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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Frederick Meekins
Bio: Frederick Meekins
Date:  May 2, 2015
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Topic category:  Other/General

Headline Potpourri #70

Hillary Clinton commented that we ought to get rid of the divisions that have broken down the nation's politics. That translates that it ought to be against the law to disagree with her.

If Al Sharpton has gone on a hunger strike over something as trivial as the confirmation of an Attorney General, the malcontent should be allowed to starve to death.

In a sermon, a pastor berated the congregation for not knowing where Zephaniah was in the Bible. Perhaps he would rather they never return to the church he pastors.

If personality tests are being used to screen out job applicants, what is to prevent the applicant from not answering the assessment honestly but rather in the manner that they deduce is most likely to secure them the position?

If personality tests are being used to screen out job applicants before objective criteria are applied, would the individual be responsible if they could not find employment?

In a sermon on Christian apathy, fanatic legalist Jason Cooley condemned the entire U.S. military over the actions of a few errant soldiers. Therefore, extrapolating the pastor’s logic, ought we to condemn the entire Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement for its errant sex crimes that are comparable to any Vatican debaucheries?

In a sermon, a pastor admonished that not only is one required to come to worship but that one must come in a spirit of Sabbath rest. Some people just can’t turn off their minds. Once again, would it rather be preferred that people don’t show up at all?

If you learn about Alexander the Great under the auspices of a traditional Western Civilization course, it is racist oppression. However, if you learn about him during a course on homosexual history, you are being liberating from the heteronormative hegemony.

With that maniacal cackle, you almost expect Hillary to say, "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too."

Regarding the gyrocopter assault on the Capitol lawn. Is life so miserable as a result of campaign finance reform to likely endanger a post office pension over?

“Tired of the partisanship” is actually a euphemism that the person wants to abolish the First Amendment.

Of me, it was said, “Obviously, you just like to call people, whom you do not like, names for the sake of attacking them.” Everyone has got to have a hobby. Furthermore, it is considerably less expensive than wine and woman.

It was criticized that most youth pastors are young. Maybe so. But if aspiring ministers don’t start at this level, when these individuals apply for more senior positions later in their careers will search committees toss in their faces that they are insufficiently experienced?

How is that blond sportcaster chick telling the tow company clerk to loose weight really any worse than how we are constantly ordered by Queen Sasquatch and her "Let's Move" propaganda?

ESPN personality Britt McHenry was caught verbally boring into a tow company clerk. Did she unload unprovoked or did the clerk say something that set her off? Social media widely condemned her remarks and her network suspended her. Yet she still hasn't destroyed as much property as the average Occupy Movement beatnik or Ferguson vandal whom are usually adored by the media.

Does Brittney McHenry invoking her celebrity status in a confrontation with a tow company differ all that appreciably from the verbal manipulations engaged in by law enforcement, racial activists, and even certain veterans in the attempt to get their way?

On the BBC version of Top Gear, the hosts drove through Alabama with provocative slogans painted across their vehicles. The point was to solicit a violent response in mockery of the conservative culture of the American South. Wonder if these same champions of free speech would drive through Muslim neighborhoods in London in a truck advertising free pork barbecue.

Other than for purposes of social indoctrination, having a gay couple in the recent NCIS: New Orleans infant abduction episode didn’t add anything to the plot. The story would have virtually been the same if a normal heterosexual couple was featured.

It is said security upgrades to the White House perimeter are necessary in light of the ISIS threat. But weren't we told that they were just the "JV" team?

Jeb Bush admits he is concerned that the climate is changing. Apparently not so much so to curtail his travels across the country. That, ladies and gentleman, is a sacrifice you are to endure. Most likely once you are directed shortly to your Walmart reeducation center.

In a speech, Bill Clinton applauded ISIS's spirit of inclusion. Yet that withered sex fiend would probably launch a Branch Davidian style assault on Christian bakers declining to bake gay wedding cakes.

The character that was heterosexual enough to have two girlfriends in his previous X-Men cinematic appearance will apparently turn out to be GAY in the next film. Maybe he can have the hots for the Human Torch who went from White to being Black.

A Jihadist wanting to attack churches in France shot himself in the foot. Interestingly, he then sought medical attention from those he himself had wanted to murder. Would a Christian bent on similar mayhem in an Islamic nation have been extended such assistance or rather summarily executed?

On an episode of Generations Radio in which Adam McManus substituted as host, a Rushdoonyian author chastised the church for failing to heed the call of Douglas MacArthur to evangelize Japan following World War II. But if we are to hold to a Calvinist soteriology that the only ones saved are the ones God wants saved, isn’t that therefore God’s fault? Furthermore, on what grounds do you condemn believers who at the time might have been pursuing other paths God intended for their lives? I don’t exactly recall MacArthur dedicating his life to missions in the Pacific Rim after he was put in his place for insubordination by Truman. Why is it we are expected to neglect the children and elderly here in favor of foreign ones overseas?

In response to some issue, Greta Van Sustern said we should be raising “holy hell”. If the Scientology she holds to is the fundamental creed of the universe rather than Christianity, shouldn't she have instead invoked the name of the Swiss Mountain those of her worldview believe in which the cosmic tyrant Xenu is imprisoned?

A woman is accused of running over her husband with an SUV for failing to vote. Just imagine what the harpy would have done if he had left the toilet seat up.

Approximately half of Americans support gay marriage. If 50% of a population supported loading particular minorities into boxcars for transport for liquidation at designated facilities, would that make that action correct as well?

Regarding the mouthy broad that tried to be a comedian at the White House correspondents dinner. Isn't it hypocritical to denounce the impropriety of Hillary's appearance yet mock Rand Paul for supposedly wearing a wig?

A chess champion was bitch-slapped across social media for suggesting that men might be biologically hardwired on average to be better at chess than women. Do tolerancemongers intend to fly off the handle to the same extent when women are upheld as superior regarding certain activities?

A Baltimore mother is being praised for slapping her son over participating in the riots. But aren't some of the same liberals feigning praise for this assertive parenting also responsible for creating an atmosphere where many parents are reluctant to discipline their children for fear of retribution on the part of law enforcement or the social welfare establishment? Relatedly, would the media find this incident as amusing if a father slapped a marauding daughter?

A Baltimore law enforcement functionary asked in a press conference if the public wants force used against 13-15 year olds. If they are rioting and pillaging, why not?

During coverage of the riots, cable and broadcast networks should not bleep the profanity. Let the American people see and hear just how vile these marauders are.

If that one burning building was the White House, would President Obama want it looped over and over again on the evening news?

If President Obama can bring himself to admit that the destruction that transpired in Baltimore was not a protest, why can't he muster the remainder of the moral clarity to admit that it was a riot?

Juan Williams insisted that populations should be allowed to vent. Do these malcontents not have access to social media over their government provided smartphones?

Hillary Clinton laments that her heart breaks for all of these urban young men. And what about those whose property was destroyed? That is just the prelude to the revolution she and her fellow subversives agitate for.

On Fox News, there was a countdown ticker to 10:00 PM, reminding of the pending curfew. From a propagandistic standpoint, isn't that sort of itching for a riot by presenting it as a sort of apocalyptic Time Square New Year's Eve countdown?

The riots in Baltimore might not have been multicultural in the sense that the violence was perpetrated primarily by a ethnically homogeneous horde. However, these disturbances are in these sense that they are the outcome of spineless Whites that have for decades either fawned all over these listless deadbeats or remained tightlipped having been manipulated into believing tolerance and diversity are greater priorities than the protection of life and property. There is little hope when even prominent Fox News broadcasters drone on with class warfare rhetoric little different than whats regularly spewed over the airwaves by MSNBC ideologues.

Dana Perino enunciated on The Five on Fox News that being a single mother is the hardest job in the world. Regarding the ones never married, unless raped aren't these mothers the ones at fault for putting themselves into this lifestyle situation?

Fox News has reported that, during the Baltimore riots, police were initially ordered to stand down because “it is only property” that was to be looted and vandalized. Would the same perspective have prevailed if it was the White House endangered?

The property of innocent people should be valued more highly than the lives of the guilty endangering it.

The lawyer of Freddie Gray's family admonishes that now is the time for all cities to treat all people with dignity. Does this edict also apply to urban thugs that victimize unsuspecting Whites with the knockout game?

It has been suggested that over 5,000 perished in the Nepalese earthquake as judgment for that nation's acceptance of homosexuality. So all 5,000, some of whom dwell in the Earth's most remote regions, endorsed homosexuality? Could it just as easily be that that nation is in the area of the world's tallest mountains that happen to likely be under significant tectonic and seismic stress?

The Mayor of Baltimore vowed that no one in her city is above the law. Therefore, isn't she obligated to have Al Sharpton and one of his minions charged with assault for laying his hands on a Fox News reporter engaged in the exercise of his First Amendment rights?

Prior to his seizure of power, Obama called for the establishment of a national police force just as equipped and funded as the military. Why ought we to believe that it won't be just as deadly?

On The Five, Geraldo Rivera interviewed a demonstrating deadbeat. When asked his impression of the violence in Baltimore, the hoodlum responded that it was not his place to condemn violence. And what if it was this deadbeat's welfare shanty burned to the ground?

As a congressman in the legislative rather than the judicial branch of government, other than to foment additional upheaval and discord, why is Elijah Cummings handing down an opinion regarding indictments handed down in the investigation of Freddie Gray's death? Does this federal elected official provide public comment regarding every other motioned filed by the state's attorney's office? Does Cummings intend to speak out regarding the White resident making the mistake of trying to be a good citizen beaten into a coma for attempting to break up the altercation of two delinquents?

In reference to the Baltimore Orioles deciding to play a game in an empty stadium, Eric Boling of The Five on Fox News was reluctant to offer comment because doing so in his view would undermine the free market process. Too bad the broadcaster is not as respectful of individual families when he chastises and castigates parents reluctant to subject their children to verbally abusive coaches or to the bodily injuries inherent to a variety of organized sports.

If someone is denied a homestead property tax credit because they earn too high of an income or have too much saved in the bank (meaning it was not squandered on the latest iteration of the smartphone or flashy hubcaps more valuable than the car they spin upon), they’ve given back more than a reasonable share to the COMMUNITY for the upcoming year.

Typical. Baltimore mayor suggesting human filth desiring such should be offered a space in which they can destroy herself lives in a gated COMMUNITY.

By Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins
Issachar Bible Church & Apologetics Research Institute

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