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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  May 13, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #71

A liberal pundit on Cashin In on Fox News insisted that the riots were the result of racist housing policies in Baltimore. Maybe these Blacks should be interspersed into rural areas where the Rednecks wouldn't be afraid to exercise the Second Amendment when threatened by uppity deadbeats.

Those verbalizing the word “thug” have been accused of actually thinking the “N-word”. And what if they did? Those saying the word “thug” weren't the ones rampaging in the streets and destroying property.

The Iranian Supreme Leader has Tweeted that, in America, police kill citizens for no reason. That is opposed to as in the Islamic Republic where law enforcement put to death woman going out in public with uncovered heads and toss homosexuals off of multistory buildings.

Donald Trump condemned the Muhammad cartoon exhibition as being unnecessarily provocative of Muslims. Should his beauty pageants be abolished for the same reasons? Those of that particular faith aren't too keen either on broads prancing about in high heels and skimpy swimsuits with their boobs jacked up and their hindquarters swaying in the breeze.

In a church membership class posted on SermonAudio, those in attendance for the proceedings were required from the sound of it to fill in a seating chart of those around them each week supposedly for the purposes of learning the names of the fellow students. If Independent Baptists insist that their practices are derived from sola scriptura, where is the precedent for the described classroom procedure described in the pages of Holy Writ? If a church requires such rigmarole, doesn't the church run the risk of alienating those with social anxiety? For I know I'd go running out of their at the end of the class like Chiroptera fleeing Ghenna.

A number of supporters are listing among his qualifications for the Presidency that Ben Carson is Black. Perhaps Rand Paul's should list among their preferred candidate's qualifications that the Kentucky ophthalmologist is White?

If the White House can serve tacos during its celebration of the contrived Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo, why is it condemned as racist for assorted student grounds to serve these dishes at assorted activities and functions?

On a News and Focus program, William Strum of Berean Baptist Chuch condemned short term missions trips. But aren't the shortcomings of those undertakings more the fault of professional religionists that shame the average Christian for little involvement with transborder outreach and how even something like vacation has to be justified on the grounds of profound spiritual implication? Can't someone just go to the beach or mountains to be going to the beach or mountains? Does the reason have to have a string of Bible verse references following it?

According to an academic study referenced on Generations Radio with Kevin Swanson, Nigerian children are supposedly better off than than those in Baltimore. Does that include the 214 girls rescued from Boko Haram that are now pregnant. At least those impregnated outside of marriage in Baltimore probably had a bit more say in the matter.

A Facebook theologian admonished that one should only pray for a request if it is God's will. But unless one possess precognition or clairvoyance, regarding a variety of morally ambivalent issues of which Scripture is not necessarily definitive, you aren't really going to know what God's will is until a chronometric potentiality has already elapsed.

Speaking in reference to the Muhammad Cartoon Contest, Al Sharpton insists that, even if you have a right to do something, that does not mean you should do it. Mind you, this is the street thug that applauds those that do that to which they have no right such as the vandalism of private and public property. One of the acts he instigated at one time even resulted in the loss of innocent human life.

Are those outraged by the restaurant sponsoring a White Appreciation Day discount as bent out of shape over President Obama establishing programs such as My Brother's Keeper that benefit only Colored youth?

The Afrosupremacists outraged over southern youth posing with Confederate paraphernalia are the same subversives and terrorist sympathizers that exhibit little concern or condemnation of the property destruction that takes place during riots in ghettos such as Ferguson and Baltimore.

The same Afrosupremacists outraged over southern youth posing with Confederate paraphernalia are the same subversives and terrorist sympathizers that exhibit little concern or condemnation of the property destruction that takes place during riots in ghettos such as Ferguson and Baltimore.

In a Lutheran Sunday School class, an Ethiopian pastor smugly remarked that Ethiopia is mentioned around forty times in the Bible whereas America is not mentioned. If Ethiopia is such a wonderful place, why is the pastor here rather than in Ethiopia. And if he is counting among those references those mentioned in the Book of Daniel, I don't recall those being all that positive. From that text, it sounded like Ethiopia would become part of some Islamist or Third World alliance that would attempt to attack Israel towards the end of the age.

Shouldn't the fact that most Westerners have had few encounters with actual demonic sorcery or witchcraft serve as a testament to the power and vitality of the Christian worldview rather than as a pretext to launch a rant on how dimwitted Whitey is? If you are teaching from Acts 8 and skip over the encounter with Simon the Sorcery instead to harp how wonderfully crosscultural the encounter between Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch, don't you as a pastor bear the responsibility for failing to teach Americans as to the reality of these spiritual dangers?

A pastor praised the Baltimore mother that slapped her son for participating in the riots. From the pulpit, the minister announced that this woman should be nominated as mother of the year. But wasn't what we witnessed more a last ditch effort to interdict a lifestyle of failed parenting? To remain consistent, shouldn't a minister that just a week or two before suggesting that Bruce Jenner is mentally screwed up because of the increasing number of women that wear pants not lift up as the ideal Proverbs 31 mother someone that has birthed multiple children outside of marriage by as many men and who is covered with tattoos?

As part of a mother's day sermon, a pastor condemned young women for not knowing how to cook from scratch. Where is it detailed in the Scripture that meals must be prepared from scratch and cannot be out of a can as ridiculed in the pastor's snide comment regarding Chef Boyardee? If a pastor is going to hold women up to such an impossible standard, is he adept at what would be considered manchores such as gutting his own livestock or even auto repair? Shouldn't someone that lives in an apartment complex where the staff handles the yardwork and maintenance be reluctant about criticizing other basic tasks no longer completed as they were in the 1800's?

A Lutheran Church I visited needed over $3000 for its vacation Bible school program. Who knew cloth puppets and snack cookies were such big business. $2000 was to be for advertising. Are they flying in Davey & Golitath to film a commercial?

Rick Perry said it is healthy to question the government but not the military. But is not the military part of the government? How about when the government through the military is used to implement anti-Christian, pro-gay policies? Composed of fallen individuals like every other human organization, though it can be respected, free citizens are still within their rights to question the military.

The Colorado restaurant celebrating White Appreciation Day has extended the discount to all customers. Does the United Negro College Fund now intend to be as broadmindedly magnanimous in the disbursement of the organization’s scholarships?

In a sermon, a pastor admonished that, if a member was not able to attend a given Sunday, they were obligated to listen to the sermon online. That was so the truant parishioner could receive their “marching orders”. Where the member ought to march is straight out of the church. For down the road, you could very well find that the marching order you are given is to guzzle down the funny-tasting Koolaid.

Mooch Obama gave a graduation speech blaming Whitey for all of her problems. Denzel Washington's commencement oration emphasized the importance of recognizing God to a person's success. Here's a novel idea. How about doing away with celebrity speeches and just hand out the diplomas?

An online meme pictures a man carrying a bow and arrows. The text reads, “Your dad doesn't hunt? Well, happy Mother's Day to your dad.” I've yet to see a Biblical text proving that men that don't like to hunt are effeminate. If anything, if Esau and Nimrod are among the foremost examples of hunters mentioned in the Bible, they don't seem to be spoken of all that favorably. Nothing screams masculinity like running off into the woods with a bunch of other men because that is what the group pressures everyone into doing.

The Washington Post insists that marriage is a constantly evolving social institution that has not always consisted of our current understanding as a relationship between a loving man and woman. If that is the standard, technically there is really nothing wrong when ISIS savages take toddler brides. And if a man and woman come to an agreement where the man can horsewhip the woman when she fails to prepare dinner to his liking, are we as pluralists and relativists required to publicly ascent to that as well?

In coverage of the horrific Philadelphia train derailment, CNN ran the headline “Midshipman Among The Fatalities”. Will the occupational backgrounds of the other victims also merit a broadcast graphic? Given that the tragic passing of this individual was not related to his Department of Defense status, is he worthy of more pity than the others? Why not make public lamentation for the deceased passenger with the largest bank account?

A Calvinist meme reads, “If you as a man are at liberty to choose your own house, friends and wife, has not the Lord God the liberty to do the same? The thing of it is, though it might feel like you are living in Hell if you select the wrong spouse, the person you don't select to marry does not burn throughout all eternity as a result. Furthermore, the use of marriage as an analogy in matters of soteriology ultimately breaks down. Christ might have the church as his metaphorical bride. However, that bride is ultimately composed of multiple individuals. You, as an individual, according to the moral law established by this God, are limited to a single mate (contrary to what certain populations in Utah might insist). Under predestination, if God is free to select as many as He wants to incorporate into this mystical body, isn't He ultimately at fault if He allows an individual to slip into Hell?

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. Frederick holds a BS in Political Science/History, a MA in Apologetics/Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary, and a PhD. in Christian Apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary.

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