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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  December 9, 2016
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #93

Isn't it a bit of a stretch to invoke the passage regarding the conception of John the Baptist to condemn the ailing elderly that aren't able to get to church as often as they used to? The text implies that God intervened in regards to the withered reproductive tracts of Zacharias and Elizabeth. So unless God intervenes similarly in regards to dimmed eyesight and crippled legs, isn't He the one to be held responsible regarding this attendance issue? The pastor insisted that, if an elderly individual can make it to the doctors or the supermarket, they can make it to church. One is reminded of the line from the movie “Dodgeball”, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” But doesn't such a imperative analogy postulate a weak God bordering on the heretical? The decrepit of advanced chronology are forced to go to the doctor's or the grocery store because such services are often physicalized in a singular location. But doesn't the God of the Christian go out of His way to make it known that He is not confined by a structure built by the hands of man no matter how ornate or well intended such dedicated edifices might happen to be?

Interesting. A homicidal tyrant that has in effect built a wall of security for the purposes of keeping his people imprisoned is praised by typical liberals but a president elect that promised to keep out those having no right to be here is the first place is condemned.

There are two suspected assailants in the attack on an Ohio college campus. Wonder how long until the unapprehended second attacker disappears into the ether and his existence vociferously denied to the point of law enforcement threatening violence against witnesses continuing to insist otherwise?

It was alleged on a Christian talk radio program that those on the Right are often guilty of arguing from the extreme. So does that mean come next October this ministry won't rant and rave that children that Trick or Treat are prone to becoming Satanists or practicing witches?

A pastor remarked that it is humanocentric to be worried about people going to Hell and theocentric to be concerned that God is not receiving the worship that He deserves. Maybe so. But if this was God's primary concern, perhaps He shouldn't have created sentient beings so aware of or motivated by pain and misery.

A pastor remarked that, in order to destroy the idol of materialism, the Christian must become a giver. Wonder if the pastor would sing the same tune if the philanthropy was directed towards any worthwhile charitable effort but the one he administers or others in his theological or ideological orbit.

In a sermon against idolatry, a pastor said that, during the holiday season, the congregation was being provided with a list of organizations to which they should consider giving in the attempt to squelch the influence of materialism over their lives. The catch was that this eleemosynary was not to come their usual tithe or offering. In other words, the minister was insistent that he still wanted his usual cut of the usual proceeds.

In a sermon, Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church remarked in reference to John D. Rockerfeller that anyone that gave away 60% of their income couldn't be an idolater. I cannot necessarily speak to the state of John D. Rockerfeller's soul. However, the pastor's conclusion doesn't necessarily fly. For example, having all that one could desire in terms of possessions, often those of immense wealth fund an assortment of organizations for the purposes of advancing their own reputations or to remake society in compliance with their particular image. Likewise, what about Communist revolutionaries that might forgo the accumulation of personnel possession for their particular cause? They might not wallow in luxury, but they are no less materialistic as the most debauched hedonist. After all, the philosophy underlying Communism is itself called dialectical materialism.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser lamenting the strain caused by increasing numbers of indigents streaming into the city because of its generous social welfare benefits wants to tighten the residency requirements that must be met before shelter is offered. So how is such a proposal appreciably different than Trump wanting to toughen border security for assorted reasons? And if bleeding heart liberals want to maintain the distinction, why are foreigners more deserving of American assistance than actual Americans?

On The Five, Greg Gutfeld says most prefer community to calamity. From my experience, each of these is pretty much identical.

A pastor warned that your spouse or your children can become an idol in that an idol is anything that can compete with your affection for God. If a pastor fails to list the organized church among that warming, there is the likelihood that the pastor has made an idol of formalized religion.

A pastor complained that, for every $100, the average Christian gives only $2.50. The remark must no doubt mean into the offering plate. But if we are going to operate under the assumption that the family is the first and foremost charity, isn't every dollar a parent spends to take care of a child in essence a dollar spent on charity? And isn't the amount increased substantially if the Christian has their offspring in a Christian school as they have been admonished to by a wide variety of reputable teachers and ministries? And to those that might not have any children, it has been suggested that creation care itself qualifies as a form of ministry. As such, wouldn't every dollar one spends on pet food contribute to the care of God's creatures? It might be responded but children and pets are entities from which we derive enjoyment. Tread carefully, dear pastor. For the ultimate outcome of that line of argumentation would conclude that those attending your congregation should instead send their offering dollar to the congregation across town or down the street that they do not attend.

In a sermon on idolatry, Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church used the illustration of a little girl with three dolls in her arms that would still want additional dolls in her embrace if she could get her arms around them. Given the photo of his church facility on SermonAudio, are that many flagpoles at one church the most prudent use of tithe dollars especially since the pastoral staff is on the record in numerous uploaded podcasts expressing just what little regard they have (actually bordering on spiritual contempt) for Old Glory?

If your church is on the verge of financial ruination, isn't it about time to cut back on the foreign missionaries to an extent?

If in a sermon on tithing it is claimed that those that tithed ended up with more money, how is that appreciably different than Osteenian propaganda?

It was said of 100 faith promise giving program pledge forms, a previous year only nine were completed and returned. But if it is emphasized that this campaign is distinct from the Biblically compulsory tithe, who is to say that it wasn't the Holy Spirit that restrained some believers from participation?

On an episode of “Stand For The Truth” addressing racial issues, broadcaster Mike Lemay lamented how often the response on the part of Conservatives and certain Christians is to point out that things have improved considerably over time. Instead, succumbing to the intellectual contaminate of liberal White guilt, he suggests that we are to join the chorus of how things still need to improve. Perhaps if he fails or refuses to realize that this response on the part of Conservatives is to prevent additional government intervention and wealth redistribution, perhaps what he himself has worked to accumulate will be among the first assets seized. Better yet, if he feels Holy Ghost conviction regarding these matters, why doesn't he surrender his microphone to a minority and instead take up manual day labor as a way to do penance?

Elites are unsettled that Donald Trump might have strong armed United Technologies into keeping in the U.S. over 1000 jobs the corporation had intended to transfer to Mexico. How is this anymore disturbing than the courts compelling small scale Christian businesses to provide services for gay weddings against their will or Obama imposing an assortment of broad mandates upon American enterprises nowhere authorized by Congress or even ordered by the courts?

In response to the AltRight, homeschool activist Kevin Swanson insisted that the Bible allows for the immigrant or stranger to enter the land. If we are going to be that hardcore Old Testament, don't these Old Testament passages about the stranger abiding in the land also admonish the stranger to abide by the laws and customs a determined by the host country and to an extent renouncing the ways of their homeland.

In his criticism of the AltRight, Kevin Swanson insisted it is not a sin for immigrants to attempt to preserve their cultural identity when they come to live in the United States. Then why did the homeschool activist dedicate the podcast in which this sentiment was expressed to propagating the notion that it is a sin for America as its own distinctive culture to take steps in order to do so?

In condemning the AltRight, Kevin Swanson warned that there can be the possibility of more than one ditch. By this, the podcaster meant that, just because something is opposed by the Left, that does not necessarily make it correct. Why doesn't the same principle apply to education? Just because public education at this point might be beyond repair, it does not follow that the only alternative is a form of home education where the future life paths of young women especially are severely curtailed and restricted to the point where they are discouraged from pursuing higher education and even pre-marital employment outside of their parents' home.

Home school activist Swanson denounced as reprobates those not keen on fellowshipping with groups of people. But why are we obligated to attend gatherings where one is going to be bored out of one's mind, where others hardly interacts with you, and where one is reluctant to open one's mouth for fear of it being a religious gathering you will likely be berated with Scripture or if in secular company the outcome could very likely result in a beating or your property destroyed.

Obama in the oration where he brownnosed himself for how the war on terror was conducted during his regime how America was founded so that one could practice one's religion as one saw fit. That is, of course, unless one differs from the prevailing herd mentality regarding homosexual matrimony.

NASA posted "Godspeed, John Glenn." Why shouldn't the official invoking deity in this instance be occupationally terminated like the Jet Propulsion Lab functionary dismissed over confessing a belief in theistic intelligent design? Yes, the modifier "theistic" is necessary because there is probably some egghead at that facility who believes the Intelligent Designer is an extraterrestrial and the directors of the facility have no problem with that belief.

Isn't Brian Williams about the last mass communicator that should get on his establishmentarian media high horse against “fake news”?

Regarding those outraged over the legitimacy of the Pizzagate scandal. Were they as quick to condemn the rush to judgment regarding nebulous allegations of carnal impropriety leveled against Herman Cain and Donald Trump?

In his condemnation of the so-called AltRight, home school activist Keven Swanson insisted that sin, not immigration or cultural preservation, is the root cause of the nation's problems. Technically so. But that is the Sunday school answer. If Swanson really holds to Reformed theology, he ought to admit that it is God's plan for different people to tackle the manifestation of such in different social spheres or cultural arenas. Perhaps Swanson ought to be criticized for focusing a significant percentage of his efforts towards education. It must be admitted that there are some in the AltRight that probably take the issues that they emphasize too far. However, this subset of Conservatism has only gained a degree of notoriety because of the many religious leaders that downplay the concerns of everyday Americans (usually Caucasian) while overlooking ethno-supremacist activism when such manifests itself among assorted minorities.

An appellate judge has suggested that the “arms” of the disputed Peace or Victory Cross World War I Memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland could be removed in order to make the edifice constitutionally compliant. So it can, what, look like a giant middle finger thrust into the face of God?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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