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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  November 28, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #81

Contrary to an assertion in a sermon, I don't see how failing to dump everything to go to the mission field when one has not received an explicit direct command from God to do so makes equates one with those in Romans 1 responsible for the expansion of homosexuality throughout society.

If the government targets public service announcements encouraging Native America youth to exercise more, aren't bureaucrats propagating the assumption that Indians are a bunch of lazy (probably drunken) fat asses?

The Department of Energy has issued a public lamentation regarding how decaying pumpkins likely contribute to climate change. It can be disturbing at times to see pumpkins go to waste. However, is it the place of a government that isn't exactly heralded for its own prudent use of resources to get up on a high horse regarding this issue? After all, you'd don't see a similar form of taxpayer supported environmental slut-shaming about piss so saturated with birth control that when released into the nation's waterways that these compounds are mutilating the genitals of certain kinds of fish.

How come decomposing pumpkins contribute to global warming according to the Department of Energy but President Obama's numerous airline trips to play golf on hydro-intensive courses seemingly do not?

A pastor insisted that God used September 11th to judge America because of the removal of prayer and Bible reading from public schools. But wasn't that the fault of a limited number of jurists that weren't even killed that tragic day rather than the scores of people whose occupations and professions had nothing whatsoever to do with educational jurisprudence and policy? Ministers making these kinds of claims would then turn around and drill the congregation a new one if it became known Christians weren't doing things because they were right but rather in the hopes of avoiding God smiting them in unbelievably horrifying ways.

Reflecting upon the irritation of Republican presidential candidates at the less than fawning debate moderators, Obama mused how the aspirants to the nation's highest elected office cannot handle these journalists, how are they going to handle the likes of Russia or China. As if he has done a stellar job in the arena of foreign policy.

Apart from the premiere episode, the pending Star Trek series will not be available through conventional television but rather through CBS's video subscription service. That stinks worse than a Klingon's armpit. I hope it is a bigger flop than the Star Wars Christmas special.

In a podcast rant against Halloween, the theme to the Halloween movie was played as bumper music. Isn't that the equivalent of playing Shania Twain's “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” during a discussion on promiscuity or Conway Twitty's “Tight Fittin Jeans” during a discussion on dressing modestly?

In an anti-Halloween sermon, a pastor mentioned that he was a swimmer in college. If out religion is supposed to be wound so tight that a child is to be denied the opportunity to collect candy while in costume, couldn't it be argued that the immodest apparel worn in aquatic athletics has sparked more lustful thoughts than any Jack-O-Lantern ever has. Or is this like so many other activities harangued from the typical pulpit? They were perfectly acceptable when the pastor was wrong; but, now that the pastor is approaching codgerhood, by golly everybody else in the congregation had better be against it now as well.

A Yahoo headline laments half of Black youth know a victim of police violence. And how many of these were engaged in activity that deserved a forceful response? It's doubtful most were returning from vespers.

Does this mean that since an ISIS scumbag blew his lower extremities to smithereens that he will lack the equipment necessary to defile his 72 virgins?

Neil Cavuto has criticized the hype surrounding the new Star Wars movie. Admittedly, Fox News tends to be the default setting on my television. However, isn't Fox News itself guilty of hype at times? After all, just because it is the top of the hour, that does not qualify the first story to be present in the form of a breaking news alert as if the lives of thousands depended upon the information.

Former President George H.W. Bush in an official biography has come out in condemnation of former Vice President Dick Cheney's robust foreign policy. But wasn't Cheney the senior Bush's own Secretary of Defense? And wasn't it the first President Bush's own New World Order speech that established the conceptual parameters of intervening in situations destabilizing international institutions and threatening human rights.

If the Pentagon wants to stage patriotic spectacles during NFL events, why shouldn't they have to pay for the time like any other corporate sponsor? If it is a matter of patriotism, shouldn't weapons manufacturers be required to provide their hardware for free as well?

On Gretta Van Sustern, it was pointed out that the school where a student was given detention for giving another student a hug has a policy that forbids hugging, hand holding, arm locking, and kissing at all school functions (including dances). What is the point of dancing without at least minimal contact? At that point, isn't it no longer dancing but merely swaying?

On Fox Business, pundit Katherine Timpf remarked that no one likes passive aggressive men. It must be the active aggressives that can backhand and berate a woman into compliance that are adored by one and all.

Despite verbalizing all of the necessary catchphrases and battle cries, propagandists are insisting that a knife attack on a campus of the University of California had nothing whatsoever to do with Islamic terrorism. Just utter the “n-word” or a “homophobic” slur during an assault and see if they don't attach additional time onto your prison sentence.

Wonder how long until the incident where law enforcement justifiably terminated an Islamist assailant wielding a knife during a rampage at a campus of the University of California will be protested as an act of police violence.

Deviants at the University of Cambridge are insisting that it is natural and normal for men to be aroused by children. And this campus probably has a code of conduct that would nearly criminalize the same men for gawking at a 22 year old coed with shorts two sizes too small with “juicy” plastered across the backside and a skintight halter top.

Ben Carson has been accused of being less than transparent about his considered attendance at West Point. And how is that worse than that surrounding Obama's birth certificate?

Regarding the Ben Carson/West Point hullabaloo. ABC News disturbingly intoned that details regarding the overrated neurosurgeon's life didn't add up. Did this journalistic outlet become as outraged over details of Obama's own biography not adding up either?

Records regarding Ben Carson''d West Point application are really no less tangible that Obama's entire academic record.

President Obama justified the decision to scuttle the Keystone Pipeline on the grounds that this particular petrochemical conveyance was not in the national interest. And how is the United States better off with decreased access to natural resources and this fuel likely diverted to Red China?

Regarding Ben Carson's claims of almost matriculating at West Point. If every politician was barred from office over exaggerating their accomplishments, the term limit issue would pretty much resolve itself.

Athletes in academic settings that refuse to play until their political demands are met should lose their scholarships.

A U.S. Border Patrol internal review has recommended that body cameras were an unnecessary enforcement tool. Is that to cover over abuse of the migrants? Or perhaps even more importantly, is this to downplay how management has probably instructed frontline officers to let the apprehended go without sanction?

In a podcast discussion on Christian hospitality, it was admitted that part of the reason for opening up one's home to nosy gawkers is to let other people see what elements that you have within its walls representing your faith. So my “spidey sense” was correct that this effort is in part an intelligence gathering operation to snoop around the properties of gullible church members.. As to the “element in my house that represents my faith”, I have hanging a painting of Jesus that my grandparents actually purchased through Oliver Greene's ministry that they donated to their church. Given that no act of kindness goes unpunished, they agreed to take it back when the anti-religious art fanatics in the congregation pitched a hissy fit about it.

And the point of admonishing people to examine themselves to see if they number among the elect if the interpretation of the elect that you teach is so ramrod hard that people have no say in the matter?

It was said in a podcast on Christian hospitality that hospital hospitality could consist of preparing meals for those with loved ones in the hospital so they would not “have to eat out of bag.” Such people no doubt mean well. However, I rather eat prepackaged things I've put in a bag myself than someone else's slop even if it is homemade.

There is conjecture that a proponent of sanctuary cities might be selected to head the Border Patrol. Isn't that the equivalent of a child pornography being appointed to administer the sex offender registry?

If for no other reason, the University of Missouri president should have remained in office to see if that brat would have made good on the promise to starve himself to death.

The New York Times insists that Ted Cruz's father's past as a freedom fighter against the Castro regime has been exaggerated. Sort of like that of Obama's mother being a loving one that took good care of her son?

No wonder the financial sector is near collapse. According to an official at the bank, I have not yet recived my October bank statement that should have been dated at the the close of last month because tomorrow is a Federal Holiday.

Governor Jerry Brown of California vetoed legislation that would have allowed patients to try experimental medicine. Yet he is probably an advocate of legalized pot and hacky the unborn to pieces all in the name of bodily autonomy.

Why is the poo swastika any worse than the portrait of the Virgin Mary smeared in elephant dung or the cross submerged in urine which government functionaries lavished with grant funds?

It's fascinating how administrations that mistreat veterans the whole year through on Veterans Day propagandize as if that negligence is the fault of the average American rather than those running these agencies.

Regarding these demonstrators in Missouri badmouthing the First Amendment. Let's see if they are singing the same tune once the National Guard is sent in to whack a few skulls.

In a series of tweets, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson went on a rant against the Second Amendment. Given that the scientist is an avowed secular humanist whose Cosmos propaganda insists that nothing ultimately matters anyway and there is ultimately no such thing as right or wrong, why should he get worked up over gun deaths in America? Secondly, now that scientists are apparently handing down policy pronouncements outside of their narrowly defined areas of expertise, does that mean similar pronouncements made by NRA lawyers and allied Creationists ought to be similarly binding upon the astronomical establishment?

Obama did not use the word "Islamist" once in connection to the attack on Paris. It must be a joint Amish/Franciscan assault. Americans need to stop and take notice. It seems terrorist attacks are coordinated with Obama's statements insisting what little threat these violent extremists actually pose.

If liberals here are constantly encouraging America to emulate the policies of European social democracies, not that France has closed its border shouldn't they be calling upon the United States to close its border as well? The attack on Paris was merely a dry run for ones on America.

With his own daughter on the scene of one of the terrorist attacks, wonder if Geraldo supports the policy of closed borders in France. Geraldo should be asked how are those murdered by the illegal aliens he coddles less dead than those murdered by the terrorists he wants wiped out.

From the pulpit, a pastor categorized his mother as spiritually immature for having a plaque hanging on her wall asking, “Is my name written in the Lamb's Book Of Life?” His response was that one should already know. However, how is that blessed assurance to arrived at unless the question is contemplated? Therefore, why is it not proper to deliberately raise such introspective reflection from time to time? Secondly, how do we know that this decoration is displayed for the benefit of the domicile's primary occupant rather than as a way to encourage apologetic or evangelistic dialog with guests happening to gave upon such a placard?

In a Tweet, ardent Christ-despiser Stephen King remarked, “Hating all Muslims for what happened in Paris is like hating all Christians because of the gay-hating Westboro Baptist Church.” On the surface, one can't fault the beloved author for what he posted. But when was the last time a narrative linked to Stephen King's imaginative mind featured a prominent Islamic antagonist? On the other hand, a significant percentage of his stories feature a villain depicting the dark undersides and shortcomings of characters professing Christianity.

A Yahoo headline reported that Muslims are facing harassment and threats following the terrorist attack in Paris. That is indeed lamentable. However, these people are still being treated better than those blown to pieces, particularly those in wheel chairs that were singled out for execution.

In an interview, Jorge Ramos insisted that Donald Trump's “words are dangerous and his ideas extreme.” But aren't those of Ramos even more so if a sovereign nation ought to be denied the power to determine when the conditional privilege of enter may be extended and when deleterious foreign elements need to be expelled? In reflection of his expulsion from the press conference, this propagandist compared this treatment to that endured by dissidents in Marxist dictatorships such as Cuba or Venezuela. Did the tolerancemongers pounce all over these remarks in criticism the way that they do whenever a conservative analyst or commentator likens a particular government action or policy to something that transpired under the auspices of other historically infamous tyrannies?

An article in the 9/7/15 issue of Businessweek was titled “You're Invited To A Finnish Tea Party Unless You Are Gay, Muslim, Or Greek.” Do the organizations and rallies catering to non-straight, non-Christian, or Mediterranean Europeans embrace the Finns? And why ought likely more productive Scandinavians pick up the tab for deadbeat demographics that barely pull their weight or expect entire nations to bend to their religious psychosis. Will this publication feigning so much concern for inclusivism get as jacked out of shape over the arising breed of Afrosupremacist activists that militantly refuse to be in the company in the name of requiring a “healing space”?

“An honest conversation about race” is euphemism for verbally berating and abusing Whitey.

If Toys For Tots tykes were so needy, wouldn't they be glad to get a quality used toy as in decades past?

An Inc. article suggests that scuffed shoes create a bad impression. Scrutinizing an individual to that degree reminds of a joke my grandparents thought humorous. During an examination, the doctor looked down the patient's throat. Following the procedure, the patient asked if the doctor was going to look up the opposite end. The doctor asked what for. The patient replied to see if his hat was on straight.

Ben Carson's proposal of the government having a database of all immigrants is more acceptable than Donald Trump's that there be one composed of Muslims. For if there is one dedicated to identifying Muslims, what is to prevent one from being compiled listing Christians holding to the soteriological exclusivity of their professed faith or that believe valid marriage is only between a man and a woman? Regarding Carson's proposal, to be here legitimately, immigrants are supposed to possess the proper paperwork to begin with. So what is so out of line with the government keeping systematized tabs on such information? How is this appreciably worse than legitimate citizens being saddled with a Social Security number nearly as soon as they slide out of the birth canal?

Given the European alacrity for comprehensive regulation and control, what is to prevent the lockdown in Brussels from becoming permanent? It has been a decade and a half since 9/11 and some things here are still closed in the name of national security. Will one of the things eventually forbidden be asking why a particular thing is being forbidden?

In an epistle, Jim Bob Duggar insists that all sensual content must be removed from the home. Would that include his television program as well? For in one episode where the parents took one of the offspring on a chaperoned courtship encounter (only whores dates), there is footage of Jim Bob trying to hump Michelle through the back door, or as it's also called, doggie style.

A Facebook posting of Ligonier Ministries' Tabletalk Magazine admonishes “If we feel lowly as believers, we should not fight this sense. We are the people made glad by news of our weakness.” But the question must be asked for the sake of protection “To what extent?” For couldn't this state of awareness be indoctrinated so that no one will think they are worthy of questioning those running a congregation or ministry organization living like fat cats while fostering deprivation and even abuse among those from whom those in power derive benefit? There is also a point where what one perceives as a sense of humility can warp back on itself and can prevent the individual from enjoying the good things God provides in this world and using these things in the pursuit of accomplishment. Apparently the author of that Tabletalk remark thought himself not only good enough for his own reflections to be pondered by others but to also attach his byline to them.

Of an American aide worker killed in the terrorist attack on a hotel in Mali, it was said that her son was her highest priority. If that was true, wouldn't she have been at home with him rather than questing for adventure around the globe in the name of humanitarianism? At best, isn't that poor child merely a distant second?

Joyce Carol Oates is upset little positive is being said regarding ISIS. Isn't this hag the one that also condemned Stephen Spielberg for posing with what she assumed was a dinosaur killed by the director?

President Obama insists that the most powerful tool in combating ISIS is courage. Does he intend to set this example by abolishing the Secret Service and demolishing the perimeter around the White House?

Regarding DC Police Chief Cathy Lennier's suggestion that citizens now take out terrorists in active shooter situations, how does she propose we accomplish this act of heroism when this very same jurisdiction interferes in the legitimate utilization of Second Amendment rights?

It's revealing as to what side the global elites are really on when Facebook takes down the page for a White Student Union but probably leaves jihadist profiles and pages untouched until the pork chops come home.

Apparently the deranged liberal mind is more concerned about Donald Trump's precise tabulations as to how many Mulsims he actually witnessed celebrating the 9/11 tragedy rather than that someone somewhere perceived these attacks as laudatory. Any other time a single racially insensitive remark ought to be enough to ruin entire careers or pillaging entire communities to the ground.

So with which directive are we expected to comply? The same government elites berating and shaming the population over global warming into taking public transportation have now issued a worldwide terrorist alert suggesting that we avoid public transportation and large crowds.

If you don't want to be shot by police, shouldn't you drop a knife when so instructed by law enforcement?

So is Ron Paul as condemnatory of Russian interventionism (given that they are often his benefactors) as he is of America's? Putin is no doubt giddy that the fighter jet was shot down.

As a form of psychological warfare against the American people, Obama operatives are suggesting that administration policy priorities be raised as part of Thanksgiving dinner conversation. They must figure that if they cannot get you to pray directly in Obama's name they are at least going to verbally beat you over the head with this particular ideology's version of an evangelist. Obama will certainly be discussed at some point around the table. It's just that if my remarks regarding such were broadcast over television, a significant percentage of those off the cuff before editing would be bleeped.

It was suggested in the nation's capital that a citizenry armed with firearms would not be necessary to repulse terrorist assailants. Instead baseball bats would prove to be an acceptable deterrent. And when police see you walking regularly down the street with a baseball bat and its obvious you aren't going to recreation, you will probably get charged with harboring “burglary tools”.

Small Business Saturday urges consumers to shop where you love. And what if those are the large retailers?

That's an actual dog show following the Macy's parade, not Michelle Obama's Thanksgiving Oration. Just clarifying in case you found it difficult to tell the difference.

To be consistent, shouldn't the Today Show propagandists covering the parade be condemning today's weather as a symptom of global warming instead of celebrating the fact they aren't freezing their backsides off in New York?

The Today Show broadcast one segment suggesting how we shouldn't eat mashed potatoes and gravy for Thanksgiving and then two segments later broadcast a segment on how to improve the taste of mashed potatoes and gravy. But won't that get people to eat more mashed potatoes which we aren't supposed to do? How many mashed potatoes did Al Roker scarf down before having his gastrointestinal tract mutilated.

Regarding the musical The Wiz, shouldn't that be condemned as the cultural misappropriation of the original Wizard of Oz?

Matt Lauer described “The Wiz” as the Wizard of Oz in an African-American context. So does that mean that instead of Dorothy trying to reach the Wizard in the Emerald City to get home, it is about Dorquesha trying to get to the administrator in the social services office to file a complaint about her dead beat “baby's daddy's” failure to pay child support?

A McDonald's advertisement suggests that it's time to start breaking some rules. Does that mean they will no longer verbally ream you a new one if you present more than one coupon per transaction?

At the parade, one group is billed as being as “all female depicting life in India.” So does that include a dance symbolizing them be sold into forced prostitution or left on a trashpile to die?

Al Roker ought to start a Black Lives Matter style protest objecting to the fact that every year he's the one that has to march on foot to the broadcast booth and not Matt Lauer.

One group in the parade was named “The Sino-American Friendship Association.” That translates into normal English as Red Chinese front group.

Latin Grammy Nominee translates as still not quite good enough for a real Grammy.

If you don't procure your Elf on the Shelf from an officially sanctioned adoption center, is that the same as buying a child on the black market?

These health insurance companies pushing annual checkups and wellness visits aren't doing so for your benefit. You are being probed for reasons to either drop your coverage or levy a hefty fine against you for medical noncompliance.

Three tragically murdered in shootout in the vicinity of a Planned Parenthood. That's still fewer than the number slaughtered by the average Planned Parenthood butcher.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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