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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  June 17, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Website Applauding Moral Decline Laments Loss Of Foo Foo Manners

A Huffington Post story listed a number of polite things people don't do anymore.

One was giving up your seat for an elderly person, pregnant woman, or someone with disabilities.

For starters, if these demographic categories make a fuss about wanting to be treated like everybody else, that should also include the expectation that they should also wait for a seat like everybody else.

Another principle included taking off your hat indoors.

Does that also include those belonging to a certain religion with a penchant for flying jetliners into skyscrapers that not only cover their heads but at times even their entire faces?

If multiculturalism holds that all people are to be treated equally and these people are not obligated to remove their cranial apparel, why should the rest of us be expected to comply with such a decree?

Another principle on the list was about making small talk in the checkout line.

I am there to acquire a desired or needed item.

Beyond a nod or cursory verbalized greeting, I am not there to talk to people.

Given the outright destruction of property that often takes place these days as a result of either athletic victories or unpopular jury verdicts, one would think a little good natured benign detachment would be applauded as a form of serene civility.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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