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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  April 18, 2016
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #85

In an oration before the National Press Club, head Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry denounced individualism as a kind of golden calf. However, this was euphemistic praise of collectivism and an assault against economic liberty. For in this tirade against consumerism, the free market, and individual rights, it seems nary a word was articulate against some of the ultimate forms of self-centeredness such as gay marriage and abortion on demand. Bishop Curry warned that selfishness is such a blight that, left unchecked, it could apparently destroy the planet. Yet apparently he himself has not yet evolved into a perfected communal state. For this ecclesiastical hierarch has not yet announced that he will forgo the extensive travel characteristic of his position if the church is to emphasize the perspective that certain persons are no more distinctive than any other.

It is being asked would it be appropriate for Melanie Trump to be First Lady despite her past of questionable photo spreads in which she appeared particularly immodest. While worthy of criticism, seems this is less offensive than the depravity alleged to take place at Bohemian Grove, John Kennedy defiling staff members in the White House pool, or Bill Clinton getting a blow job from underneath the desk in the Oval Office. Apparently these kinds of acts don't disqualify an individual from a position of high honor but whether or not polaroids commemorating such instances apparently do.

Hillary Clinton insists that, instead of building walls, the nation needs to tear down barriers. Should she be elected, will a priority of her administration be the elimination of the assorted barriers and traffic obstructions erected throughout Washington, DC in the name of the pervasive national security state?

The same filthy beatniks jacked out of shape over Donald Trump tweeting a Mussolini quotation probably regularly peruse Mao's Little Red Book while wearing their cruddy Che t-shirts.

If Donald Trump is expected to repudiate the endorsement of controversialist of David Duke, is Bernie Sanders expected to repudiate himself for being an avowed socialist? Did President Obama repudiate the endorsement he received from the Communist Party, USA?

In a podcast rant posted at SermonAudio, Jason Cooley insisted that Internet ministry does not count as a church. Given that his is a ministry that claims it holds to no position that cannot be backed up by the warrant of divine revelation, from what passage is this prohibition derives? If the Cooleyites want to contend that the only valid churches are those operating from the sanction of historically authorized churches to the extent that any good works done as a result of unauthorized Internet will be burned up on the Day of Judgment like hay and stubble, does Pastor Cooley intend to bring his church and ministry under the direct control of the Vatican?

In his condemnation of Internet ministries, Pastor Jason Cooley in a SermonAudio podcast (itself an Internet ministry) insisted that, if you as a mere pewfilling Christian have a question or a problem, you are obligated to seek the answers from sanctioned Christian authorities rather than dare to research the concern on your own over the Internet. Don't the acolytes of the Watchtower (the weirdos that just happen to know to knock on the door Saturday mornings when you are either sitting on the can or romping in the sack with your spouse) make nearly the same threat to those ensnared by that particular variety of spiritual deception? And who is one to turn to if the power structure of your particular church is what is giving you troubles or raising your doubts? Wouldn't that particular chain of command be insufficiently removed from the situation in order to render impartial counsel?

The podcast Standing For The Truth posted an episode pondering the role played by sports in the life of the believer. In Wisconsin from where the program originates, it was noted that, on the days of Green Bay Packer games, churches offering two services would have a higher attendance at the earlier. So long as folks showed up that week, does it really matter at what time they attended?

The Pentagon insists that parents and schools must cut junk food so that the armed services can muster a sufficient number of recruits. And what if parents refuse to comply? The American people don't breed children for the greater glory of the Fatherland.

Mitt Romney emphasized that Donald Trump did not build his own business but instead inherited his fortune. That's what we call an example of the dye job calling the toupee black.

House Speaker Paul Ryan forcefully condemned the supposed endorsement of Donald Trump by alleged White supremacists such as David Duke. Was the Speaker as emphatic in his repudiation of past remarks by Jeb Bush insisting that the wanton violation of America's borders was an act of love and that the racially mixed are superior to those whose parents procreated with those of their own breed.

A pastor remarked that accumulating facts about the Bible is not learning. He insisted that one can only learn by doing. Does that mean one cannot learn about what the Israelites endured to take the Holy Land from the indigenous pagans unless one goes out and kills a few?

The cover story of an issue of the Nation magazine boldly warns “Donald Trump Is Dangerous”. And Barack Obama was not in his threats to fundamentally transform America? At least Trump wants to make America great again and not essentially destroy everything that we know and love. Was this propaganda outlet as blunt and forthright in regards to the Occupy Movement and Black Lives Matter? As shocking as some of Donald Trumps outbursts are, I don't believe that there have been reports of Trump supporters defecating on the sides of police cruisers or (perhaps even more interesting) looting the same wig shop on multiple occasions.

A number of celebrities are threatening to leave if Donald Trump is elected. But isn't that an incentive to actually vote for the mouthy mogul?

Cogitating upon what might transpire if Trump is denied the Republican nomination at a brokered convention, Clinton flak Paul Begala fretted on CNN that violence might erupt. For unlike Democrats, these activists are supposedly armed. And what about in cities such as Baltimore, Oakland, or Ferguson that are Democratic strongholds were welfare leeches and their subversive handlers rampaged in the streets and laid waste to private property in the path of looting mobs?

Father Jonathan Morris in a Fox News interview remarked how he thinks churches are better off without armed security. Does this Roman Catholic intend to call upon the Pope to disband the Swiss Guard (often toting submachine guns) as a display of the Pontiff's reliance upon divine protection?

According to an article titled “Biobots, Roll Out” published in the April 2016 issue of Discover Magazine, scientists are attaching an assortment of wires and WiFi receptors to insects such as moths and roaches for the purposes of controlling these creatures for an assortment of surveillance and intelligence missions. Perhaps an even more important question to ask is what to prevent this from being done to human beings?

In his condemnation of Internet ministry, Pastor Jason Cooley insisted that such efforts are undertaken from the perspective of despising the local church. Maybe so in certain cases. But can't it also be done to protect the flock from those imposing their own idiosyncrasies on others as if such preferences were revealed doctrine?

In a SermonAudio podcast, Pastor Jason Cooley categorized the universal invisible church as a dangerous heresy. For apparently the believer is much more edified and protected by being conditioned to believe that the only acceptable Christians free from error in the eyes of God are a minuscule percentage of Baptists and that, no matter how bad a particular congregation one might find oneself trapped in in terms of belittlement or even abuse, one ought not want to escape for fear of being cast out into uttermost darkness.

In his condemnation of the concept of the universal invisible church, Pastor Jason Cooley insisted that the doctrine was Catholic and Protestant but not Baptist. As someone that positions himself in the camp of Sola Scriptura, shouldn't he instead concern himself as to whether or not a doctrine is instead Biblical or Christian? For the Baptist church is nowhere explicitly referenced by name in the pages of divine revelation just as in the case of that form of ecclesiology's Protestant or Catholic counterparts.

In expounding on the superiority of the physicalized church over the universal invisible church as manifested in the form of Internet ministries, Pastor Jason Cooley insisted that, unlike Internet ministries which are accountable to no one, in the context of a local church such as his own that he would be required to answer to the men of his church if he got out of line in terms of deed or doctrine. Maybe so in terms of theory. However, in a church such as his own, as characterized by his SermonAudio podcasts, where those that disagree with him on secondary matters of opinion are dealt with by shouting down and verbalized ridicule, would a man that was not in jackbooted lockstep with this pastor be granted a position of authority or even allowed to accrue any influence before being kicked out? For in these kinds of churches, most are usually manipulated into being afraid of the pastor.

On International WOMMMMENNNN's Day (said with political incorrect intonation and syllabic emphasis) wonder how many will have the guts to point out that the majority misery celebrated during this festive occasion is the fault of radical Islam.

Isn't insisting Donald Trump's own rhetoric is at fault for the near riot breaking out in Chicago akin to blaming a scantily clad woman that she got raped?

Too bad the leftist media is not as outraged by the "Knock Out Game" perpetuated by ghetto youth usually upon unsuspecting Whites as they are about the few punches thrown at Donald Trump events.

So I guess if Marco Rubio has his way not only should protesters be allowed to disrupt candidate events but they should be thanked by lavishing such human detritus with increased welfare handouts.

Apparently CHIPs is to be remade as an action/comedy. If the series was considered a serious police procedural in the 70s, shouldn't the source material be similarly respected today? If Hillary is so against "bullies", wonder if she has anything to say about what her husband and Butch Reno did to the Branch Davidians.

Rubio says conservatism cannot be about anger and division. But aren't there things you are supposed to be angry about and not want to be a part of?

If you disrupt any candidate's rally beyond asking a question during the designated question and answer period, why shouldn't you expect the possibility of being whacked by a billy club?

On National Geographic's “The Boonies”, it was pointed out that only American Indians are allowed to fish with gill nets on Lake Michigan. If this is a concession to preserving an ancient culture, why is it allowed to take place from a motorized watercraft designed by the White man? Such technologies were not part of an alleged way of life stretching back centuries. Are Indians so dimwitted that they are not capable of learning how to fish with other techniques? So apparently color of skin ought to be taken into consideration when law is applied after all.

Sally Fields admits she did not like the film “The Amazing Spider-Man”. She should be assured that, regarding certain aspects, that feeling is mutual. Her depiction had to have been the worst casting and portrayal of Aunt May in the history of the character.

So why is Lindsay Graham's remarks regarding violence being done to Ted Cruz more acceptable to milksop Republicans than Donald Trump wanting to bop a protesting Beatnik?

If Jorge Ramos is so concerned about "hatred" on the part of Trump, does that propagandist ever condemn La Raza (an Hispanosupremacist hatre group)?

Donald Trump is blamed for the disturbances that erupt in response to his rallies. Applying similar logic, is Belgium at fault for the terrorist attack because authorities there arrested a jihadist in connection to the attack on Paris?

It is exclaimed that, without a brokered Republican convention, we would not have not had President Lincoln. You either think he was the greatest president of them all or the spawn of the Devil himself. However, one has to admit that that phase of American history wasn't exactly the most enjoyable that this nation has ever endured.

Hilary Clinton insisted that America needs a president to defend the country and not embarrass it. This from a woman whose husband got a blow job from an intern beneath the desk in the Oval Office. Some will respond that Hillary should be considered on her own merits. Fair enough. Are we to consider her drunken bar hopping in Columbia the pinnacle of American foreign policy?

Chumlee of History Channel's “Pawnstars” has been arrested in connection with a number of sexual assault, firearms, and controlled substance violations. As such, shouldn't the series he is a cast member of have been yanked from the programming rotation by now? After all, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duck Dynasty, and Paula Deen were tossed off television for a period for mere verbal formulations that in no way violated any duly authorized statute. The Dukes Of Hazard was banished from television entirely with the majority of its cast either now dead or living in post-celebrity obscurity.

Bowing to threats by environmentalists and animal rights raconteurs, Sea World has announced an end to its killer whale breeding programs and ultimately theatrical performances involving these particular cetaceans. Given that for decades Sea World served as a front for the Aneheuser-Busch Corporation, does that mean that should the temperance lobby become sufficiently agitated, booze peddlers ought to cease the distribution of noxious beverages despite a desire for them by a larger percentage of the population. Moral libertines will likely retort that, unlike orcas in captivity, no one is harmed as a result of intoxicating libations. Battered spouses, neglected children, and those mangled in a variety of automobile accidents might argue otherwise.

If Panerra Bread is now emphasizing in an advertising campaign that their food is clean, the concerned consumer really needs to ask how many times have these victuals been dropped on the floor.

A commercial mentioned that there are something like 28 flavors of Poptarts. Yet when goes to a supermarket, there is usually only one or two kinds there on the shelf.

In a sermon, prosperity minster Chuck Pierce confessed that “Tomorrow booty is coming to my house.” Does he mean as in wealth or something else? Given the number of sex scandals that plague churches these days, it can never hurt to ask or clarification.

If WOMENNNNN (the term said with its politically correct intonations) are so dimwitted that they should not be held responsible for the decision to slaughter their unborn children, why should such WOMENNNNN be trusted with the right to vote?

If women that have had abortions should not be charged because the act was not criminal at the time the act was committed, neither should specific Germans be held accountable for what they did at the time of the Holocaust because those deeds were also legal under German law. Some might respond how there is a natural law transcending temporal statutory law. If you are unwilling to apply that in the case of the unborn and the mother, you still do not fully embrace the idea of the unborn being a fully alive human.

Albert Mohler, on an episode of his Daily Briefing, said that the guilty party in a abortion is the one actually taking the life of the unborn child and not the woman seeking it. Extrapolating from such logic, the best way for a man to get rid of a wife he no longer desires is to contract with an underworld hitman. That way, only the mercenary gangster would be guilty of murder.

If women that have had abortions shouldn't be punished, neither should men negligent in paying their child support. At least in the case of such fathers, the children are still alive and not shishcabobbed.

If preachers are going to raise a fuss about folks coming to worship service but not Sunday school, they shouldn't be surprised when these targets of their articulated ire eventually drop the worship service as well.

Geraldo is still tossing a hissy that Ted Cruz's remarks concerning New York values are a veiled form of anti-Semitism. So apparently it is not enough that we must allow establishmentarian elites to destroy the culture. We are also not allowed to say anything about it either. And are we to assume that those dwelling in New York City articulate nothing but positive support in regards to rural Christians?

During episodes of the drama Quantico, isn't it racist for the Indian gal to advertise “The Jungle Book”? If color doesn't matter and we aren't to notice it under threats of ostracism, why not yet the blond chick so pale that it looks like she's never seen the sun introduce the commercial?

The radicals jacked out of shape at Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson for praying as he felt led by the Holy Spirit at the NASCAR race he sponsored out of his own pocket are the same ones all in favor of biological men urinating in the same restroom at the same time as your underage daughter.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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