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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  November 4, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #80

In a posting at SermonAudio, a pastor complained that, when he invited fellow believers to join him in a “season of prayer” where they could linger to pray as much or as often as they wanted outloud, even solid Christians did not have much to say and only prayed outloud once. So the pastor's offer really wasn't to pray as one wanted or felt moved. Rather, what he was saying is that he wants those around him to pray in a manner that impresses the pastor rather than to verbalize an appeal to God. Given that God tends to be the strong silent type in terms of usually avoiding audibly detectable means of communication, can you really blame the Christian if detectable outward prayer tends to be somewhat succinct with it more likely to continue more as an act of private contemplation afterwards?

Meet The Press host David Gregory confessed of his wife in a Christian Post interview, “She made an enormous sacrifice for giving up the ability to share her faith tradition with her own children because we're a Jewish family.” In other words, to this particular woman, fame and fortune apparently mean more than the souls of her children. Also of importance, if it was publicly revealed that a Christian broadcaster forbade his Jewish wife from instructing her children in the traditions and teachings of that particular faith, how long would he retain his seat behind the anchor's desk?

The Obama administration claims that ISIS has acquired a suspicious number of Toyota sports utility vehciles. There is a call for an investigation. Too bad the government was not as concerned about U.S. military equipment left behind in Iraq following the retreat from that theater of combat. Mark these words. Before the issue is resolved, you will be compelled to tell the government why you are purchasing a vehicle. Once the American people have been conditioned to accept that level of government intrusion into their lives, bureaucrats will have the final say as to whether or not you really need a vehicle (all in the name of preventing terrorism of course).

Interesting how white bread is condemned as junk food when consumed in a domestic setting but offered as the epitome of nutrition when served in an institutional environment.

Propagandists and social engineers are insisting that people are actually happier in smaller domiciles. Eventually, it will be insisted that people are truly happiest when they are herded into camps with tall fences enclosing the perimeter with signs over the entrance admonishing “Work Shall Make You Free” and the communal showers after which you no longer happen to see the particular resident any longer.

Regarding the protester yelling "DOWN DOWN USA!", has she renounced her welfare handouts and free Obama Phone?

The next likely step for a Bergdahl once released? Probably appearances on an MSNBC as military affairs pundit and analyst.

Some preachers are downright bossy with little justification. In one homily uploaded to SermonAudio, one preacher snapped, “Look up here. You've seen someone walk through a door before.” Frankly, it's my head. I swivel it in any direction I want. Maybe the person walking through the door was just better looking to gaze upon than the pastor. If a preacher is that controlling, you ought to consider not going back. In the same sermon, the pastor remarked that those in the congregation were obligated to either remember everything the pastor said, to relisten to the online recording, or to take copious notes. And if you don't, you are in danger of incurring God's judgment. The response to such is one will whenever the pastor begins to say something worthwhile.

On a Fox News debate regarding smaller houses, the woman in favor of ample living space assured the audience that she “wasn't about things”. If there are your things, why do you need to beg for social approval as to a desire to retain them? It's not like those heaping condemnation upon you for refusing to adopt a Spartan lifestyle provided these objects.

A forum on microaggressions is to be followed by an ice cream social. But isn't that itself a microaggression against the diabetic, the lactose intolerant, the socially anxious, and those opposed to the mammary exploitation of ruminating ungulates?

Ben Carson has gone on the record as criticizing Young Earth Creationism. However, the earth being created in just seven days is no more asinine than some of the bunk he believes as a Seventh Day Adventist.

Apparently now that he can't get it up anymore without pharmaceutical assistance, Hugh Heffner has lost interest in nude photography.

Is there really that much of a tetanus epidemic going around to make a vaccination part of a mandatory wellness program? If most of the Third Worlders were kept out of the country, the nation would not need to be as concerned about the spread of these plagues.

A vagrant has been arrested in Arlington, VA for secretly living in the attic of a Catholic Church for three years. In compliance with Vatican immigration policy, shouldn't he not only be allowed to remain but also applauded as morally superior to the members of the congregation that conduct their lives in a legally compliant manner?

Geraldo fussing that illegals pay property taxes. As illegals, shouldn't they be forbidden from owning property in the first place? And since they enjoy American infrastructure such as roads, police and fire protection, why shouldn't they be saddled with property taxes like the rest of us?

Apparently Lamar Odom is a reminder you had better hope those pharmaceutical enhancements wear off after the four hour warning.

A pastor remarked that God never said God helps those that help themselves. But neither did He tell you to sit there doing nothing. In fact, He said if you don't work, you don't eat. Meaning that you ought to try and do something productive.

In the Democratic Presidential Debate, candidate Bernie Sanders remarked that America's rate of childhood poverty is shameful. But isn't that more the fault of the parents rather than the society at large?

It was said in a sermon on putting on the armor of God that our struggles are against the spiritual forces of evil and not ideologies. But is it not through assorted ideologies that these spiritual forces epitomized by Satan deceive and ensnare many souls? Ephesians 6:11 warns, “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes (NIV).” What is an ideology usually other than a detailed and intricate system designed to justify some kind of elaborate scam?

If salvation in the armor of God is depicted as a helmet covering the head, isn't that proof of the importance of the mind and objective knowledge in the life of the believer?

A pastor said that the armor of God is not to be used against fellow Christians. However, a significant number of the spiritual objects described therein can be used to protect yourself from believers run amok.

On Fox News, Neil Cavuto asked what's the big deal about the upcoming Star Wars film since there have been previous movies. Then why is it acceptable to get excited about the Super Bowl? The game is, after all, played every year. There hasn't been a Star Wars film since about 2005. Furthermore, fans never expected these sequels to actually be produced. And with the return of Harrison Ford and Mark Hamil, there is the prospect that these films won't be screwed up like the prequels by actors less convincing in their performance than the average high school drama club.

If there was no cause for alarm regarding industrious young Akmed's clock, why couldn't the pupil bring it on his invited trip to the White House in order to present the device to the Glorious Leader?

A health insurance provider sent out an edition of its email newsletter with the article header titled “Four Tips To Clear Clutter.” Is this really the concern of health insurance companies? This dispatch was justified in the name of stress reduction. In the future, wellness program requirements are expected to become more stringent as the Obama regime tightens its grip around this sector of the economy. Therefore, to be in compliance with these standards and to avoid the increasing fines for failure, will those covered by this insurance provider be required to quantifiably prove how many items of personal property have been surrendered?

The cover story of the October 2015 Atlantic Magazine is titled “The Black Family In The Age Of Mass Incarceration.” Isn't this pretty much the fault of those that end up in prison and those that insist upon procreating whether or not doing so is economically feasible or morally sound? What do these women expect when they enter into marriages and relationships knowing full well that these men refuse to go to work, look for a job, or even pursue legitimate tasks that would bring in a steady stream of income? Maybe if many of these individuals came home at night instead of roaming the streets like a bunch of cock roaches, they would avoid being tossed in the slammer.

Regarding the Benghazi hearings. Why should Hillary's recollections be trusted? She was so brain damaged in a fall at one point that she literally needed specialized lenses to correct double vision resulting from that particular blow to the head.

Carl Bernstein apparently contends that Benghazi was no big deal. Then why did this so-called “journalist” get jacked out of shape back in the day over Watergate? Unlike Benghazi, not a single American died as a result of a malfeasant administration.

Forbes Magazine estimates that, of the $230 million Clinton fortune, Bill earned 80% of it. Therefore, the luxury enjoyed by feminist icon Hillary Clinton was provided by a man. It will be responded that, as a married couple, the resources belonged to each of the partners equally. Mind you, these are the same crones that believe women should have a bank accounts separate from those of the husbands but likely not the husband funds distinct from those of their wives.

If Malia Obama was caught playing beer pong while on tour of Brown University, shouldn't she and not the observant citizen capturing the photo be the one apologizing? Hasn't her father's regime contributed to the “see something, say something” mentality? If other parent's of underage boozehounds can be categorized as negligent or unfit, shouldn't the same condemnation be leveled against the Obamas?

The World Health Organization is in a conniption over how red and processed meats allegedly cause cancer. Wonder if similar pronouncements will be released regarding sex outside of marriage, particularly of a homosexual nature.

It was remarked in a sermon how many a missionary's child went astray because they were not prayed for by the supporting churches. Maybe if the missionaries has been as enamored with their own children as the foreign heathen, perhaps these children would have been less likely to go astray.

It was remarked in a sermon that a missionary to Japan whose mother is now suffering from dementia has switched the focus of her ministry from children to the elderly. Wouldn't her ministry efforts be best directed towards overseeing the care of her own mother?

It's a pretty weak God that doesn't know where to send His healing power unless you are in the prayer meeting to direct the supplication towards the correct nursing home.

In a Christian analysis of “The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials”, it was suggested that it would be a sin to kill a zombie. Such an act, it was argued, would violate the commandment against murder. But wouldn't that depend more on the type of zombie you were confronted with? It might be wrong to kill a zombie that was minding its own business. But what about these new style fast-acting, cooperative zombies that coordinate assaults against undefiled humans? Surely you as a potential prey item have the right to defend yourself. To say otherwise would be akin to saying that an elk is to be condemned for fending off a wolf attack with its antlers.

The lawyer of the teen featured in the videoed altercation with police insists that his client was bodily injured as a result of the physical encounter. That will certainly give her something to consider the next time she wants to defy law enforcement.

The same liberals tossing a hissy fit over the police officer putting the defiant South Carolina brat in her place probably rank among the same applauding peaceful protesters being forcibly removed from public sidewalks in front of abortion clinics.

A number are outraged regarding the videotaped altercation between a student and police officer in South Carolina from the standpoint of how dare a man put his hands on a woman in such a manner under any circumstance. But in order to earn the deferences and courtesies extended a lady, a female should first act like one.

Regarding this commercial repeatedly playing regarding the need for whooping cough vaccinations. Wonder if that pestilence would even be much of a problem anymore if the government had enforced immigration law as it ought to have.

For what should have been a morally harmless plotline, “The Martian” certainly had an inordinate amount of profanity. One could understand perhaps one explicative as the protagonist realized he had been abandoned to be the only human on an entire planet. However, the remainder of that dialog wasn't all that necessary for the purposes of moving the story along.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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