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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  June 24, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #73

The Chinese government insists that it is not responsible for the intrusion compromising the data of over four million federal employees. The regime assures that it has laws against hacking. Just as the dictatorship no doubt has exquisitely written legislation protecting religious freedom and statutes against organ harvesting.

Driving for Uber might be better than starvation and homelessness. However, if you get a hold of the wrong customer that files some kind of lawsuit, you'll probably end up starved and homeless.

The film San Andreas was simultaneously entertaining and thought provoking. Amidst the superb special affects, one's mind contemplates especially the seismic prophecies foretold in the Book of Revelation. Also, depictions of the buildings collapsing upon the people almost brings tears to one's eyes as the sequences make you reflect on what thousands of American's endured on 9/11 at the hands of scumbag terrorists. Though not a particularly devout or explicitly religious film, it was a commendable touch for a change that it was the scientist urging prayer in light of the overwhelming devastation.

The Duggars placed locks on the doors to protect the children from their depraved son. I can think of something else the Duggars should have put a lock on long before that point.

In the book The Natural Family: Where It Belongs (New Agrarian Essays), historian and cultural analyst Allan Carlson insists that the wholesome and devout family ought to be one that toils the soil. Given his extensive academic qualifications and scholarly activity, it must be asked how often does Professor Carlson putter around in the dirt? Or is this yet another expectation to be imposed on the lesser classes of the species?

If teen girls don't want to be physically subdued by police, perhaps they ought to act more ladylike.

In regards to the Dennis Hastert case, if an American can be punished for depositing or withdrawing an amount over as well as below a certain amount without notifying authorities, how long until the financially enslaved will be required to obtain government approval for the simplest of transactions? For example, what is to prevent the government from denying access to your cash reserves for the purchase of non-approved foods of questionable nutritional content. After all, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee considers your weight not only an individual health issue but also one of national security.

A 56 year old New Zealand woman landed a 907 pound tuna after a four hour struggle. In response, cultural apologist and pundit Doug Giles (who reminds everyone just how manly he is by deliberately killing exotic animals on safari) posted, “Bow and kiss her ring all metrosexual males.” And the question to be asked is why. Does he demand the same of butch feminists that could be outcooked by a man in the kitchen? While a compelling human interest story that prompts a “gee whiz look at that” response, so long as those that Giles derides as “metrosexuals” have jobs and provide for themselves, there is nothing in divine revelation insisting that one must take to the high seas in a form of fishing than can be described as anything other than recreational. Wouldn't the manlier thing to do be take the money needed to pursue an elaborate hobby such as deep sea fishing and pay bills or put it away for retirement?

In defense of Marco Rubio, it has been claimed that an $80,000 boat is not a luxury. In light of gas prices that skyrocketed a few years ago as well as a few other reasons, I might get to Ollie’s Outlet four times a year now where I agonize over whether or not I need a book priced at $5.99.

Is political correctness really the only reason Jerry Seinfeld won't perform of college campuses? It's doubtful most of those students now were even born when his sitcom was broadcast on NBC. So when he tried to perform on college campuses, how would Jerry Seinfeld be introduced? As guest lecturer in Ancient History?

If a conservative had said what Bob Costas said about Bruce Jenner, wouldn't Costas had called on the thought criminal to be sent to a Khmer Rouge reeducation facility?

On The Five, Dana Perino suggested that professional athletics associations ought to finance a public relations effort (also commonly referred to as a propaganda campaign) urging inner city youth to respect and comply with law enforcement. There is nothing wrong with such a message. However, even if these enterprises have these funds at their disposal, they are not obligated to provide such outreach. They are not a church or a related kind of philanthropic organization. The responsibility of such is to provide entertainment. As a multimillionaire in her own right, why doesn't Dana Perino finance such cultural conditioning?

Regarding the principal fired for posting online for suggesting that the police officer at the pool party didn't really do anything wrong, Dana Perino on the Five suggested that those kinds of comments should perhaps have been said around the dinner table and not enunciated publicly. But doesn't this degree of self censorship plant the seeds of a regime where one will eventually be carted off to a reeducation camp for precisely verbalizing these errant thoughts in the privacy of one's own home?

The Obama Administration is conspiring to construct affordable housing in affluent neighborhoods. That's so when juries hand down verdicts specified demographics disagree with they won't have to travel far to destroy the property of White people.

If it is a violation of human rights to consider an individual's race in determining their qualifications and character, shouldn't the NAACP functionary courageous enough to conceal her demographic background be heralded as a patriot of the first order? For is it not an act of revolutionary consciousness to deny the government information to which it is not truthfully entitled?

If liberals want to insist that the NAACP functionary was less than truthful regarding her origins as an African American, aren't they required to abandon the foundations of evolutionary anthropology that all human beings can trace their origins back to Africa?

If tolerancemongers are going to insist like Gnostics that the materiality of the physical being does not exist or is irrelevant, shouldn't the NAACP functionary that presented herself as Black despite being born as White as a Dutch baby's backside be publicly celebrated as Bruce Jenner for embracing one's true identity. After all, this racialist is just as Black as Bruce Jenner is a woman.

A woman has realized that she was inadvertently abusing her husband. In the article detailing this confession that went viral in online Christian circles, this epiphany transpired during a marital spat when the wife observed her husband relenting to a verbal berating despite obeying the command he had been given and how many of his actions were determined by the instinct to avoid her verbalized rages. Eventually, men are going to be condemned as neglectful and abusive if they now comply with the dictates of their spouses in order to avoid being chewed out.

Bill Clinton intoned during a CNN interview that “You can't have people walking around with guns.” Does this include the members of the former President's Secret Service detail as well?

In a discussion of animal rights on the “Knowing The Truth” broadcast, theologian Richard Land reflected upon the implications of introducing robots to patient care. He observed such a development would undermine the element of human contact in the healing process. But was was the last time anyone has felt like anything other than a slab of meat when dealing with medical professionals and insurance bureaucracies?

Generations Radio astutely observed that parents cannot send their children to a 20 minute Sunday school and expect their children to be Christian. Instead, exposure to the faith must be comprehensive and constant. Yet just days prior to that pronouncement, this very same ministry insisted that the Christian parent cannot manipulate the child's environment and expect the child to become Christian. Under a Calvinist soteriology, despite the parent's best efforts, the child might just be one of the poor souls God created for no other reason than to toss into Hell. By this logic, in the final analysis, does it really matter whether parents send their child to a 20 minutes Sunday school once per week or subject their children to around the clock indoctrination?

So why is gubernatorial experience important to the Jeb Bush faction of the Republican party when a significant percentage of the candidates backed by Jeb over the course of his lifetime themselves did not possess gubernatorial experience?

If Jeb Bush is to be heralded for having married an Hispanic to the point where he is viewed as an Hispanic, shouldn't the NAACP functionary be similarly applauded for mating outside her race?

In an article on the death of Christianity, Southern Baptist hierarch Russell Moore writes, “...a Christianity that reflects its culture, whether that culture is Smith College or NASCAR, only lasts as long as it is useful to its hosts. That's because it's, at root, idolatry and people turn from their idols when they stop sending rain.” Perhaps Dr. Moore should remember that as he runs around like a lap dog puppy snuggling up to a number of perspectives whose primary purpose is to badmouth America and elevate subversive minority supremacists.

In Colorado, if an employer can fire an employee for partaking of legalized medicinal cannabis in that jurisdiction, why can't businesses deny services to gay marriages?

Pope Francis has pontificated that one does not exhibit genuine faith until one takes what one requires for one's own needs and instead provides for the poor with it. So does this mean that the Vatican is holding an estate sale or auction to divest itself of the institution's vast artistic and real estate holdings for pennies on the dollar?

The Christian Bible Study Massacre proves why a pastor that feels so led should be allowed to hold a Bible in one hand and a firearm in another.

Regarding the terrorist assault on the Charleston, South Carolina church, did media and law enforcement immediately describe the suspect as White or did these officials hem and haw ringing their hands as they described every feature other than the suspects socially constructed, non-existent race as they do in many other mass casualty incidents?

The families of the victims of the terrorist assault on the church are not under obligation to be so quick with their forgiveness. They should stew in their anger for awhile. Especially if this pissant has not said he was sorry or expressed any sincere remorse.

The same leftists moving production of the drama “Veep” from MD to CA because of tax incentives no doubt rank among those that insist that you don't pay your fair share and condemned golfer Phil Mickelson when he confided taxes in part prompted his move from CA to FL.

On “Cashin In” on Fox News, financial analyst Wayne Rogers described the Book of Revelation as “ridiculous” when it was pointed out that a proposal to microchip incarcerated inmates was disturbingly similar to the Mark of the Beast foretold of in the Apocalypse. Would he categorize Islamic holy texts in a similar fashion?

Usually when these leftists speak of healing division that translates as you are expected to go along with their blame Whitey and bigger government handouts agenda.

Interesting Obama does not say as much about gun violence when it is perpetrated by his inner city base of support in staggering numbers over the course of a given weekend.

Mittt Romney is suggesting that the Confederate Flag is offensive and ought to be set aside. And what of those similarly repulsed by cultic missionaries knocking at the door? Should that tradition also be forbidden because some find the practice offensive?

It was rhetorically asked in a sermon if Jesus would rather find you reading the Bible or a text message when He returned. Wouldn't that depend more on the particular text message? In themselves, text messages are morally neutral. So what other daily tasks are to to suspend for the appearance of holiness? Should a preacher ask if Jesus would rather find you reading your Bible or swatting your spouse's backside when He returns?

Is there really a reason for a pastor to point out in a Father's Day sermon that in his rhetorical selection that he is using the term “fathers” rather than “men” because the day's homily is intended for fathers because there are men in the congregation who are not fathers even though by tabulation that applied only to two of the male's in attendance? Being made to feel just a step ahead the town drunk or whore, it almost makes one feel like one does not belong there and not go back.

In profiles of terrorist scumbag Dylan Roof, the descriptor of “unemployed” is verbalized with a negative intonation. Is shiftlessness applied in such a derogatory manner to members of the Occupy movement or to violent protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson?

Will those insisting that Paula Deen should be financially ruined for verbalizing the N-word in the privacy of her own home following a violent crime call for the immediate removal of President Obama from elected office for verbalizing the N-word in reference to violent crime?

President Obama insists that America's heritage of racism has not been overcome. And that's why he was elected to the presidency twice? The second time was even after it was pretty much proven he was inept and incompetent.

Is it a wave of unity, as it has been categorized, to remove the confederate flag from the state house in South Carolina? Or is this being done more out of fear that the Obamavoters and welfare recipients are preparing to rampage like they did in Baltimore and Ferguson when they don't get their way?

On The Five, it was said one should live as if the person writing your eulogy were watching. Isn't that we have social media and the Internet for nowadays? What if you really don't want a funeral when you croak? It's just a bunch of people coming to gawk at your lifeless corpse feigning that they care when they really didn't when you were alive.

In an oration where Hillary pledged to the New World Order just how much she despises being White (but not so much so that she will surrender her vast fortune), the presidential candidate said guns should not be allowed into the hands of those that harbor hate in their hearts. That translates you should not be allowed to own a firearm unless you pass a political and worldview litmus test.

Greg Gutfeld said on Fox News that, if the victims of the Charleston terrorist assault want the flag removed, that is enough for him to have the Confederate flag removed. As a borderline alcoholic, if someone who lost a family members in a drunk driving accident calls for the reenactment of Prohibition, does that mean he will swear adherence to the behavioral codes of a temperance league?

On the Five, Eric Boling said in reference to a number of retailers censoring the exchange of Confederate merchandise that the free market should be allowed to decide. As a Roman Catholic, would he endorse retailers prohibiting the sale of Christian paraphernalia in general and of that specific theological persuasion in particular?

Rand Paul has come out in support of removing the Confederate flag. If nothing else, at least the debate is settled that his support of states rights and the Tenth Amendment are merely euphemisms regarding the legalization of pot and hardcore narcotics after all.

So does everyone believe the liberal dogmas regarding race or ethnicity because those are their sincerely held beliefs or is it that they fear the inquisition that will descend upon them and destroy their lives if there is even a hint that you might disagree with these dictates on even the minutest level?

Greg Gutfeld on Fox News claimed that it is absurd to argue that, if the Confederate flag is taken away now, eventually the flag of the United States will be taken away at some point not too far down the road. It is less absurd than the moronic postmodernism that permeates his eponymous Sunday night broadcast.

In the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, a bicyclist exposing himself to a young girl and a woman. In solidarity with the victims of this vile act, shouldn't the nation rally against bicycles? In self-congratulatory gestures displaying celebrating how progressively sympathetic we are as a society, retailers should stop selling bicycles and related bicycle merchandise. Governments ought to end the support of bicycles by rescinding funds for bicycle infrastructure such as lanes, paths, and racks. If you support these proposals, it is obvious that you aren't willing to do what is necessary to stop the predators that are emboldened to perpetrate these crimes as a result of advancements in self-propelled personal transportation vehicles.

Of the Confederate flag, Donald Trump said, “...let it go, respect whatever it is that you have to respect because there was a point in time and put it in a museum. But I would take it down.” What he is saying that it is time for the South to surrender to the inevitability of Yankee domination and the imposition of the values of the Northeastern elites. If these are the kinds of principles that Trump holds to and espouses, on what grounds does he refute those advocating acquiescence to Red China? Like the Confederacy, how do we know that American economic independence isn't something meant to be relegated to a museum?

A pastor remarked that the phrase “Dance with the devil you know” did not sound like Biblical advice even it it was apropos. Now is that because the adage seems to counsel compromise with Satan or rather because dancing was involved? In certain Baptist circles, the greater outrage might be that dancing was involved.

Citizens are being assured that the lowered Confederate flags will find a place in a museum. But given the propaganda, distortions, and outright lies subtly disseminated through these venues of public display regarding evolution, how long will this esteemed artifact be allowed to remain on display or undefiled by falsehoods or condemnations pertaining to it?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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