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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  July 13, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #75

The first Black person selected as head bishop of the Episcopal Church reflected that selecting him for the position in large part because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character reflects the deepening spirituality of his denomination. So when will the Africa Methodist Episcopal Church or the National Baptist Convention will deepen its own spirituality by selecting their own leader largely for having simply been born White?

Wonder if any of the NBC executives severing the network's relationship with Donald Trump have Hispanics in their neighborhoods that blast music well past midnight.

Why are bakeries allowed to deny Confederate flag cakes under freedom of expression and conscience but doing so in regards to sodomite wedding cakes can result in financial ruination and compulsory reeducation?

If gays wanted a Confederate wedding cake, could Walmart be sued if the corporation failed to comply with the request?

In the launch of his presidential campaign, Chris Christie assures that compromise is not a dirty word. But with gay marriage legalized, the healthcare industry hobbled and the Confederate flag banished, there isn't much left to compromise on.

Rand Paul suggests that, in the light of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage, the relational institution should be privatized. How does that protect a Christian baker from being compelled to bake wedding cakes against their will? Relatedly, as a heterosexual, even if granting marriage licenses to same sex couples demeans the institution overall, how would it compromise the state of you own union if you as a heterosexual acquires a marriage license under this expanded judicial mandate? If you don't love your spouse to a sufficient extent isn't that more your own fault rather than the state recognition of marriage being extended to those that should not have it?

For decades, Christians offended by something culturally were chided that they were not required to gaze upon that which they found disagreeable. Are minority activists some how inferior in terms of their mental aptitude and emotional constitution that they are not able to abide by similar counsel in regards to the Confederate flag and war memorials?

If there is a cultural obligation to take down statues erected in honor of valiant Confederates, why not the statue erected in honor of infamous deadbeat Michael Brown?

A NOAA study claims that firework displays spark a spike in air pollution. Does this occur just during festivities where the Declaration of Independence is celebrated? Or does this also include other celebrations where pyrotechnics are deployed to commemorate occasions such as Hispanic Heritage Month or municipal International Festivals that celebrate nearly every ethnicity imagination with the exception of those White in origin.

The Ten Commandments monument must be removed in Oklahoma because it might unfairly advantage one religion over another. So when it comes to the bombing of the Federal Building in that state, Timothy McVeigh's worldview deserves an equal hearing with the suggestion of “Thou shalt not murder”.

Greg Gutfeld griping about how watching pointless videos and trivialities does not bring real satisfaction and we should instead do productive things. So does that mean we should switch off his po-mo Sunday evening broadcast? Why should drunkard Greg Gutfeld get worked up if people spend time watching cat videos?

So when Donald Trump rants against the Chinese it is evidence of how radical and dangerous the Republicans are. But when these people rant against cheap imported food, we are supposed to applaud that as progressivity and Enlightenment.

So if broads watch this movie about male strippers, on what grounds do they gripe if a man gawks at a woman's bosom when they are shoved in the face?

George Takei has said that Clarence Thomas is a clown in Black face that should not be allowed to sit on the Supreme Court. For suggesting that the swarms of illegals pouring over the border might not be the best that Latin America has to offer, a systematic campaign is underway to economically destroy Donald Trump. Clarence Thomas has fulfilled the requirements to be where he is. Irrespective of what Donald Trump said, those he said it of have no right to be here. Therefore, shouldn't George Takei be ostracized in a similar manner? The Duke's of Hazard has been removed from the airwaves under the theory that catching a glimpse of the Confederate flag painted on the roof of the General Lee might send a viewer into a homicidal rampage. Should Star Trek also be removed from station programming rotations for fear of seeing George Takei eliciting a similarly psychotic response?

The Dukes Of Hazard was removed from the airwaves because of those allegedly victimized by the Confederate flag or merely offended by it. Extrapolating from the logic, shouldn't Shark Week broadcasts be canceled out of respect for those mangled and disfigured in attacks along the Atlantic coastline?

Regarding those mocking the man that sued his anesthesiologist for mocking his privates during a colonoscopy and won a sizable settlement. Would they call for such leniency if it had been a male doctor ridiculing a woman's privates?

In a sermon posted at his blog titled, “Why It's Time To Exchange Our Civil Religion For A Cross”, Southern Baptist functionary Russell Moore scolds those that invoke a form of godliness for the purposes of molding the kinds of citizens necessary to uphold the American Republic. But how is that markedly different than his invocation of Christianity to support the abolition of the Confederate flag?

In a sermon on marriage, to those wishing that their marital unions could be better, a pastor said that all you really deserve is an eternity in Hell so you should be nothing but elated over anything else. By this standard, even if the pastor instructed how one ought to treat one's spouse, on what grounds would an abused wife be allowed to complain about a husband that keeps her locked in a cage and subjects her to nightly beatings? For as terrible as that sounds, it's still better than the eternal damnation threshold is it not?

If Jeb Bush is going to rush forward to insist that a percentage of illegals aren't criminals and deadbeats is he going to insist as eagerly that most supporters of the Confederate flag aren't racists or mass murderers?

A meme regarding the series AD reads, “Do you remember that story in the Book of Acts where Saul of Tarsus attacks and burns down the Christian commune that was living on Barnabas' land?” The meme replies, “Neither do we. The AD miniseries is historical and religious fiction. Don't rely on it to teach you anything accurate about Christianity.” The production is, indeed, a work of historical fiction. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. What the narrative attempts to do is to use the events described in the Biblical record as a springboard to postulate about moments that weren't detailed in the divine revelation but which do not necessarily contradict or violate it. Since Saul persecuted the early Christians, he might have very well participated in a similar kind of raid. Too many Christians (hardcore Protestant especially) seem to demand a depiction of Scripture about as peppy as a dozing octogenarian having missed their scheduled dosage of Ovaltine.

If Sanctuary Cities can get by with flouting federal immigration law when the Constitution gives the national government primary authority in regards to this statutory area, will jurisdictions that refuse to authorize gay marriage be as celebrated for standing by their principles in regards to an area of law that was intended to be defined primarily by the individual states?

Bush lackey Ari Fleischer insists that Donald Trump is not a credible candidate for the presidency. Maybe not. But isn't the real estate tycoon more of a statesman for speaking out plainly regarding an issue with the potential to ruin the United States and to catalyze the nation's ultimate collapse? All that the establishmentarian candidates suggested by the likes of Fleischer offer is a continued policy of acceptance and tolerance that threatens our very survival.

Morgan Freeman is narrating a public service announcement extolling Pope's Francis' environmental philosophy. Will he also narrate one celebrating traditional Roman Catholic social teaching regarding monogamous heterosexual marriage?

If the son of Paula Dean is to be condemned for wearing dark makeup as part of a Ricky Ricardo Halloween costume, does that mean Star Trek should be removed from the air because Ricardo Montebhan played a shade darker down the racial pigmentation chart in portraying Khan Singh when Montebahn is of a Spanish descent while Khan was from the Indian subcontinent?

Will those jacked out of shape about a church flying a Christian flag over an American flag get as worked up over the sodomite ensign being allowed to fly on military bases?

The same ones getting jacked out of shape about a church flying a Christian flag above an American flag probably rank among those that would look on approvingly as Black Lives Matter subversives set an American flag ablaze.

At least the church that flew the Christian flag above the American flag has an American flag on the property. Some churches are so spineless these days they won't even have an American flag for fear it will prevent the congregation from being taken over by Third Worlders.

If one man can now decide to marry another, aren't we really past the point of getting jacked out of shape if a church decides to fly the Christian flag above the American flag as a display of how they order the priority of their authorities?

An immigrant restaurant owner is threatening to pull out of the Post Office Pavilion redevelopment project as a result of Donald Trump's comments. If Mexico is such a wonderful place with nothing but first rate people, why did this migrant come here rather than live out his life in an alleged Third World paradise?

Now that the Confederate flag has been for all intensive purposes banished from polite society, will radical Black activists return to civilized behavior? Or will they grow even more violent in terms of their rampages following court verdicts, law enforcement tactical decisions, and even sporting event outcomes over which they experience intense emotion having seen how quickly White leaders cave into these kinds of demands?

So if gays can compel Christian businesses to render services in support of their blasphemous nuptials, shouldn't insurance companies be compelled to render financial services to churches opposed to gay marriage?

Because of a single homicidal lunatic, the nation is expected to get onboard a frenzy to banish the Confederate flag from this land. Therefore, shouldn't the death of an American citizen at the hands of a felonious illegal alien deported multiple times spark as much effort on the part of elected officials and business leaders to repel back over the border the transnational migrants violating this established boundary?

Regarding the young woman murdered by an illegal alien on the streets of San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi pronounced that we must prevent easy access to firearms. Since the weapon used to perpetrate this crime belonged to a federal agent, does that mean that law enforcement must also be disarmed?

From a local newspaper, sounds like another farmer's market is planned for the area. The ones in the area already seem to be in decline with ugly hippies seeming to outnumber the produce. So why are the fried doughnuts and the smelly slop prepared on site by the foreigners in their food trucks really any healthier than the McDonald's down the street?

I voted Donald Trump in a GOP straw pole. There are things that disturb me profoundly regarding the real estate mogul. However, I agree nearly wholeheartedly with his remarks regarding illegal immigration. This threat to our culture, sovereignty, and very survival is not going to be resolved by keeping quiet about it. Even in the days as Rome fell, from the impression one takes away, at least they seemed to take pride to some degree that they were Roman. The elites here seem hellbent on eradicating traditional conceptions of the American identity from the listing of the nations of the world.

Jim Wallis of Sojourners Magazine has labeled Donald Trump as Narcissist In Chief. No doubt Trump's lifestyle skewers a bit to the ostentatious end of the luxury spectrum. But mind you, Wallis is of the variety of liberal that makes gaudy public pronouncements bemoaning name calling and insults should he hear something similar emanate from talk radio. Donald Trump might indeed be self-absorbed. But less so than the Occupy Movement deadbeats Wallis suggested that churches open their doors to shelter these vagabonds as they traveled from protest to protest as if on some kind of spiritual pilgrimage. Donald Trump was disciplined enough to build a business empire. The Occupy subversives didn't even possess the ability to control their bowels in public or the courtesy not to defile churches.

The sheriff of San Francisco says that, as a father, he is outraged that some would dare invoke the death of an American citizen at the hands of an illegal alien to question the policy of Sanctuary Cities. What in the name of Sheol does his having reproduce have to do with any of this?

A social media status update posted by the Western Journalism Center read “'Like' if you think we need a candidate like Ronald Reagan in the White House." But didn't Regan play a part in getting the ball rolling in terms of surrendering to the illegal aliens and the authorization of the assorted Executive Orders that could institute a near totalitarian police state with the flick of a pen?

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is being heralded as courageous for having the Confederate flag at the state house removed. But is it really an act of courage to get on board with a demand that will eventually result with riots in the streets if it is not complied with or result in the end of one's political career if an elected official does not obey a direct order of one's Illuminati handlers?

Of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule, Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics & Public Policy Center warned in a National Review Online column that the purpose of such a regulation is “to undo America's system of local government and replace it with a regional alternative that turn suburbs into helpless satellites of large cities.” To put that into words many will be able to relate to, the Obama regime is establishing the framework where your adolescent offspring will eventually be subjected to a lottery where the selected will be required to battle one another to the death in televised gladiatorial amusements. May the odds forever be in your favor.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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