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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  August 29, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #78

That's quite a racket some missionaries and evangelists have got. Pretty much go to the same church once every five years or so and essentially preach the same message. I didn't have a problem so much with the content of the message. However, I was profoundly repulsed by the speaker for the second time essentially having those that would stand against the Anti-Christ to come forward, with those remaining in the pews made to look like they were closet devil worshipers. Creeped out by the Jonestown vibe given off by such manipulative histrionics, as the easily controllable dutifully went forward, as with the last time this speaker was at church, I got up and walked out. It was too bad I could not muster the courage to say “Hail Satan!” if that is the kind of impression and suspicion this revivalist seems to employ as a regular part of his homiletical repertoire. If one is to be so concerned about the Anti-Christ, isn't conditioning people to comply with totalitarian authorities without question part of readying the world for that tyrant's takeover?

Regarding this “Who Do You Think You Are” genealogy program. You yourself are not guilty if your ancestors held slaves. Likewise, it says nothing of your own goodness in terms of the race issue if your ancestors were involved with the abolition movement.

If people feel led to walk forward in church to get their lives right with God, they should be encouraged to do so. However, when you rhetorically manipulate a congregation in such a way where those not yielding to the invitation of the message are the ones remaining in the pews, the homilist has crossed a line of propriety. Is the speaker so naive that he does not realize that most are coming forward merely out of a compulsion towards group conformity rather from out of a sense of sincere religious devotion?

Father Jonathan Morris said that discussing the possibility of human/robot marriage on the Greg Gutfeld Show had to be the low point of his career. But shouldn't he consider the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of moral reflection? Just a few years ago, didn't gay marriage seem like a similar kind of impossibility?

On “The Five”, Geraldo claimed Donald Trump's proposal to deport the illegal alien families of American born children would be inhumane. Geraldo then invoked the image of Elian Gonzalez being apprehended by federal agents. Did he get as worked up regarding the Branch Davidian children or the family of Randy Weaver? Does he speak out as vigorously against crimes committed by the illegal aliens?

Establishment shill Dana Perino insisted that Trump's proposal to deport illegal families would be impractical. Had she been in the Poland of the 1940's, she would have probably said the same thing about repelling the Wehrmacht. Should the Red Chinese land troops in her lily White native Wyoming, would she be singing the same tune?

Presidential candidate John Kaisch says it is inhumane to deport illegal alien families. One must presume that there was a time when John Kaisch did not own any particular domiciles that he does now. When he returns home, would it be inhumane for him to repel from his premises someone that has taken up residence during his absence because these holdings were at one time not his? And when Chinese invasion forces one day land on America's shores, will it be inhumane to repel them from our territories as well? While we are at it, maybe Kasich can call for the repeal of the Third Amendment if it is inhumane to deny anyone access to your living quarters. Maybe every American ought to be compelled to take in foreign borders who will proceed to soil the property beyond repair.

Filling in for Mark Levin, Dan Bongino droned on and one about privatizing Social Security. Fine and dandy. But what would be done to protect the elderly from falling into destitution and starvation should the economy tank even further?

When asked if the Clinton server had been wiped, Hillary responded, “What? Like with a cloth or something?” The presidential candidate must have thought that the reporter was inquiring as to Bill's procedure to clean up his genetic residue after he has had his way with the hired help.

Contrary to Greg Gutfeld, prolifers are not morally obligated to allow anchorbabies to remain here. If one country is no better than any other as insisted by the cultural relativists, why can't families remained unified on the other side of the border? Especially in light of how Evangelicals such as Dr. Dobson and Russell Moore attempting to ingratiate themselves with Hispanosupremacist subversives constantly harp the propaganda regarding how family-oriented Mexican culture is.

The Frederick County Council voted to repeal a law that made English the jurisdiction's official language. Supporters applauding this call for linguistic surrender insisted that the legislation authorizing an explicit elocutionary preference sent the wrong message. Apparently the only acceptable message in the postmodern era is that we despise the United States in general and White America in particular to such an extent that we will do everything within our power to bring about our own social demise and eventual cultural destruction.

The children born to illegal aliens violating our borders can be allowed to remain as U.S. citizens. However, it does not follow that the parents of such children should be allowed to remain here. If they desire to remain with the child, they can return with the child to the family's country of origin. If they desire the child to remain in the United States, they may be allowed to surrender the child to a loving American family and sever any future claims to the child.

If governments are prepared to destroy property and ruin lives to punish businesses refusing to comply with the tyranny of sodomite matrimony, why is it an outrage to deport illegal alien families?

On an episode of American Pickers, the itinerant scroungers bartered with someone with Iron Eyes Cody memorabilia. Given that he was Italian rather than American Indian, doesn't that make him the Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King of his day?

A poll asks do you approve of Ted Cruz calling Mitch McConnell a liar on the floor of the Senate? If the shoe fits, why not? One of the reasons the country is in the mess that it is that so many of these politicians will drone on and on within the halls of the legislature employing faux rhetoric such as “My good colleague from the state of such and such.” Then afterwards they will go get liquored up together and even bed the same whore with each other's compliments.

Shouldn't tolerancemongers be even more outraged at Oprah Winfrey for financing an Afrosupremacist scholarship rather than at a White dude attempting to take advantage of these funds by passing himself off as Black? Some will respond that Oprah Winfrey should be allowed to bestow her funds on anyone she desires for the purposes of furthering someone's education. Would those making such broadminded pronouncements in favor of individual liberty maintain that same position if Pat Buchanan endowed a similar scholarship for which only non-Jewish Caucasians would be eligible? And if we are to be psychologically conditioned to reflexively respond that race does not exist, on what grounds one condemn someone for claiming to be something that does not exist?If someone claimed that they were Kryptonian, it's doubtful the story would make it onto the nightly news unless in a deluded state they lept from a tall building in a single bound only to go splat on the concrete below.

Isn't saying one is not going to run a negative campaign itself a statement of negativity?

Why are Americans wanting to send anchor babies back to their family's country of origin meanspirited but not the Mexicans unwilling to open their borders and public treasury to the foreign born.

If convicted of manslaughter, since he still has a penis, will BRUCE Jenner be tossed in the ladies or gents slammer?

If someone is going to publicly comment that they had a good vacation and recommended the destination but weren't going to tell the audience where they had been but would only reveal such in private conversation if asked, that must have been one humdinger of a nudist beach or kinky sex club.

In reference to an upcoming international supper, a pastor remarked that he was tired of spaghetti and meatballs offered during such contrived celebrations. Instead, he insisted upon a real international experience. Does that mean someone will be bringing goat eyeballs, dysentery, and a stomach pump? In encouragement of his request, the pastor remarked how he often brags to others regarding the international nature of his congregation. This is worthy of a few observations. First, isn't to invite parishioners to bring a dish reflective of their heritage and then to badmouth spaghetti from the pulpit a denigration of those of Italian heritage? Secondly, if we are to hold to the principle that individuals are to be judged not by the color of their skin but rather by the content of their character, isn't it as much of a sin for a pastor to brag how international his congregation is as it would be for a minister from the deep south to celebrate that his congregation was all White? Thirdly, does a smattering of families from perhaps three or four other countries constitute an international congregation? For despite a few cultural differences, don't most American Blacks eat nearly the same foods as American Whites? Interesting how American food isn't good enough for a church dinner but American money is certainly demanded for the collection plate.

If a pastor applauds from the pulpit the remarks of Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison that sometimes doing one's best still isn't good enough for recognition, perhaps the ongoing decline in the offering is apparently a reflection of that universal truth.

If it is improper for a Christian to judge the validity or depth of another Christian's faith on the basis of certain behaviors or actions, why doesn't this principle apply to a woman that wears otherwise modest pants?

If one is going to criticize Christians critical of other Christians, why would one identify quite explicitly with the Christian Independent Fundamentalist movement?

If a White gunman had murdered two Black broadcasters on live TV, wouldn't the horrific deed have been categorized as a hate crime by now?

In light of the broadcasters murdered on live TV, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe observed that there is too much gun violence in America. But as in the case of this particular gunman, the vast majority of these killers have more in common politically with the Governor than with either the NRA or the Tea Party movement.

If the Pope is going to badmouth the United States for widespread use of air conditioning, does he intend to level similar criticism against a Spanish festival where the main event is a massive tomato fight?

In his book “Blinded By Might”, columnist Cal Thomas suggested that funds spent in pursuit of political agendas should instead be directed towards causes more directly related to the Gospel and criticized how direct fund raising appeals are largely negative in tone. Then why is he now shilling for a Media Research Center cruise to the Caribbean? Why are elites such as himself allowed to wallow in ostentatious luxury while they instruct the rest of us how to allocate every spare dime?

Donald Trump is correct that the on air murder of two broadcasters is not about guns. But shouldn't Donald Trump be among the last to call for increased scrutiny of those society deems as mentally imbalanced?

Wanting to continue to make whoopee with his foreign-born wife, Jeb Bush insists that journalists deserve more dignity than what Donald Trump extended to Univision propagandist Jorge Ramos. What should happen now is for someone from a Tea Party news outlet or perhaps even Breitbart to go into a Jeb Bush press conference and to begin heckling or disrupting from the get go to see if they will be treated any better or if what Jeb is enunciating is merely a double standard favoring his fellow Hispanosupremacists.

By utilizing a formula that takes into consideration older poll results to determine who qualifies for a slot in the debate the network is to host, isn't CNN attempting to manipulate results in favor of establishmentarian elites?

A throng of Black Lives Matters malcontents disrupted an address by Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. At this event, a number of crime fighting initiatives were announced. Among those that sparked these protests were proposals to deploy more police officers on the streets and to search for prohibited firearms in the homes of convicts on parole. This is how this translates for those that adhere to common sense or at least a limited degree of logic. Any other time, these subversives want guns taken away from law abiding citizens. However, according to this civic disruption, firearms apparently ought to remain in the hands of those with criminal records that have proven themselves incapable of handling this constitutional responsibility so that they may continue to victimize innocent citizens.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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