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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  January 1, 2016
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #82

In his oration at a global forum on the environment, President Obama insisted that the greatest threat to the climate is cynicism. Does he intend to curb that emission as well?

As often as he is absent from the airwaves and that the third hour of his program is a rebroadcast of the first hour, on what grounds does Michael Savage criticize those that take time off around Thanksgiving?

President Obama is suggesting that the border between Syria and Turkey be sealed. If it is acceptable to call for the sealing of that border, why not the one between the United States and Mexico?

From the pulpit, a minister poked fun of the elderly women at his former pastorate that became noticeably upset at a young woman wearing a short skirt that showed up to witness an infant dedication. But weren't those senior saints merely reflecting how they had probably been instructed for decades from the pulpit such as by that pastor's own documented tirades opposing women wearing pants? Pants are usually more modest that a skimpy skirt.

It was remarked from a pulpit that acts of kindness that you do for family because the person is related to you are not done from the standpoint of Christian love. But so long as a deed is done for a person in a spirit of magnanimity, is God going to be that picky about it? What's the big deal if familial relationship is the primary motivating factor? Doesn't God place most people in families for the purposes of taking care of these particular individuals? Is it really more pious to travel halfway around the globe to take care of other elderly while your own are neglected?

It was said in a sermon that we ought to let those with plagues such as leprosy touch us because Jesus allowed a leper to touch Him. However, as the source of healing, it was doubtful Jesus was going to contract the debilitating illness. Furthermore, was not the Triune Godhead the deity that implemented the regulations that, for lack of a better term, stigmatized those with that particular affliction? As an illustration, the pulpiteer mentioned the time that he was touched by someone with a developmental disability. However, unlike ebola, retardation is not communicable.

Regarding these refugees that have sewn their mouths shut in protest until they are granted entry into Europe, is socialized medicine also expected to pick up the tab to surgically correct such deliberate acts of self-mutilation?

At the Paris environmental summit, Prince Charles panicked that the actions we take now will determine the fate of the planet in terms of ecology. But is he so troubled that he will surrender his fleet of luxury automobiles and his mother her multiple palaces and as many corgis? Or is deprivation and sacrifice something to be imposed upon the classes of humanity from less polluted gene pools?

Obama panicked regarding fish swimming in the streets of Miami. But isn't that the occasional chance you take building a city essentially on a sandbar?

A headline regarding the social services center shooting in California read “FBI Unable To Determine If Terrorism Involved.” Will this determination render the victims any more or less dead?

Regarding this proposed “No Gun List” that would parallel the “No Fly List”. Will those placed upon it forbidden from purchasing firearms also be forbidden from knowing why they have been placed on it? Terrorists and extremists also make extensive use of social media and related messaging technologies. If Obama gets to take away your right to bear arms without the due process inherent to these kinds of lists, what is to prevent the government from summarily denying you access to the Internet?

Jim Bakker is blaming his fall into sin on witches conspiring against him. I guess the encounter with Jessica Hahn was merely a physically rigorous exorcism and the laying on of hands.

The song connected with Christmas “Let There Be Peace On Earth & Let It Begin With Me” might be a noble aspiration. However, the terrorist assault on San Bernadino proves how lyrically vapid the tune is so long as there are at least two that disagree with the sentiment.

On WMAL's “Mornings On The Mall”, host Larry O'Connor referenced Donald Trump's interview with Alex Jones but would not bring himself to enunciate the name “Alex Jones” because O'Connor does not support the so-called conspiracy theories emphasized by Alex Jones. So does Larry O'Connor disrespect in the same manner every other media personality or public figure with whom he happens to disagree?

How long until a No Vehicular Travel List is promulgated from the names on the No Fly List denying these persons access to the nation's roadways through electronic license plate readers and facial recognition technology? How long until there is a No Food List promulgated from the names on the No Fly List to deny sustaining nutrition to those not in compliance with administration objectives and agendas? What we are seeing is he who wishes he was the Beast laying the conceptual foundations for the actual Beast.

A Maryland commission on firearms suggested that guns should be removed from the homes of those accused of making a “substantial threat”. Most would assume that would consist of saying things like “I plan to shoot Such and Such” or “I'll beat the digestive effluent out of So and So if they do this or that.” However, it seems that educators and social workers (not simply law enforcement) will play a role in determining what constitutes a substantial threat. As a result of the leftwing women and the other assorted feminized types that dominate these respective professions, the threshold of what constitutes a threat of violence will likely be lowered considerably. To this class of social engineers, a threat of violence can consist of little more than publicly suggesting that specified protected minorities should not be lavished with so many handouts and set asides. In those of such diminished rationality, a threat can consist of nothing more than a man raising his voice at a woman in a scathing exchange actually instigated by the woman.

An interfaith forum was held in Northern Virgina for the purposes of preventing hate crimes against Muslims and Sikhs. Maybe the Sikhs get a bad deal at times. But interesting how such forums don't really give a flip about crimes committed against Jews and especially Christians.

President Obama and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton urge a strategy of engagement with ISIS counseling that America offend the terrorist organization as least as possible. As such, will they condemn scantily clad women in the media and reverse their approval of gay marriage?

President Obama, how is altering the mission of NASA from that of exploring space to being an outreach effort to Muslims working for the country?

Shouldn't Obama's propagandists like Josh Earnest (whose name is a synonym for “Confirmed Liar”) be the last to say a candidate ought to be disqualified from office for undermining the Constitution?

The Countryside Voice, a publication part of the Campaign To Protect Rural England, lamented on the cover of its winter 2015 issue, “Why rural poverty is going unacknowledged”. Probably because that's not where the deadbeats live that murder British soldiers along the side of the road and then post agitprop videos still drenched in blood.

The December 2012 issue of Monitor On Psychology was about preventing obesity. The masthead cartoon featured two witches standing outside a gingerbread house. One turns to the other and remarks of the two portly youths meandering by, “Remember when we use to have to fatten the kids up first?” As in regards to the November 2012 cartoon that mocked America's Pilgrim Forefathers in favor of the Native Indians, this one also raised a number of issues. Will the magazine run a cartoon from the perspective of the children about witchcraft no longer being a deviant spirituality where its practitioners were once driven out of respectable society? Secondly, if witches luring children in with candy to be cannibalized in a laughing matter, will the magazine also run cartoons soon poking fun of child molesters luring children into vans?

In a criticism of what he categorized as a narcissistic variety of esigesis, Lutheran theologian Chris Roseborough spoofed pastors that gleaned Old Testament narratives for illustrations or metaphors to assist believers through the challenges in their own lives. For example, facing our own Goliaths. But unless such passages are presented in such a light, are they really all that pertinent to the life of the individual? Ancient Semitic battle narratives don't really float most people's boats to any significant extent.

Pastor Jason Cooley insisted that Baptists should avoid Christmas because it is “Rome's holiday”, meaning the Roman Catholic Church. Does that mean Baptists should also avoid the Catholic Church's savior as well? For despite that denomination's shortcomings, they still advocate a Trinitarian Christology.

In his condemnation of Christmas, Pastor Cooley observed if the holiday is really about Christ, don't spend any money and see what happens. He suggested that children raised on Christmas would break down crying. In other words, the scene wouldn't be too much different than the way pastors claiming that they aren't in it for the money and that insist God always provides toss a fit when the offering is down.

Hillary Clinton proclaimed that “mass shooting” is a term that we should not have to teach the meaning of to our children. Does she intend to be as forcefully principled regarding the carnal debauchery sweeping over society such as gay marriage?

Jeb Bush quipped does Donald Trump get his foreign policy advice from the Saturday or Sunday shows? However, one of the most informative geopolitcal primers I ever saw was the G.I. Joe cartoon from the 1980's.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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