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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  August 4, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #76

If a transgender person is mentally incapable of psychologically adapting to the body into which they have been created, what makes one think they can adapt to the traumas of military combat?

On an episode of his broadcast, Jim Bakker prophesied that this would be the last Fourth of July as we know it. Given that every day is composed of a unique set of contingencies and causalities, isn't that a little vague to insist upon as a prophecy?

Jim Bakker's call to stockpile food in light of pending calamity might seem more sincere if he wasn't the one selling the survival rations. In the commercial, it is insinuated that, with these provisions, the hoodwinked will be able to acquire enough to endure the Tribulation. So will countermeasures be sold to protect against starved zombie hordes and the Anti-Christ's electronic surveillance system likely to be roving the planet at that time?

Apparently Kate Steinle did not look enough like Mooch Obama to merit the sympathies of the White House.

Tolerancemongers are calling for the removal of a statue honoring the Confederacy in a park near the courthouse in Rockville, Maryland. It is said that the memorial is no longer needed and that the COMMUNITY should have a calm discussion to decide what should be done to resolve the issue. That translates roughly as anyone holding to a position other than the destruction of the monument is guilty of hatespeech and do not possess any rights that ought to be respected in a regime valuing diversity above all else. If history is no longer to be a reflection of what happened from a variety of perspectives but rather consist solely of social utilitarian propaganda that furthers the agenda of a prevailing elite, what is to prevent the arrival of a day when Black History Month would no longer be appropriate?

It is supposedly breaking news that a Univision poll (the network that is to illegal aliens what Al Jazera is to jihadist sympathizers) that the majority of Hispanics don't like Trump. And what about polls of Whites in traditionally conservative areas?

In conclusion of Ramadan, President Obama praised Muslims that used the celebration to draw closer to God. This was the very same President that at one time condemned Pennsylvanians in particular for clinging bitterly to their guns and their God.

The mass casualty incidents at a number of Chattanooga military instillations are being categorized in certain instances as “terrorist inspired” rather than as an act of terrorism per say. Is this a semantics game designed to deny the attacked and their families benefits and recognition as was the decision in categorizing the Fort Hood attack as “workplace violence”?

Did Sojourners Magazine write gushing reviews of the minor character Ms. Marvel when the character was a White blond rather than a Central Asian Muslim?

“Christian” lesbian Chely Wright proclaims that straight White men lack empathy and kindness. And one supposes it was a humanitarianism that motivated the aspiring jihadist to open fire at a number of military facilities in the Chattanooga area taking the lives of four marines.

Isn't saying that the Confederacy fought only for slavery akin to saying that Martin Luther King marched for racial equality solely for the purposes of making it easier to facilitate extramarital affairs with White women?

According to Rick Warren, God only speaks to those that determine beforehand to do whatever it is that God asks. But what about the examples of Moses that struck the rock rather than speak to it for the purposes of extracting water and Jonah who ran away from Nineveh intentionally upon being instructed to go that reprobate metropolis?

The same ones chastising those for suggesting a person armed at the church might have prevented a greater loss of life at the Charleston Church are the same ones that will heap condemnation upon you if you stop going to church for fear of copycat violence.

Regarding the prepackaged meals Jim Bakker is peddling advertised to get the customer through the Tribulation. Are these dehydrated? What good will they do you when the water is turned to blood as prophesied during the Apocalypse?

John Kasich said, “If we weren't born to serve others, what were we born to do? Hopefully along with that admonition it was also explained that there is nothing wrong with financial compensation in exchange for such service, that service can be done on behalf of one's own family, and that most of the service rendered ought to take place within the context of one's paid employment. Usually when public figures talk like this, it is in defense of the compulsory COMMUNITY service scam.

Speaking before a convention of the Veterans Of Foreign Wars, President Obama assured that the Chattanooga jihadist would not fundamentally transform the American way of life. Obama has pretty much reserved that role for himself.

Chris Christie insists that he is the only candidate to have prosecuted terrorists. As governor, he was also quite lax in his stance against Islam.

Media propagandists are insisting that peddling fetal organs is an act of generosity rather than of commerce. So if a fugitive slave hunter engaged in that profession to uphold the law and the good of the social order, they ought to be applauded and only condemned if they were engaged in the pursuit in the hopes of securing the bounty?

If dealing in prenatal human organs is placed along the moral spectrum somewhere between neutral and positive, why can't someone make a profit from such transactions? Doesn't the revulsion most feel at this shocking news testify just how wrong this biomedical development happens to be?

It was suggested in a Christian podcast that, if children talk more about Jurassic World than the “things of God”, this is possibly a symptom that they might be slipping into idolatry. But could it also be that God designed children to be more fascinated by dinosaurs than potluck suppers or lengthy meditative expositions where they are ordered to sit with heads bowed and eyes closed pretending to have a conversation where honestly the deity does not respond directly? Call me a heathen, but a T-rex battling it out with a velociraptor is just more exciting than a lengthy exposition on someone's mechanic's accountant's taxidermist's bunion removal.

It was observed in a Christian podcast on media consumption that, if children watch a movie Friday night, in all likelihood they will want to watch a movie on Saturday night as well. And the problem is? Most people are awake between 12 and 18 hours per day. Does all of that time need to be focused on direct Bible study or related religious exercises? This is an especially valid question if they are going to get a big dose of church the next day anyway?

On The Five, Juan Williams denounced the documentarian exposing Planned Parenthood organ harvesters on the grounds that the video politicizes a profoundly personnel matter. So did he denounce the businesses that penalized Paul Deen for verbalizing with her husband a profound trauma in the privacy of their own home?

In an address to the Veterans Of Foreign Wars, President Obama spoke of the urgent need to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness. But in undermining the Second Amendment rights of those needing counseling as they transition back into civilian life and now proposing to take the protections of the Second Amendment from the elderly requiring clerical assistance to navigate the no doubt complicated Social Security system, hasn't his regime erected barriers that will spark a hesitancy among the afflicted that might otherwise seek help to return to optimal emotional well being.

It is claimed that murder rates along the border are less than American cities elsewhere. Is the media insisting that Black people are more prone to homicide than Hispanics?

Hillary Clinton points out that one of her merits and qualification for the presidency is that she is a woman. But has it been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary doesn't posses a Y chromosome or a penis?

Apparently “good Catholic” Nancy Pelosi doesn't have much of a problem with organ harvesting.

A headline announced that Jeb Bush calls upon the GOP to embrace Latinos and African Americans. That translates as the patrician establishmentarian demands Whites beneath his class to be self-loathing and to applaud increases in crime and welfare checks.

In his book “Swords Into Plowshares”, Ron Paul writes, “Religion has been hijacked by nonbelievers and used to support war.” However, Christianity does not equal pacifism. The title of Paul's book is itself the hijacking of a Biblical principle for, lack of a better term, secular purposes. The reference is in regards to a characteristic of the Millennial Kingdom directly implemented by Christ Himself upon His return.. It is not something humans can ever achieve on their own no matter how pious or even redeemed they might be.

Those opposed to the Trump campaign for presidency have hypothesized that, should the billionaire win the office, he might apply his particular brand of verbal pugilism to various world leaders. As if the bowing and scraping of Obama's multi-year worldwide apology tour are wracking up an impressive number of foreign policy victories. Isn't an aversion to articulating the truth bluntly on the part of the diplomatic establishment responsible in good measure for the mess that the world is in today?

Mike Huckabee is being condemned for suggesting that Obama's Iranian nuclear agreement could possibly lead Israelis to the doors of the ovens. The allusion was to the horrors of the Holocaust. Elites have admonished that one should only refer to the Holocaust when referring to the Holocaust, meaning it should not be referenced in connection to other concerns or developments. So if we aren't to draw any lessons from the Holocaust applicable to other situations, what is the point of studying the Holocaust? Are the global elites reluctant for the average citizen to contemplate the role of these shadowy rulers in what is considered one of history's greatest atrocities so as to truly make good on the imperative of “Never again”?

So if precedent has been set that memorials that offend the sensibilities of riotous and subversive minorities can be vandalized with impunity, why is the Satanic idol on display in Detroit worthy of respect? And if Satanists view morals such as respect for property as an unacceptable imposition upon might making right, on what grounds can they invoke Christian principles should something disagreeable take place from the perspective of those embracing the most outright form of heathenism?

A fatal stabbing occurred at a church in Urbana, MD. Police assure that the suspect was taken into custody without incident. But what about the assault that led to the injury of a woman and the murder of her husband? Isn't that an “incident”? So apparently violence is only appalling when directed against law enforcement. Will we now be subjected to continually social conditioning on the need to surrender our cutlery for the good of the COMMUNITY or do the victims insufficiently resemble the President?

In speaking about vandalism to a Confederate memorial near the court house in Rockville, MD, a government propagandist admonished that the statue was no longer appropriate because it is “no longer 1913” when the statue was erected. Using that logic, in the year 2913 if the prevailing consensus is that Blacks should be slaves and Jews ought to be herded into camps, one really doesn't have much of a moral leg to stand on.

In a podcast discussion on the infantilization of American youth, it was suggested that young people need to learn to serve. Fair enough. But as the discussion progressed, this Christian leader spoke of sending youth to camps where they would learn this lesson by shoveling manure. Would this labor be compensated at a fair market wage? If not, this just sounds like a scheme to swindle free labor out of people by slapping on a pious label to spiritually manipulate dimwitted parents. This Christian leader in his tirade said that, in his day, the church youth were sent to these religious work camps deep in the woods all summer to learn “how to die to self”. I don't know about back then in the particular instance referred to, but these days that is increasingly becoming a euphemism for being conditioned out of saying “no” to the carnal advances the youth pastor is probably making on those under his oversight in the shower house.

The Obama Regime is proposing that those that need assistance navigating the Social Security administration should be denied their Second Amendment Rights. Once the Second Amendment is taken away from such individuals, what protections will remain to prevent the Regime from handing down a related decree that those needing assistance navigating Social Security should also be denied healthcare because such individuals in decline are of diminishing social utility?

On The Five, Geraldo admonished that researchers were almost morally obligated to poke through the remains of discarded fetuses because the cures to horrible diseases such as cancer might be contained within such bio-slurry. To not take advantage of such material at hand would otherwise be wasteful. Didn't Dr. Mengle make similar arguments?

In a podcast on the infantlization of the nation's youth, it was suggested that parents and the church had something of a Christian obligation to shatter the dreams of children that might not be good at something that they otherwise enjoy. But won't life kick them in the teeth soon enough anyway? Wouldn't it be wiser parenting to ensure that the youth have character enough to settle for a job they don't care for that they will be miserable at when what they had hoped for doesn't pan out?

In a discussion on the infantilization of the culture, it was suggested that those that cannot do so by human standards shouldn't be allowed to sing special numbers in church. But how is that attitude markedly different than those that select leaders on the basis of appearance or physical stature? If the person's heart is in the right place, what's so wrong with allowing them such a ministry from time to time? How do we not know God might enjoy that more than a highly trained performance artist? The churches certainly don't mind taking money from those not deemed “good enough”. If those falling into such a category feel that they don't have a place in ministry, would those insisting that everything presented in church must be “just so”, would they rather loose the individual to another congregation? Will these churches that pat themselves on the back for having done a righteous thing in their eyes by crushing someone's dreams also assist the individual in finding a ministry that the person finds spiritually satisfying other than dropping money into the collection plate?

Regarding these hardline disciplinarians and even freemarketeers that constantly gripe about peewee athletic leagues that give all the participants some kind of ribbon whether they are winners or not. Why shouldn't such a child receive some kind of recognition for showing up when there is nothing saying that they even have to show up in an era of expanded entertainment and recreational options. Because if these kids don't feel appreciated and recognized, what's to prevent them from just staying home and either playing X-Box or watching the hundreds of hours of quality on demand dramatic programming on TV?

If Donald Trump is a sexist pig of the first order according to Rolling Stone Magazine, doesn't that make the women that romped in the sack with him willingly big time whores?

Regarding reports of Taliban leader Mullah Omar's alleged demise, fuss is being made that he had only one eye. Would it have been pointed out if he had an undescended testicle or suffered from erectile dysfunction? Is his ocular disability any more relevant than Hillary Clinton's bosom starting to whither and sag?

The Georgetown Safeway sponsoring a chicken wing eating contest will probably during the holiday season guilt-trip shoppers into contributing to a variety of homeless rackets.

It is warned that, following the death of Cecil the Lion, the next highest ranking male will likely slaughter Cecil's cubs in the attempt to manipulate the females into mating. So basically a pride of lions operates like an inner city ghetto.

From the classified ads in an issue of Analog Magazine, it seems most science fiction conventions run nearly $100 per ticket. Some nerds must be raking in the money from somewhere. $10 for a movie ticket makes me think twice as to whether or not I actually want to see a particular film.

On Gotham, if Detective Gordon's mentally unhinged wench Barbara doesn't turn out to be the mother of his daughter Barbara Gordon who goes on to become Batgirl and he does not marry another woman named “Barbara”, both Detective Gordon and whoever eventually marries Jim Gordon have got to be crazier than the Joker and the Riddler put together.

Instructive. Huckabee's references to the Holocaust are condemned as distasteful but the remarks of the Iranian leadership expressing their desire for another of these atrocities are overlooked and downplayed.

Hillary Clinton pointed out that Planned Parenthood provides health services for women. And the Nazi party also provided soup lines for the destitute and recreational enrichment programs for youth.

A bill before consideration in Congress would still fund women's health services through Planned Parenthood. Would a men's organization that assisted men in evading their child support obligations continue to receive funds to provide men's genital health? Perhaps an even more pertinent question to ask would be is there any organization funded by Congress specifically for the purposes of keeping men's plumbing pristine and functional? After all, why is it less of a tragedy for a man to die of pestilence-ridden privates than a woman?

Humus is just something for beatniks thinking themselves too good for dip to put on their chips or whatever it is such deadbeats snack on.

On Fox Business network's “Kennedy”, Greg Gutfeld disdainfully sneered at those that pursued self-publishing. Not all of us can whore our books shamelessly during appearances on Fox News. Therefore, we use the technologies at out disposal to promulgate our wit and observations. In this instance, how is Gutfeld appreciably different than the Pope that the pundit badmouths for opposing a variety of innovations made available through the development of the free market system?

Regarding these celebrities that admonish how $50,000 to hunt Cecil the Lion should have instead gone to charity. It is lamentable that such a creature was killed solely for sport (as with this catch I am sure 7 Eleven could have improved the quality of their hot dogs). But in terms of charitable donations and frugal living, are you going to tell me that these bigshots eat ramen noodles, purchae their clothes at Good Will, and drive used automobiles pushing 20 years old? I doubt their vacations consist of trips across state lines to purchase discount outdated cereal.

If the Republicans that received campaign contributions a number of election cycles previous from the hunter that slew Cecil the Lion are being viewed as partially responsible for this act of felinicide, does that mean that every campaign receiving donations on behalf of Planned Parenthood or the organization's operatives should be viewed as culpable in the infant organ-harvesting scandal?

If it would be inappropriate for a heterosexual man to sleep overnight in a tent with Girl Scouts, why is it appropriate for a homosexual man to sleep overnight in a tent with Boy Scouts?

In a sermon on the dangers of schism in the Body of Christ, Pastor James Cooley admonished that believers are not to let those outside of the church know what is going on inside the church particularly in regards to disagreements and conflicts. So does that include abuse allegations and scandals? Even if not mentioned by name unless the transgressions rise to the level of the criminal, why shouldn't the public be warned that there are some churches that strive to honor the freedom found in Christ while others attempt to stifle such with elaborate system of pious-sounding man-made rules?

If the lives of military personnel cannot be protected with firearms amidst a violent assault, then why should that of the President's.

In an oration justifying the imposition of an environmental dictatorship, Preisdent Obama insisted that Black children were more likely to suffer from asthma. Maybe that is because their parents are less likely to get off their lazy backsides to clean house.

Regarding those such as Bob Barker that insist that the death penalty should be imposed upon the hunter involved in the slaying of Cecil the Lion, do these extremists call for a similar punishment for PETA operatives that have been caught in the questionable terminations of animals under the organization's care?

Pastor David Platt suggested that one should not think of small groups so much as a class imparting information but rather that a group is there to be aware of your besetting sins. All the more reason not to participate or instead to keep church members at a distance. Especially when in the same sermon one of the punishable sins included was cynicism.

As part of an accountability group, the president of the Southern Baptist Mission's Board David Platt suggests writing up a sheet of questions. Included among these was how well you have loved your wife this week. So long as you aren't loving on someone else's wife or backhanding yours across the face, is this really any of a small group's business?

On “Your World with Neil Cavuto”, a Democratic Party propagandist applauded a California municipality that appointed two illegals to positions on a civic advisory board. The hypothesized that we aren't going to be able to exclude these individuals from society anyway. So if the Chinese Red Army landed an invasion force along the West Coast, should the nation automatically surrender territory since, in the words of this political strategist, “we [would] have to learn to work together.”

It is claimed that Republicans and allied conservatives exposing Planned Parenthood's organharvesting side hustle are engaged in a war against women. If this is what a number of women are engaged in, why shouldn't they be warred upon? Should child support enforcement be curtailed since such laws are as much about penalizing men as they are about providing for children?

A Christian broadcaster denounced online friendships as shallow and superficial. How is that markedly different than most offline relationships?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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