when she expresses an interest. From the way their criticism was articulated, do these pastors have any problem if their sons decide to pursue a career with no other purpose than to destroy human bodies for mere entertainment? At least in regards to football the bodily injury is the ancillary result of advancing or preventing the ball from moving down field rather than the primary objective.

Pastor Jason Cooley in a SermonAudio homily admonished that we ought to be willing to move halfway around the world just to find an “acceptable church”. He no doubt meant one like the one he pastors in terms of doctrinal peculiarities. If one heeds this advice, don't you run the risk of finding yourself isolated in a cultic situation? This is because Cooley also believes that churches in different areas can only be established by operatives authorized by what he considers another legitimately established church. So if you want to return to your native area having realized religious fanaticism is not for you but your area was not deemed worthy of ecclesiastical colonization, it is doubtful that Rev. Cooley would allow you to depart without condemning you as the vilest of sinners, leaving you up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

A number of performers have allegedly turned down invitations to perform at the Trump Inauguration. In response, Marie Osmond has gone on the record to suggest that it is actually wrong to turn down such a request. The proper response lies somewhere in between. Trump is a president, not royalty and we (at least not yet) not his subjects. An invitation to perform at an inauguration is not a jury duty summons. A free person should not feel forced to attend this event against their will.

On an episode of “Standing For The Truth”, Dave Wager of the ministry Silver Birch Ranch (who often seems to come on the program for the purposes of guilt tripping listeners into donating free labor for the upkeep of his rural compound) said we deserve nothing but punishment from God. That does not mean we deserve contemptible treatment on the part of other human beings or the institutions staffed by them. If disappointment is, as Wager suggests, the result of inappropriate expectations, should assorted professional religionists be perplexed to the point of verbal condemnation if nothing is placed in their perennially outstretched hands (which in Pastor Wager's case seems to consist of duping listeners into coming and scrubbing his toilets without providing the prevailing market wage)?

Tom Selleck now doing reverse mortgage commercials. People no longer falling for similar swill being peddled by Fonzi that Magnum P.I. Had to be brought in in order to dupe viewers?

If Trump's proposal to build the border wall is to be condemned, why is the Great Wall of China heralded as one of the world's historical treasures? Why is China to be celebrated for taking steps to safeguard its culture and territorial integrity but the United States denied similar protections. This must be among the only instances were the multiculturalists don't kowtow to “Asian wisdom”.

By not allowing Rep. John Lewis to walk all over him unchallenged, shouldn't Donald Trump be celebrated for upholding the principle that Black people are full members of the human family that should be treated with no more deference than should be extended any other smartmouth?

Rep. John Lewis has announced that he refuses to accept the legitimacy of the Trump presidency because of alleged Russian meddling in the election. Was he as vociferous regarding the likely Soviet infiltration of the many civil rights organizations Lewis was no doubt allied with during his rise to prominence?

So is Juan Williams not drug addict enough to retain the token leftist agitator's seat on Fox News' “The Five”? Despite his errors in ideology and policy errors, doubt Williams is a pill-popping boozer. Would he be on the show if the other hosts had to help him along the way they are propping up Beckel?

In his good riddance oration, President Obama reiterated that he rejects discrimination against Muslims. It’s those pesky Christians that actually live by Biblical values that he has no qualms about infringing upon the rights of.

Fox News has settled a sexual harassment claim with former network personality Juliet Huddy over advances made on her by broadcaster Bill O’Reilly. One has to wonder if Huddy at the time might have actually liked some of the attention. In coverage of these claims, fuss is made that O’Reilly tried to kiss following a tour of his home after a lunch together. Firstly, this is reason why you don’t let visitors into your home. Well into her 40’s and supposedly a journalist, shouldn’t Huddy have known something was up if she gets invited over to a man’s house and no one else is there especially given O’Reilly’s reputation? Without a witness other than O’Reilly, how do we not know Huddy wasn’t possibly sending mixed signals? From the account, all it sounds like he tried to do it that instance was to kiss her. It’s not like he tossed her on the bed and proceeded to crawl on top of her in order to have his way with her.

It was said on a Christian podcast that marriage is not about love or about having needs met. Since commitment is a choice that one is not obligated to enter into, shouldn’t professional religionists keep their mouths shut if certain people decide such commitments are not for them?

If Trump’s proposed wall is to be condemned, why is the Great Wall of China heralded as one of the world’s historical treasures? Why is China to be celebrated for taking steps to safeguard its culture and territorial integrity but not the United States?

In a discussion on Issues Etc about the unrealistic expectations of marriage, it was said not to expect it to make you happy. If not, then what’s really the point?

Chuck Norris is featured in a United Healthcare commercial. Wonder if he had to go through as much rigmarole to receive compensation for this appearance as a customer of that corporation trying to be reimbursed on a claim for a pair of eye glasses.

The only thing that we should feel bad about regarding the protester that set himself on fire in front of the Trump hotel in Washington, DC is that this deadbeat's medical expenses will probably be picked up by taxpayers.

Fascinating how the skanks the proudest about birthing bastards into the world insistent about not needing a man often have the longest baby registry lists demanding what people are to give them in terms of infant care items. If one is going to wail what a strong WOMANNNN they are, perhaps they ought to by their own junk. If you are in such a position and want a “hands free breast pump”, perhaps you are a little late in your breasts being hands free.

The gay pride student group at Georgetown University plans to provide stuffed animals and therapeutic coloring books in an attempt to prevent a post-inaugural campus meltdown. Shouldn’t a gay pride group be as much a part of the Georgetown student body as a Jack Chick appreciation society.

The propagandists that will no doubt be outraged at the audible bristle in the crowd in response to Schumer’s inaugural remarks against political rancor will likely say nothing of the vandalism taking place elsewhere in DC against private property in opposition to the peaceful transfer of power.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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