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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  June 5, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #72

Lebanon Levi and Merlin from Amish Mafia appeared on the 5/13/15 episode of Dr. Phil. When was this episode filmed? If after the finale of Amish Mafia, why shouldn't we conclude that the Discovery Channel docudrama is anything but fake? For in the finale, is depicted as having started a beard to denote having gotten married. However, during the Dr. Phil interview, he was clean shaven.

Contrary to the statement made by Eric Boling on the Five, if a police or military force cannot stand civilian criticism, why should we think it will be able to handle better armed adversaries on the battlefield or streets?

The way Hepatitis C is referred to as "Hep C", there hasn't been a commercial that glamorous since feminine hygiene products and catheter sample packs.

What’s the big deal about Fox News calling poor people “leeches”? Thousands of hours of video tape accumulated this past year characterized as “civil unrest” document beyond a reasonable doubt that that is exactly what these deadbeats are.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is once again verbalizing the name “Redskins” in reference to Washington's NFL franchise. Previously, she signed a resolution condemning the name as a racial slur. She has since changed her mind, insisting that her primary duty as mayor is the city's economic development. From that, are we to assume that the primary determinant of the moral ought to be the financial? As such, should one find a wad of cash sufficiently large enough, the stigma and outrage associated with the “N-word” would magically disappear? All that is required from this line of reasoning to delegitimize gay marriage is to execute a sufficiently robust fund raising campaign.

Ought it to be considered that one is baptized into church membership or that one is identifying with Christ's burial and resurrection? What if one wants to be baptized but is not necessarily ready to join a particular church?

Maybe people have too much. But organized religion, government bureaucracy, and others that refuse to work don't have a right to what you have either. My stuff is mine. It does not belong to some missionary that's got nothing better to do at night in the Third World than breed out of control.

A pastor mocked men that had more than one of the same tool. Should the same sense of mockery be applied to someone that has more than one copy of a particular Bible translation?

It was asserted in a sermon that money is not healthy for you since it is covered in bacteria. So aren't you really doing a favor on behalf of church personnel by not placing this vector in the collection plate? So what about the bacteria transmitted in the asinine handshaking ritual? What about the ass sweat that might have stained the pew prior to you?

In snide remarks regarding a drop in the offering the previous week, it was observed that some must have taken their mother's out for Mother's Day rather than tithing to the Lord. But if motherhood is a ministry as important in the eyes of God as preaching from the pulpit, is it God that is ticked off about feeling financially slighted or the organized church?

The Washington Post is lamenting that supposedly life expectancy is longer in North Korea than in some Baltimore neighborhoods. But isn't that the result of Baltimore residents being allowed the freedom to either make something of their lives or to destroy their own lives as well as those of others? Individuals for the most part are not extended that choice in North Korea. Are we to the assume that the Washington Post wants that kind of totalitarian regimentation? Perhaps those advocating this would like the First Amendment curtailed to prevent the purveying of the filth that glamorizes lives of crime and carnality.

A public service announcement suggests that smokers are less attractive as mates. While correct, will the government produce similar propaganda justifying the preferences of those that do not want someone that has already procreated or nocturnally frolicked in the boudoir with multiple partners without benefit of matrimony?

In the 5/8/15 edition of USA Today, Michael Wolff remarked that the furor over George Stephanopoulous as a broadcast journalist contributing to the Clinton Foundation is overwrought and another attempt at career-ruining demonetization. Did this columnist as boldly rally to the defense of the Firefox executive driven from that company for merely contributing a pittance to an organization working within the establishment legal framework opposed to gay marriage?

If President Obama is now reversing the policy of militarizing the nation's police forces, does that include the ammunition stockpiled by non-law enforcement agencies such as the Department of Education and the Internal Revenue Service? Will homosexual activists opposed to the name of the Redskins football franchise object to Natural American Spirit tobacco products with the logo of an Indian in a headdress smoking a peace pipe advertised in the June 2015 of Out Magazine?

A couple has started a GoFundMe campaign to finance their honeymoon. How is that any tackier than these wedding gift registries that demand brand, item, and quantity of a desired item?

On Master Chef, will the Muslim gal featured on the commercial be required to prepare pork products?

A Facebook theologian said “Furthermore, should preaching God's Word be contingent upon what is popular to keep the tithes and offerings coming in? Many churches have prospered that do not preach the gospel such as Joel Osteen's congregation.” That comment was in response to my own about if you are going to insist that dead babies go to Hell, don’t expect much in the collection plate or even for the parents to come back to church if that is the degree of comfort your ministry provides. It must be something to go through life that devoid of emotion. Preaching God’s word might not be contingent upon what is popular. However, neither does it necessarily be expressed in such a way as to rub salt in what has got to be one of life’s most crippling psychological wounds.

On The Flash, if Eobard Thawn was erased from the timeline altogether, does that mean the entire series now resets itself? Because it was established earlier in the season that he murdered the real Dr. Wells and assumed his identity in order to build the cyclotron 20 years earlier than it would have been. (And will riot police need to be called in at Comicon should debates about this get out of hand?)

At the beatnik farmer's market, I am sure those fried doughnuts are an organic health food. Probably less fat and cholesterol in a Little Debbie snack cake.

Radical homeschoolers argue that parents ought to pull their children out of formalized academic settings and not even allow their daughters to entertain thoughts of attending college because of the numerous incidents of molestation and sexual assault that occur in the halls of learning. Given the molestations allegations that have come out against Josh Duggar, if that is what goes on behind the close doors of the first family of homeschooling, should Christians now evaluate that form of education as well?

Josh Duggar has been accused of molestation. His own sisters are alleged to rank among his victims. But since he was married by 20 years of age, he is not the deviant. You are if you are not according to radical homeschoolist propaganda.

Would there be as much outrage over the Duggar allegations if these parents had not attempted to rule over their children with such an iron fist? Seems to me your son molesting one of your daughters would be more a sign of failed parenting than if your kids kissed someone before their wedding ceremony. Perhaps this tragic story should be taken as a warning that parents procreating at such a shocking rate don't always pay that much attention to the children whom it is claimed are loved more than the children of those parents that spawn a more manageable one to three.

No wonder the one Duggar girl got married to someone on the other side of the world. Always figured it was to get away from that crowd. Who would have thought it would have been over something so terrible.

Mark my words. Before it’s all over with, the Duggar that can’t keep his hands to himself will be addressing riveted crowds on the topic as to why septuagenarian singles shouldn’t even be allowed to sit with one another in church.

During his Coast Guard Academy commencement address, President Obama decreed that climate change is a national security threat. And are we to assume that the President traveled from the White House to this service academy via a carbon neutral pogo stick or a form of transportation that expended several thousand pounds of fossil fuel?

To Huckabee, apparently the important thing is not whether or not the accused Duggar pedophile molested his own sisters but apparently how likely the accused's clan is to contribute to his campaign. In enunciating his intentions to stand by the Duggars, teens feeling up toddlers must be business as usual in Arkansas.

Regarding the scant number of District of Columbia residents allowed concealed weapon carry permits, wonder how many of those insist common citizens should not be allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Regarding a proposed VA law that would have prohibited a child under five from handling a gun. How is such legislation anymore out of line than restricting drivers licenses to those over 16? Unless they reside in the Duggar household, do children that young really need access to fire arms?

Regarding the tattooed contestant that kept constantly reminding that she's a first generation American and single mother: the program is Master Chef and not PC Chef. If one is going to shell out over a day's wage for not much more than a single scoop of food, you are wanting an exquisitely prepared meal; not a guilt trip or a sob story.

In reflection upon the Duggar scandal, a pastor on SermnAudio remarked how worldlings are gleeful when Christians fall into sin. But don't we believers tend to do the same thing in regards to the adherents of assorted false belief systems? Who among us didn't latch onto the Roman Catholic abuse scandal as proof to the shortcomings of that variety of Christianity? So now shouldn't similar outrages be taken as proof that things might not be as perfect in hardline Evangelicalism as the missionary prayercard photos would lead us to believe?

Floods devastate parts of Texas and Oklahoma. Had this been New Orleans, we'd probably have seen widespread looting by now.

Does activist Pamella Gellar intend to ride daily on the public transportation systems onto which her associates are planning to post Muhammad cartoons? If she wants to hold Mohammad cartoon exhibitions to combat the advancement of Islam, she should be applauded for her courage. However, if these cartoons are plastered all over public transportation, is there a reason the rest of us are obligated to die on behalf of her convictions simply by commuting to work?

Rick Santorum is announcing his presidential campaign during a televised press conference. There is nothing out of the ordinary about that. However, Santorum produced a movie with the theme of how much better off we are without modern technology.

In a Newseum interview, Leon Harris and Larry King lamented the rise of mass communications resources available over the Internet and mobile devices. But weren't similar criticism leveled by newspapers and broadcast networks regarding the cable formats through which these media personalities ascended to international prominence? Should everyone else be required to relinquish the opportunities technology has made available to maintain the controlled milieu preferred by these aging elites?

In a Newseum interview, Larry King lamented that there are too many on the Internet now attempting to be journalists. To that, the response ought to be, “Podcaster, silence thyself.”

In his Memorial Day oration, Obama assured the assembled that the world is now at peace. Hours later, aircraft are grounded as a result of jihadist bomb threats.

If Southern Baptist leaders such as Russell Moore continue to foment contempt against the White race, what is to stop Whites from going to church altogether? Better yet, what is to prevent those of this targeted extraction from withdrawing from these churches to form ones where, despite all being welcome irrespective of color or race, but where the acceptance of others is not formulated from a perspective of contempt for White people or America?

An 11 year old homeschooler is graduating with three college degrees. Despite such impressive accomplishments, odds are that in the environment in which he resides, upon reaching adulthood he probably still won't be allowed to date unchaperoned or pick his own spouse.

Now that the Duggar facade is crumbling, a number of radical homeschoolers are changing their tune as to the utility of the lifestyle they themselves profess as the ideal Christian standard. On an episode of Generations Radio examining the scandal, the host criticized those that pursue a form of Christianity characterized by a mantra of “We don't drink, we don't chew, and we don't go with girls who do.” The host insinuated how spiritually hollow it was for parents to follow these kinds of formulas, expecting a guarded environment to result in a righteous and redeemed child. Mind you, this very same ministry has promoted the Duggarite mindset that females should be discouraged from pursuing higher education. Kevin Swanson even insinuated in the past that a fascination with the Little House On The Prairie books could suborn lesbianism in unsuspecting readers.

An emerging pedagogical perspective insists that there is no need to teach students information if that information can be googled. Sort of makes you wonder what is the point of schools embracing such a philosophy apart from ideological indoctrination and social manipulation.

I guess those worked up over most Americans speaking only one language will next verbally ream us a new one for not really caring a tinker about the world soccer organization scandal.

Regarding the proposed Johnny Quest movie. Let’s just hope Race Bannon and Benton Quest aren’t depicted as a gay couple.

Pope Francis insists that people spend too much money on pets. Instead such funds should be lavished upon the supposedly indigent and destitute. If that is the standard to which we are obligated to aspire, would these funds be better spent on more golden scepters, large pointy hates, and ornate vestments that scrape the floor? Wouldn't the Vatican's money be better spent on the poor than on astronomical observatories codenamed L.U.C.I.F.E.R. attempting to discover extraterrestrial life?

On “The Five”, Kimberly Gilfoil enunciated she had no problem with minority groups such as herself seeking career placement assistance with racial supremacist groups such as La Raza. To be consistent, wouldn't she also be required to applaud the Ku Klux Klan doing the same on behalf of White students or CAIR and Hamas doing the same on behalf of Muslim students?

If you can be penalized for strategizing your bank deposits and withdrawals in such a way in order to avoid reporting requirements, can one be similarly punished if one travels side streets and country roads in order to avoid highway tolls?

It was snidely mused in a sermon that a Bible church is just a Baptist one that doesn't want to go by the name of Baptist. While that may be true to an extent, that summary does not convey the complete picture. Perhaps some congregations go with the Bible church rather than Baptist moniker in admission that there is more to the Christian faith than baptism and, in all honesty, to distance themselves from some of the extremist positions certain Baptist factions have become infamous over. There is nothing in Scripture indicating that the only variety of church acceptable to God is one that explicitly lists the word “Baptist” in its name.

It might not be ideal, but if an individual baptized as an infant comes to faith later in life and is basing the assurance of salvation on that profession and not so much on the act of natal baptism, is it really worth making a fuss as to when the person was baptized? Immersion no more saves you than sprinkling does.

In a sermon insisting that all forms of baptism other than immersion were invalid, it was admitted that baptism can also mean to come under such as in terms of the influence of. When water is poured or sprinkled over the head, isn't the person technically under it in those modalities as well?

Given that Vanity Fair was the setting in Pilgrim's Progress in which all manner of carnal depravities took place, it is ironically fitting that it would be in that magazine in which Bruce Jenner would publicly wallow in his assorted debaucheries.

Radical homeschooler Kevin Swanson castigated so-called conspiracy theorists for deemphasizing the love of God in expressing their concerns about the Jade Helm military exercise. Guess those in concentration camps during the Holocaust were simply on extended holiday at a mineral spring spa resort.

Hopefully, those Christians not speaking of looming persecution in a demeanor of glum solemnity but rather with fanatical exuberance and giddiness will rank among the first lined up against the wall and shot.

A Birmingham Ashton University study concludes that women have better memories than men. The purpose of which is to ensure that there will always be an unending list of things over which to berate or belittle the man no matter how long ago the slight, transgression, or shortcoming might have occurred.

Wonder if the Fox News talking heads would be as cavalier about the raising of the retirement age if they were the ones stuck in physically taxing and mentally unfulfilling occupations?

The Patriot Act has been rebranded the USA Freedom Act, allowing data to once again be collected on telecommunications customers. However, this time around, it seems that the information will remain in the hands of the private sector. That will allow a number of the legislation's supporters on the Fox News Channel to label critics of the law as enemies of the free market system as well. In light of the allegations and charges of deposit structuring leveled against former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, can someone utilizing human couriers to diminish the possibility of electronic surveillance or who would just rather compose handwritten letters rather than email be accused of violating the USA Freedom Act?

An Alzheimer's medication commercial urges patients to remind their doctor of an assortment of conditions they might have before commencing the prescribed course of treatment. These are Alzheimer's patients. There are days these poor souls can hardly remember their names. Some might have no family. And those that do, if the family member assists the elderly patient in responding to questions that the patient does not know the answer to or is unable to understand from a doctor that speaks garbled English, you get snapped at like you are guilty of elder abuse. Shouldn't it be the doctor's responsibility to gather and track this kind of physiological intelligence?

John Stewart of the Daily Show is jacked out of shape because the public has focused upon the looks of Bruce Jenner's “Caitlyn” persona as debut on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine. Stewart lamented, “When you were a man, we could talk about your athleticism, your business acumen, but now all we care about is your looks.” But other than thrusting the artificial bosom into the camera lens, has this carnival act renouncing the “Bruce” identity accomplished anything else of note? If one wanted one's mind emphasized over one's trampy appearance, wouldn't one publish an essay in the New York Review Of Books rather than Vanity Fair?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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